Jojo Rabbit Filming Locations in Czechia

Jojo Rabbit (2019)

If filmmaker and actor Taika Waititi didn’t pop up as Adolf Hitler every 20 minutes in Jojo Rabbit, you might think you were watching a Wes Anderson film. The Jojo Rabbit filming locations are bloody beautiful, my friends. Pastel-coloured, pre-war prettiness at it’s finest.

Jojo Rabbit (2019) isn’t a simple film to summarise. It’s a comedy-drama set during the collapse of World War II starring a fresh-faced newcomer as Jojo, a Nazi youth, and Scarlett Johansson as his mother. And yes, Waititi plays Jojo’s invisible friend, Adolf Hitler.

Many viewers were uncomfortable with (or just didn’t like) such a lighthearted take of a horrific historic event. Remember, Waititi won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Jojo Rabbit. But Waititi is of Jewish heritage and he’s also a pretty funny dude (in my eyes). So it works for me.

Jojo Rabbit is set in an unknown German town. Czech studio Barrandov Studios stood in for all of the interior scenes and a good chunk of Jojo Rabbit is shot around Czechia (or the Czech Republic). But where exactly? Let’s take a look at some of the Jojo Rabbit locations in Czechia!

Where Was Jojo Rabbit Filmed?

Jojo Rabbit Filming Locations in Czechia

1. Obchodní Centrum, Mírové nám., Vnitřní Město, 411 45 Úštěk

A warning: I may frustrate you with my theories and guesses concerning the first Jojo Rabbit film location. The film opens at Johannes AKA Jojo’s house as the young boy is preparing for his first day as a Nazi-in-training.

The interior is 100% a studio set, but I strongly believe the production designers built an exterior shell for Jojo’s house on a small gap in the street in front of Obchodní Centrum shop on Mírové nám. in the village of Úštěk.

There are several reasons why I believe this. Firstly, because the Optika at Mírové nám. 41 is quite clearly in the background of the shot when Stephen Merchant’s Gestapo agent comes a-knocking later in the film. Secondly, because the rest of the street matches up in literally all other exterior scenes. And thirdly, because Jojo’s house has a blue paint job, steps, a green door and a bell but no houses on the street have these characteristics.

So, believe me, if you want! I only spent a cool hour on Google Street View finding this location, but whatever…

Úštěk in Czechia, Jojo Rabbit Filming Location
Úštěk | Courtesy of Donald Judge

2. Strom Václava Beneše Třebízského Nature Reserve, Kytín

The next Jojo Rabbit filming location is the setting for the Nazi training camp, the Jungvolk camp. It’s like a boy scout’s camping trip but to train white supremacists. Jojo and his pal Yorki both attend the camp led by Sam Rockwell’s Captain Klenzendorf, aided by Alfie Allen’s Freddy Finkel and Rebel Wilson’s Fräulein Rahm.

Klenzendorf hosts the camp in a forest characterized by tall, slim trees (I’m not much of an arborist). I believe this forest to be the Strom Václava Beneše Třebízského Nature Reserve within the village of Kytín. Why do I think this? Because IMDB lists Kytín as a Jojo Rabbit location and it’s the only location on the list with a forest. And it’s identical to the one in the film. So I’m maybe 80% sure.

3. Sloup Nejsvětější Trojice, Žatec

After Jojo steals a hand grenade, injures himself and then heals, his mother Rosie takes him to Captain Klenzendorf so he can babysit the young boy while she works. Fräulein Rahm tasks young Jojo with pasting Nazi propaganda on walls around the town. During his route, he joins his mother in the main city square to grieve the innocent people hanged by the Nazis.

The unnamed German town’s city square is nám. Svobody in the Czech town of Žatec. The Sloup Nejsvětější Trojice statue in this city square is a dead giveaway. Žatec is one of the main Jojo Rabbit locations, and a few streets around the town square also feature in the film, apparently.

Žatec in Czechia, Jojo Rabbit Filming Location
Žatec | Courtesy of vil.sandi

4. Mírové nám. 27, Vnitřní Město, 411 45 Úštěk

Jojo longs to fight for the Nazi cause, but alas his new injuries prevent him from doing so. While posting propaganda into letterboxes, he is taunted by passing soldiers for being a “postman.” He is posting letters into the house with the address Mírové nám. 27, Vnitřní Město, 411 45 in the Czech village of Úštěk.

This Jojo Rabbit location has a tiffany blue door and salmon pink facade both in the movie and in real life, too! Plus, there’s a delightful yellow house just down the road in the shot with an actual turret. This is the same street at Jojo’s house location.

5. Sokol Gymnastics Club Vinohrady, Prague

After Jojo discovers that his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their attic, he enjoys a swim with the other Nazi Youth boys. The swimming pool in Jojo Rabbit is the Sokol Gymnastics Club in Vinohrady, Prague.

6. Petschek Palace, Prague

After chatting with Elsa (the Jewish girl in his attic) a little more, Jojo discovers that she has a fiancé who writes her letters. Jojo wants to forge some love letters to Elsa from her fiancé so he heads to the library for inspiration. The exterior to the library where Jojo visits is Petschek Palace in Prague. Imagine it without the Swastika banners, and it pretty much looks the exact same in reality.

Building in Prague

7. Hořín Lock, Hořín

This is one of my favourite Jojo Rabbit film locations! It’s just so peaceful and the scene is an adorable, special moment between Jojo and Rosie. Mother and son discuss love and romance at Hořín Lock in Hořín, a bridge in a Czech village on the River Elbe.

8. Cukrovaru Lenešice

And finally, Waititi shot the final battle scenes near Cukrovaru Lenešice in the Czech town of Lenešice, which is a former sugar refinery. No offence to Lenešice, but this part is looking a bit worse for wear so I can tell why they’d shoot the final days of the Nazi regime here.

Other Jojo Rabbit Filming Locations in Czechia

There are two other Jojo Rabbit movie locations listed on IMDB that I personally couldn’t locate: the Czech towns of Dolní Beřkovice and Chcebuz. But just because I couldn’t find them, doesn’t mean they didn’t appear in the film! Perhaps one of the Czech towns stood in for the scenes where Jojo collects firewood and hunts for scraps in the snow towards the end of the film?

Anyway, I’m adding them to the list so you have all the information available on Jojo Rabbit filming locations. Well, all my information.

So, Jojo Rabbit, where was it filmed? Hopefully, this blog post answered that question! Have you watched the movie or visited any of the Jojo Rabbit filming locations in Czechia? Let me know in the comments below!

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