Almost Ginger is an award-nominated cinema and travel blog aimed at showing film and TV lovers how their silver screen escapes can be a reality by documenting my own travels to filming locations and film festivals around the world.

That pretty much says it all. But I will crack on anyway! About Rebecca | almostginger.com

Almost Ginger is run by me, Rebecca Sharp. I’m a twenty-something avid cinephile and traveller, as well as a minimalist, optimist, Hufflepuff and proud ginger. Well, almost ginger.

Originally from the Lake District in the UK, I split my time between there and everywhere else! I’m a full-time blogger and freelance content creator so as long as I have my laptop, I can work anywhere.

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For me, watching films and visiting the awe-inspiring places featured in those films goes hand in hand. I cannot watch any film, wanderlust-inspiring or otherwise, and not dream about what it would be like to visit the filming locations.

I also adore attending film festivals and watching films in different countries. There’s no greater feeling for me than watching a wonderful film in a cinema full of like-minded film fans then stepping out of the screening and being in Berlin. Or Cannes, or Málaga, or wherever!

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Who is Almost Ginger for?

About Rebecca | almostginger.comAlmost Ginger is the ideal blog for film lovers who want to get off their sofa and explore the world but aren’t sure how or where to begin. Maybe you dream of attending the Cannes Film Festival but aren’t sure if “regular” people can get tickets. Or, you might have ‘visiting James Bond Island’ on your bucket list but you don’t know if the experience is worth it.

Likewise, Almost Ginger is for keen travellers who have been caught up in the film tourism boom. Nowadays, everyone wants to visit the Game of Thrones filming locations in places like Northern Ireland and Malta. And no self-respecting Harry Potter fan travels to Edinburgh without hitting up the Harry Potter inspired destinations, or to Paris without walking over the Inception (2010) bridge.

Yes, for better or worse, what we watch influences what we do. And they can lead to very enjoyable, life-altering, frickin’ amazing experiences. I want to show YOU how to live your best film-inspired lives by doing all the research and making the mistakes for you! I know, I am lovely like that. I’m a Hufflepuff after all…

What Almost Ginger is NOT

  • A purely inspirational film tourism blog – I want to be able to guide and help my readers so that they can visit their favourite filming locations with ease AND enjoy a fantastic, well-planned holiday too. I don’t see any point in listing the ‘Amélie filming locations in Paris‘ without providing specific and detailed information for travelling and staying in Paris as well. I work hard to make Almost Ginger a useful blog packed with helpful tips!
  • Run by an amateur film fan – I studied film academically for five years, including three years at University. I know my films. And you can be sure that any film recommendation or mention has been written by a true cinephile and lover of film and TV.
  • A place for film/travel snobbery – Do you love bad movies? I watch both The Da Vinci Code (2006) and Angels and Demons (2009) MULTIPLE times per year. Sorry, not sorry. You’ve never left the country? Travel is a privilege and can be very daunting. What I’m saying is, this blog is a high horse-free zone. Film fans and travellers of all ages, tastes, abilities and experiences are welcomed here.

10 Fun Facts About Rebecca, the Brains/Hair Behind Almost GingerAbout Rebecca | almostginger.com

  1. In 2009, I auditioned for the main role in Hanna (2011) when I was an aspiring actress. Yes, the film starring Saoirse Ronan as a child assassin being hunted down by Cate Blanchett. You can read all about the experience here.
  2. I grew up in the Lake District, but I lived in Manchester for six years and I’d love to do a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand (before I’m too old!).
  3. Edinburgh is my favourite city in the world. In 2013, I worked there during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and altogether I’ve visited eight times, most recently for a Workaway at CoDE Hostel in 2020.
  4. I have two tattoos. I got the first during my summer as a Camp Counsellor in Pennsylvania when I was 19. It features two Appalachian forget-me-not flowers and a Bob Dylan quote. And the second is a thistle I got in Edinburgh. I’m particularly drawn to flowers and I’d like many more!
  5. Speaking of my summer in Pennsylvania, it was bloody brilliant. I worked at a Performing Arts Camp called Camp Ballibay in 2012 through Camp America and it’s still the best experience of my life. Afterwards, I visited Niagara Falls and NYC, too. I well and truly caught the travel bug after this trip!
  6. My favourite director is Pedro Almodóvar, the Spanish auteur. I watched Talk to Her (2002) when I was 17 and fell in love with his work. In fact, I’m learning Spanish so I can watch his films without subtitles and I’d love to live in Spain for a while.
  7. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd! I’ve visited the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London, read all the books, watched all the films… I could go on and on. I’m currently making my way through the Harry Potter filming locations in the UK and it’s a goal of mine to visit them all! Oh, and did I mention I’m a proud Hufflepuff?
  8. I participate in the #52FilmsByWomen challenge. Every year, I watch a brand new set of films directed by women, one for each week of the year. I set up a Letterboxd account to track my films. Diversity and equality in the film industry, both in front and behind the camera, is extremely important to me. It’s also why I love wearing my Girls On Tops t-shirts to support women in film.
  9. I’m mildly obsessed with Nordic and Scandinavian culture. I dress like a Dane, love The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo novels and films and I own at least five books on the Nordic lifestyle. I have never visited any of these countries (does a layover in Helsinki airport count?) yet I’m absolutely fascinated by it all.
  10. My favourite films of all time? How dare you ask that of a film fan! I kid, I kid. I change my mind all the time but some true favourites include Rear Window (1954) Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) When Harry Met Sally (1989) City of God (2002) Before Sunset (2004) and The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). I’m a hopeless romantic and intimate love stories set in beautiful locales like Call Me By Your Name (2017) are my jam.

What Almost Ginger is all about…

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About Rebecca | almostginger.com

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Rebecca! I’ve always wanted to go to Manchester! I had a soccer coach from there when I was younger and would love to see Manchester United play! Love that this is a film blog!:) When Harry met Sally is one of my all-time favorite movies!! xo

    • Rebecca says:

      Hello! Aw thank you so much for looking me up! Yeah, it is a great city, and football is definitely like a religion here! Film is definitely my main passion and I could write and write all day about film, but over the next week I will be changing up the design and including a lot more travel and travel/film mash ups that will hopefully be interesting, it’s been a difficult niche to crack x Also, When Harry Met Sally is a phenomenal film, I don’t think there’s been a better romantic comedy since!

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