24 Hour Party People Filming Locations in Manchester, UK

24 Hour Party People (2002)

I lived in Manchester for six years and 24 Hour Party People is the city’s quintessential film. Aside from football, Manchester is most known for its quantity and quality of musicians. It fills me with former hometown pride to see a funny, well-made movie represent a city I love so perfectly. And there are plenty of authentic and almost authentic 24 Hour Party People filming locations around Manchester, too.

24 Hour Party People is a dramatisation of real people and events. Steve Coogan plays the infamous Tony Wilson, a Granada news reporter who created a record label with his literal blood, sweat and tears. The movie follows the highs and lows of Tony and Manchester bands like the Happy Mondays, Joy Division and eventually New Order.

24 Hour Party People shot entirely on location in and around Manchester only venturing as far as Derbyshire and Cheshire. There are tonnes of 24 Hour Party People film locations to get through so let’s be havin’ yah and let’s get started.

Where Was 24 Hour Party People Filmed?

24 Hour Party People Filming Locations in Manchester & Beyond

1. Mam Tor, High Peak Estate, Derbyshire

The first 24 Hour Party People filming location is Mam Tor, a hill in Derbyshire’s Hope Valley. Tony Wilson is hang gliding for a 1976 Granada news report segment. Mam Tor is really near Blue John Cavern which was a filming location in Sightseers (2012).

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Mam Tor in High Peak, Derbyshire 24 Hour Party People Filming Location
Mam Tor | Courtesy of Jon Pinder

2. Old Granada Studios, Quay Street, Manchester

Tony walks with his producer down the Baker Street set at the former Granada Studios on Atherton Street, Manchester. So this is an extremely authentic filming location because it is the actual location. I think it’s now an events venue.

The studios also appear much later in the film when Tony gives Yvette (Miss United Kingdom) a tour.

Old Granada Studios in Manchester, UK 24 Hour Party People Filming Location
Granada Studios | Courtesy of cantwont

3. Jilly’s Rockworld, 65a Oxford Street, Manchester

After seeing the Sex Pistols very first gig in Manchester with his wife Lindsay and hosting a music TV show, Tony decides to run a club night at The Russell Club. The former club Jilly’s Rockworld in Manchester stood in for The Russell Club‘s interior. Like The Russell Club (which used to be on the corner of Russell Street and Percy Street), Jilly’s Rockworld is no longer there.

4. Pear Tree Court, Churchill Way, Salford

The Russell Club exterior was shot around a trio of tower blocks called the Orchards (Apple, Peach and Pear Tree Courts). They have a link to 24 Hour Party People‘s story as New Order bassist Peter Hook grew up there. The council demolished the buildings in 2014 so you can’t visit this filming location, unfortunately!

This will be a running theme throughout this 24 Hour Party People filming locations post. SO many demolitions in the last 20 years.

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5. Sitch Lane, High Peak, Derbyshire

Tony Wilson “signs” Joy Division by writing a non-contract written in his own blood. Later that day, he heads home and spots Martin Hannett (Andy Serkis) recording silence on the hills near his house. This 24 Hour Party People film location is in the fields just off Sitch Lane in High Peak, Derbyshire.

6. Ince Power Station, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

After a few Joy Division gigs and a recording session, the year is 1980 and Tony is back on Granada reports. This time, he’s in a field full of sheep outside the (now demolished) Ince Power Station in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire. I never promised these 24 Hour Party People locations would be exciting, did I?

Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, UK
Ellesmere Port | Courtesy of Rab Lawrence

7. 2 Swallow House Lane, Hayfield, Derbyshire

Ian Curtis pops in on Tony but he’s off doing his day job so Lindsay answers the door instead. Tony and Lindsay live at 2 Swallow House Lane in High Peak, Derbyshire. This 24 Hour Party People location isn’t far from where Martin Hannett recorded silence earlier in the movie. Later, Tony states he lives in Marple.

8. Santley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester

After leaving Tony’s house, Ian is suddenly back in Manchester walking home. He strolls down Santley Street on the corner of Patey Street in Levenshulme, Manchester.

9. Eastgate Clock, Eastgate Street, Chester, Cheshire

During another Granada reports at Eastgate Clock in Chester, Tony learns that Ian, frontman of Joy Division, has committed suicide.

Eastgate Clock in Chester, Cheshire in the UK 24 Hour Party People Filming Location
Eastgate Clock | Courtesy of Iain Middleton-Duff

10. Funeral Home, 143 Cross Lane, Salford

Tony and Lindsay are mobbed by wannabe Joy Division band members and fans outside a funeral home where there is a wake for Ian. The location today actually is a funeral home, The Cooperative Funeralcare, so it probably was when they shot the film in 2002 as well. It’s based at 143 Cross Lane in Salford.

11. Mancunian Way, Manchester

After the wake, Lindsay breaks up with Tony while they are driving down the Mancunian Way, one of the main roads in Manchester.

12. Piccadilly Station, Manchester

Tony drops Lindsay at the front entrance of Piccadilly Train Station in Manchester, though it looks completely different today. It’s just after this conversation that Tony announces the “second act” of the film and utters 24 Hour Party People‘s most iconic line.

This is Manchester. We do things different here. – Tony Wilson

Piccadilly Station in Manchester, UK
Piccadilly Station | Courtesy of Hugh Llewelyn

13. Birchin Warehouse Building, Birchin Lane, Manchester

Joy Division was Tony’s first act band, but who is the second? The Happy Mondays! Shaun and Paul Ryder feed pigeons rat poison on the roof of a building on Birchin Lane, Manchester. Apparently. I’ll be honest, Manchester has changed so much I have no idea where this building is but my research tells me it’s on Birchin Lane. The council has probably demolished it and rebuilt another block of flats just like they have every other building in the Northern Quarter.

14. Warehouse, Pollard Street, Manchester

Speaking of demolishing buildings in Manchester to build flats, here are two 24 Hour Party People filming locations where exactly that happened. Fac 51 AKA The Haçienda is Tony’s new business venture and one of the most iconic clubs in the history of music. The movie shot the interiors in a warehouse on Pollard Street in Manchester, which is now a block of flats.

15. 15 Whitworth Street West, Manchester

The Haçienda exteriors are the real-life Haçienda club exteriors(ish) on Whitworth Street West where it thrived(ish) from 1982 to 1987. The council demolished the building in 2002, the year of 24 Hour Party People‘s release. After its demolition, the site became a… Sing it with me now! A block of flats. And they’re called The Haçienda Apartments.

We don’t see the exterior of the Haçienda until a little later in the film but I may as well just tell you now, eh?

Hacienda in Manchester, UK 24 Hour Party People Filming Location
Haçienda | Courtesy of Brian Cooper

16. Chapel Street, Salford

Tony walks along Chapel Street in Salford underneath the rail bridge where he gives money to a homeless man (Christopher Eccleston as “Boethius” apparently) sitting on the pavement.

17. Jubilee Street, Manchester

One of Tony’s news reports covers a UFO sighting in Little Hulton. This real-life location is actually Jubilee Street in Manchester and you can clearly see the Madison Court Apartments at the end of the road when Shaun looks up at the flying saucer with disbelief. What happens next? Bez enters the scene.

18. Castle Street, Manchester

I do love the random Granada reports by Tony that are just about the most ridiculous things. After a few Haçienda gigs, he walks by one of the canals down Castle Street in Manchester to report on the Rochdale Canal Network. Fun fact: I used to work at one of the renovated warehouses on castle street!

Castle Street Canal in Manchester, UK
Castle Street Canal

19. O2 Ritz, Whitworth Street West, Manchester

Tony pops into O2 Ritz on Whitworth Street West just down the road from the Haçienda. It’s another live music venue that I knew in my Uni days as HMV Ritz, so it has probably been “The Ritz” in one form or another for decades. This is where The Happy Mondays shoot their music video.

The Ritz, Whitworth Street West in Manchester, UK
The Ritz | Courtesy of Man Alive!

20. Langworthy Road, Salford

I do not think this 24 Hour Party People filming location is correct, but Salford and Manchester have changed so much in the last 20 years it is impossible to be sure. Tony is telling a thrilling tall tale of how Cubby Broccoli, James Bond movie producer, invented his namesake vegetable when Martin Hannett drops by to shoot a blank in Tony’s face.

This is Factory Records HQ which, in reality, was at 96 Palatine Road. Just an ordinary residential home literally around the corner from where I used to live in Didsbury. But in the film, my research tells me the office is somewhere on the corner of Langworthy Road and Amos Street in Salford.

21. Beehive Mill, Jersey Street, Manchester

Far too late, Factory Records finally get a proper office that is not in a random residential street. They move to somewhere called Beehive Mill on Jersey Street, Manchester. I think the council have demolished this building too.

22. Hankinson Way, Salford

Tony’s voiceover about ecstasy and the Manchester rave scene accompanies drug deals and shootings around various places in the city. One of the shots is of a car driving down Hankinson Way in Salford towards the Madison Court Apartments which we also see during the UFO scene.

Lowry Apartments in Salford, UK
Salford | Courtesy of damian entwistle

23. Merseycare Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire

Tony visits his second wife Hilary in the hospital and gives her a mobile phone. This hospital (which I think was called Calderstones Hospital Whalley at the time) is now the Merseycare Whalley mental health clinic in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

24. St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Moston, Manchester

After visiting his ex-wife in hospital, Tony is off to another cheery 24 Hour Party People location. A cemetery. Unfortunately, the drugs, alcohol and erratic behaviour caught up with producer Martin Hannett and he passes away. His burial takes place at St Joseph’s Cemetery in Moston, Manchester.

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25. City Road Inn, 14 Albion Street, Manchester

New Order’s band manager Rob Gretton (Paddy Considine) tells Tony that the band want to record another album. He does so when the pair are driving in a car past City Road Inn, a pub on Albion Street, Manchester. Thank the heavens, one location on this entire 24 Hour Party People filming locations blog post that STILL EXISTS.

26. Yates Manchester, 49 Portland Street, Manchester

In the next scene, The Happy Monday’s band manager Nathan tells Tony that the band want to record another album too! Super! And the pub they drive past while this conversation is happening in Tony’s car? Yates Manchester, a mediocre sports bar on Portland Street, Manchester next to Piccadilly Gardens. It is also still there though so who’s laughing now.

27. Dry Bar, 28-30 Oldham Street, Manchester

The Happy Mondays head to Barbados to record their album which doesn’t exactly go according to plan. If there even was a plan. In the end, Shaun holds his tapes for ransom and Tony has to pay him all of the money in his wallet to get them back. They make the trade while chilling in Dry Bar on Oldham Street, Manchester. Today? Nothing currently occupies this building, it’s boarded up.

And those are the top 24 Hour Party People filming locations in Manchester, UK! Have you watched the movie or visited any of the filming locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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