Sightseers Film Locations in England: COMPLETE List + Map!

Tina and Chris in Sightseers (2012)

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You’ve probably found this blog post because the Sightseers film locations have inspired you to head out on your own caravanning holiday through the English countryside. That’s correct, yes? Because it’s such a light-hearted, wanderlust-inspiring film?

Lol, of course not. Sightseers (2012), a Film4 production, is a dark British comedy about a misfit couple called Chris (played by Steve Oram) and Tina (Alice Lowe). They pack up their caravan with the aim of visiting some of Northern England’s top sites but are very hostile towards the locals and other travellers. Since you’ve probably seen the film, they’re like an East Midlands Bonnie and Clyde.

And by “top sites”, I’m, of course, referring to random caves, a tramway museum and a pencil museum. What, you thought I meant Stonehenge and Hadrian’s Wall? Why on earth would anyone go there? Regardless, here is a list of the top Sightseers film locations in England.

Sightseers Film Locations Across England

Where are the Sightseers Movie Locations?

1. 105 Roper Avenue, Heanor, Derbyshire

Our journey through the Sightseers filming locations begins at Tina mum’s house in the old market town of Heanor in Derbyshire. Honestly, Alice Lowe in Sightseers is such a wonderfully weird performance.

It’s also very helpful that the Sightseers movie opens with a title sequence with pins on a map and post-it notes of where the pair are travelling too. Granted, it doesn’t feature every location but it makes my job a lot easier.

2. Crich Tramway Village, Matlock

Tina and Chris’ first stop on their epic caravan adventure is… Crich Tramway Village in Matlock. A whole 30 minutes from Tina’s house. I shouldn’t judge but I kinda think the filmmakers want me to judge, you know? But you do you, boo.

Crich Tramway Village is a great family day out, featuring the National Tram Museum’s collection of vehicles and a historical feel. You can even ride an old tram! Tina and Chris enjoy a cuppa in the onsite Tearooms, too.

Crich Tramway Village in Matlock, England is a Sightseers Film Location
Crich Tramway Village | Courtesy of Jeremy ALDEN

3. Spire View Cafe, Chesterfield

After their ordeal at the tramway village, the lovers blow off some steam whilst parked next to a mobile cafe in a layby. It’s Spire View Cafe in Chesterfield just off the A619.

4. Dingley Dell, Dronfield

I’m not 100% sure about this Sightseers film location, but I thought I’d enter the few details I know just in case anyone reading can give more information.

After a busy day of riding trams and running down litterers, Tina and Chris stop at a caravan park for the night. Now, the pin on the map said Dronfield was the next stop on the itinerary after the tram museum. This is consistent with the fact the creepy couple say their caravan is parked next to Dingley Dell. But I can’t find a caravan park that looks like the one in the film, though I’m assuming it’s on the edge or in the Peak District considering they’re directly next to woodland. It’s listed as “Blueberry Farm” in Chris’ clipboard itinerary, but this is made up.

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5. Winnats Pass, Hope Valley

The continuity in the Sightseers film in terms of locations is like poetry to me. Chris and Tina (with a kidnapped dog in tow) drive down Winnats Pass, a mountain road in the Peak District, from the campsite towards the next filming location. This is exactly how you would travel between these two locations!

Winnats Pass in the Peak District, England
Winnats Pass | Courtesy of obsessivity.

6. Blue John Cavern, Hope Valley

Day two of their caravan caper starts bright and early with a visit to Blue John Cavern. These are limestone caves that are fully lit up so you can explore them fully and safely. Did you know the Blue John mineral is the rarest mineral in the UK and is only found at this cavern in Derbyshire? I think I should grab a kagool and join Chris and Tina on their road trip with killer tidbits like these.

Blue John Cavern in Derbyshire, England is a Sightseers Film Location
Blue John Cavern | Courtesy of Alice

7. Fountains Abbey, Ripon

After stopping at a mountaineering shop for some walking boots and a jazzy pair of leggings, the peculiar pair stop at Fountains Abbey. It’s an old, ruined abbey built during the 12th century right on the River Skell surrounded by pretty public gardens. There are some other lodges and halls on this site you can explore, too.

Fountains Abbey in Ripon, England is a Sightseers Film Location
Fountains Abbey | Courtesy of barnyz

8. Long Meg and her Daughters Standing Stones, Penrith

The morning after Chris is driven back to this caravan site from the local pub blind drunk, he and Tina enjoy a sunrise walk with Banjo/Poppy the dog. The authenticity of the Sightseers locations has now shattered because they walk through the Long Meg and her Daughters Standing Stones in Penrith, but their campsite is supposed to be near Fountains Abbey.

However, Sightseers does redeem itself somewhat as this is the location where Chris utters my favourite line of the film…

Tina: Never thought about murdering innocent people like that before.

Chris: Ah, he’s not a person, Tina. He’s a Daily Mail reader. Perspective.

Long Meg and Her Daughters Standing Stones in Penrith, England
Long Meg and Her Daughters | Courtesy of Christina Rose Howker

9. Mother Shipton’s Cave and Wishing Well

After the, erm, unpleasantness at the campsite/standing stones, Tina and Chris continue their caravanning holiday. They visit a stately home and an owl farm but I just can’t find where these places are. If you have any ideas, let me know!

The gruesome twosome visit Mother Shipton’s Cave and Wishing Well in Knaresborough. Mother Shipton was born in the 15th century and became widely known for her prophecies. The cave and wishing well has unique geological properties that appear to turn objects into stone.

Mother Shipton's Cave and Wishing Well in North Yorkshire, England
Mother Shipton’s Cave | Courtesy of Anne

10. Park Cliffe Camping & Caravan Estate, Windermere

And we’re finally out of Derbyshire and in the Lake District! Yay! Tina and Chris pull into their next caravan park, which says “Lakeland Paradise” on the fake sign, but as they drive past you can see the Sightseers film location is actually Park Cliffe Camping & Caravan Estate in Windermere. It’s extremely close to Lake Windermere which you can see a bit of in the film.

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11. Derwent Pencil Museum, Keswick

This Sightseers film location is after Tina and Chris’ romantic meal in a Lake District pub.

The most loved (if you could say that) Sightseers film location has to be the Sightseers pencil museum! Everyone wants to know where the pencil museum is, they’re obsessed. It’s the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick, kids. But why does a pencil museum exist and why is it in Keswick? Well, the discovery of a large graphite deposit in Borrowdale during the 1400s was responsible for increasing the pencil’s availability amongst the public. It’s kind of a big deal.

At the pencil museum, you can see the world’s LARGEST pencil, people. Holy smokes. And plenty of other smaller, inferior pencils too.

Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick, England is a Sightseers Film Location
Derwent Pencil Museum | Courtesy of Matt Brown

12. Honister Pass, Keswick

Tina and Chris planned on visiting Lowther Castle, but after Tina starts being, erm, too spontaneous… Chris takes over the driving and the two travel to their next destination over Honister Pass. Not an amazing road to drive over when you’re hauling a static caravan around!

Honister Pass Mountain Road in Cumbria, England
Honister Pass | Courtesy of Kosala Bandara

13. Ribblehead Viaduct, Carnforth

Saving the best until last. One of the most dramatic and picturesque Sightseers film locations is the Ribblehead Viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Of course, Tina and Chris can’t continue their murderous streak forever so one way or another, things have to end. Just like all good caravanning holidays.

Ribblehead Viaduct in Carnforth, England Sightseers Film Location
Ribblehead Viaduct | Courtesy of Andrew

And those are all the top Sightseers film locations in England! Have you visited any of the Sightseers movie locations? Or have you watched the film? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sightseers Film Locations in England |
© 2012 StudioCanal | Courtesy of Andrew

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