The World’s End Filming Locations in England

The World's End (2013)

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It started with Shaun of the Dead (2004). It continued with Hot Fuzz (2007). And The Cornetto Trilogy ended with the aptly titled The World’s End (2013). I’m going to list all of The World’s End filming locations I can find and you better strap in and grab a pint of lager or 12, my friends, because there are A LOT.

The World’s End is, again, directed by Edgar Wright. It follows the legendary Gary King (played by Simon Pegg), a middle-aged manchild, who rounds up his old friendship group (including Nick Frost’s Andy Knightley) to reattempt the ‘Golden Mile.’ It’s an epic pub crawl in their home town of Newton Haven which they failed to complete as teenagers. But it’s not just their livers stopping the men from drinking 12 pints in 12 pubs, the locals are acting rather hostile too…

I was disappointed with The World’s End when I watched it in cinemas. Six years of anticipation probably didn’t help, but it failed to build on the foundations of the previous two films. Still, it’s a fun movie with a great concept and a fantastic cast. Considering the apocalyptic themes of the movie, Edgar Wright shot many of The World’s End‘s scenes in Elstree Studios but there are also LOTS of locations in Welwyn Garden City and Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire which stood in for the fictional Newton Haven.

So, where was The World’s End filmed? Let’s find out!

Where Was The World’s End Filmed?

The World’s End Filming Locations in London

1. Blue Fin Building110 Southwark Street

The adult Andy Knightley is a bigtime London lawyer with his own firm. His office is in the Blue Fin Building on 110 Southwark Street. In reality, this The World’s End location is the home of publishing powerhouse IPC Media.

I believe this building may have an on-site gym which Steven Prince (played by Paddy Considine) is seen exercising in with his personal trainer/girlfriend.

Blue Fin Building in Southwark, London in England The World's End Filming Location
Blue Fin Building | Courtesy of Tom Bastin

2. 18-20 Sumner Street, Southwark

Real estate agent Oliver “O-Man” Chamberlain (played by Martin Freeman) is grabbing a quick coffee in a cafe while talking on his Bluetooth headset. It’s a very brief scene, but this The World’s End filming location is likely to be where the Wagamama stands now on 18-20 Sumner Street. It’s literally just around the corner from the Blue Fin Building.

3. The Wenlock Arms, 26 Wenlock Road, Hoxton

Pub N.5 ‘The Good Companions’ interiors only. We’re randomly jumping forward about 40-minutes into the film because the interior for one of the pubs on the ‘Golden Mile’ is based in London. Specifically, Pub N.5’s interiors are actually The Wenlock Arms at 26 Wenlock Road, Hoxton.

The Wenlock Arms in Hoxton, London in England
The Wenlock Arms | Courtesy of Matt Brown

4. Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane

The remaining four musketeers run from The Old Smokehouse into the woods to escape the faux-bots. This is much later in the film, by the way. Gunnersbury Park‘s woods stand-in for a park in Newton Haven.

Gunnersbury Park in London, England The World's End Filming Location
Gunnersbury Park | Courtesy of Mark Hillary

The World’s End Filming Locations in Hertfordshire

5. The Malborough Science Academy, St Albans

The World’s End begins with Gary King detailing his teenage years and explaining the ins and outs of the ‘Golden Mile’ pub crawl to his self-help/rehab group. This meeting is in the assembly hall of The Malborough Science Academy in St Albans. 

Fun fact: I’m sure you’re aware that a strawberry Cornetto (with a red wrapper) features in Shaun of the Dead, the Classico flavour (with a blue wrapper) features in Hot Fuzz and a mint Cornetto (with a green wrapper) features briefly in The World’s End. Well, Simon Pegg said The Three Colours Trilogy inspired this colour-coded ice cream appendage. One for my fellow cinephiles out there…

6. Beacon Road, Ivinghoe Beacon, Leighton Buzzard

It turns out The Beast (AKA Gary’s 20-year-old car) has a brake light out, so when the lads are driving into Newton Haven, a cop pulls them over.  This location is directly next to the Steps Hill Car Park on Ivinghoe Beacon in Leighton Buzzard. Gorgeous scenery in this part of the country!

Ivinghoe Beacon in Leighton Buzzard The World's End Filming Location
Ivinghoe Beacon | Courtesy of Hugh Mothersole

7. Sollershott Circus, Letchworth Garden City

On their way into Newton Haven, the boys drive around a roundabout (I mean, you don’t drive through a roundabout, do you?). This roundabout is Sollershott Circus just outside one of the main The World’s End filming locations, Letchworth Garden City. And as it states in the film, it is the UK’s first roundabout built circa 1909! Imagine that, eh? What an accolade.

8. Pear Tree Inn, Hollybush Lane, Welwyn Garden City

Pub N.1 ‘The First Post’ interiors and exterior. There are 12 pubs in total, and director Edgar Wright shot some of the interior and exterior scenes in different locations. It might get confusing, so I’m going to begin every pub location entry with the pub name and interior/exterior. Good? Good. Okay then, let’s crack on.

The filming locations for ‘The First Post’ are situated in just one pub, the Pear Tree Inn on Hollybush Lane, Welwyn Garden City. The World’s End chose this pub for its quintessential, working-class pub-like interiors complete with chalkboard menus and tulip lamps. Thankfully, the pub is still open today!

9. Doctors Tonic, Church Road, Welwyn Garden City

Pub N.2 ‘The Old Familiar’ exterior. The lads carry on with the ‘Golden Mile’ at Pub N.2. Only the exteriors are located at a pub named Doctors Tonic on Church Road, Welwyn Garden City because The World’s End shot the interiors back at the Pear Tree Inn. So Pub N.1 and N.2 have the same interiors, which I’m sure you spotted if you’ve watched the film.

That’s why Pub N.2 is called ‘The Old Familiar’, get it? This is the location where Oliver’s sister Sam (the wonderful Rosamund Pike) pops in to say hello and yes, the pub is still open!

Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, England The World's End Filming Location
Welwyn Garden City | Courtesy of The JR James Archive

10. The Two Willows, 9 Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City

Pub N.3  ‘The Cock’ interiors and exterior. Unfortunately, the pub used for the interiors and exterior for pub N. 3 sits vacant today. During filming, it was former bank-turned-pub named The Cork, then it was The Two Willows at 9 Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City.

This is the pub frequented by a character named Mad Basil (played by David Bradley) and where Gary King is still barred so they don’t stick around very long.

11. Parkway Bar, 22 Parkway, Welwyn Garden City

Pub N.4 ‘The Cross Hands’ interiors and exterior. This pub is just around the corner from ‘The Cock’ in the film and also The Two Willows in reality. Unfortunately, in reality, Parkway Bar at 22 Parkway, Welwyn Garden City now also sits vacant. This is the pub where the lads spot the “Marmalade Sandwich” all grown up and scoff on some chips to keep up their stamina for a big night. It’s also where the locals start acting a bit, erm, antisocial…

Parkway is the name of the road with a communal garden in the centre with the Coronation Fountain in the middle that appears as a The World’s End film location a couple of times in the movie.

12. Leys Avenue, Letchworth Garden City

Now, The World’s End film locations switch from Welwyn Garden City to Letchworth Garden City. Maybe most averagely-sized English towns don’t usually have 12 pubs! The five musketeers wander down Newton Haven’s high street, which is actually Leys AvenueLetchworth‘s main shopping street.

13. 71 Leys Avenue, Letchworth Garden City

Pub N.5 ‘The Good Companions’ exterior only. The World’s End filming locations are a bit more disordered from this point forward. Much like our protagonists’ state of minds! The exterior to Pub N.5 is just a set-dressed shop at 71 Leys Avenue in Letchworth. The interior is back in London.

Leys Avenue in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, England The World's End Filming Location
Leys Avenue | Courtesy of Peter O’Connor

14. Three Magnets, 18-20 Leys Avenue, Letchworth Garden City

Pub N.6 ‘ The Trusty Servant’ exterior only. Three Magnets is a Wetherspoon’s pub at 18-20 Leys Avenue in Letchworth. It acted as the exterior for Pub N.6.

15. The Director’s Arms, 36 Ripon Way, Borehamwood

Pub N.6 ‘The Trusty Servant’ interiors only. And the interiors for Pub N.6 are located all the way in Borehamwood, specifically, a pub named The Director’s Arms at 36 Ripon Way. Borehamwood is where you’ll find Elstree Studios so it makes total sense that you would find a pub named The Director’s Arms there.

Remember, this pub is where the infamous Reverend Green operated his small business.

16. The Platform, Station Road, Letchworth Garden City

Pub N.7 ‘The Two-Headed Dog’ interiors and exterior, including the beer garden. It’s fitting that this pub is where the barman is knowledgable about his ales and there are swanky black tiles and an ornate mirror decorating the barback. Because Pub N.7 was actually a craft beer pub. I say “was” because, unfortunately, The Platform on Station Road, Letchworth Garden City has closed down and I think it’s still vacant.

This is the pub where Sam returns with her friends, The Twins, and sh*t kicks off BIG TIME.

17. Broadway Cinema & Theatre, Eastcheap, Letchworth Garden City

Pub N.8 ‘The Mermaid’ exterior only. The group decide to continue the ‘Golden Mile’ pub crawl to the bitter end. The next pub is something a bit different, and this time an independent cinema provides the exteriors. Specifically, the Broadway Cinema & Theatre on Eastcheap in Letchworth. Read on to find out where The World’s End shot the interiors…

Broadway Theatre & Cinema in Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, England The World's End Filming Location
Broadway Cinema & Theatre | Courtesy of Phil Beard

18. Thai Garden, 10 Gernon Road, Letchworth Garden City

Pub N.9 ‘The Beehive’ exterior only. It’s a shame that so many pubs and other businesses have closed down since filming in 2013, but such is the world nowadays. Thai Garden at 10 Gernon Road in Letchworth closed down and no other business occupies the building. And considering the carnage that transpires in this pub, it’s likely the interiors are studio-based.

This is the pub where Mr Shepard (Pierce Brosnan) shows up! I love that he features in The Cornetto Trilogy. You can tell he has so much fun in comedies.

19. Howard Garden Social Centre, Norton Way South, Letchworth Garden City

After a lot of fighting in the last pub, not to mention being actively hunted by robots, the team seek refuge in The Old Smokehouse in Newton Haven. Literally, the place they used to hide and smoke as teenagers. In reality, it’s Howard Garden Social Centre on Norton Way South, Letchworth. 

20. The Arena Tavern, 3 Arena Parade, Letchworth Garden City

Pub N.10 ‘The King’s Head’ interiors and exterior. Finally, an actual pub stands in for one of the ‘Golden Mile’ pubs! It’s The Arena Tavern at 3 Arena Parade, Letchworth. And you know what else? It’s still open today! Yay! A The World’s End location you can actually still visit.

21. Letchworth Garden City Railway Station

Pub N.11 ‘The Hole in the Wall’ exterior only. I say exterior, really it’s just a fake wall propped up outside Letchworth Garden City Train Station. Edgar Wright and the rest of The World’s End production team are clearly running out of pubs and are clutching at straws. They shot the interiors of Pub N.11 in Elstree Studios. To be fair to them, a car does ram through one of the walls. If that was my pub, I wouldn’t be so keen to let a film crew wreck my business.

Letchworth Train Station in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire in England The World's End Filming Locations
Letchworth Train Station | Courtesy of Phil Beard

22. The Wilbury, Wilbury Hills Road, Letchwork Garden City

Pub N.12 ‘The World’s End interiors and exterior. This is it, fellas. The pub at the end of the world. Against all odds, we made it! During filming, The Gardener’s Arms was the name of the pub that stood in for The World’s End but now it’s The Wilbury just outside of Letchworth city centre. Since the pub has changed hands, it probably looks a bit different inside these days.

The World’s End Filming Locations Elsewhere

23. High Wycombe Railway Station, Buckinghamshire

Gary tells the other four lads that he will meet them at High Wycombe station, and that’s the exact The World’s End filming location! High Wycombe Station is in Buckinghamshire, however, and most of The World’s End filming locations are in Hertfordshire. But I guess this means Newton Haven is supposed to be a sleepy Buckinghamshire-based town?

High Wycombe Train Station in Buckinghamshire, England The World's End Filming Locations
High Wycombe Station | Courtesy of Ben Sutherland

24. Toddington Services, Dunstable, Bedfordshire

After picking up his pals from the train station, Gary drives into a service station. The service station used as one of The World’s End film locations was Toddington Services off the M1 in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

25. Newland Park, Gorelands Lane, Chalfont Saint Giles, Buckinghamshire

Pub N.8 ‘The Mermaid’ interior only. It’s not a very exciting location, but Edgar Wright shot the School Disco interior of Pub N.8 in an old college campus building in Newland Park in Chalfont Saint Giles, Buckinghamshire. I believe a property development company bulldozed the building a few years ago.

There are a few other random locations in Watford, Uxbridge and Hemel Hempstead, to name a few, but really dull ones to be honest. And I’m not 100% sure of their exact locations. And let’s face it, you’re really just interested in the pubs that acted as The World End filming locations, aren’t you? Same, mate. Same.

And those are The World’s End filming locations around England! Have you watched The World’s End or visited any of the filming locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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