The Talented Mr Ripley Filming Locations in Italy

Marge, Dickie and Tom in The Talented Mr Ripley

This is one of my all-time favourite wanderlust/travel-inspiring films, so I’m very excited to finally be bringing you a guide to all the top The Talented Mr Ripley filming locations in Italy. I know it’s not a ‘find yourself’ kind of story, but that’s what makes this movie so great. It’s simply a period drama/thriller that just so happens to be set in bloody beautiful and spectacular locations throughout Italy.

If you don’t know what the film is about, The Talented Mr Ripley (1999) follows young Tom Ripley (Matt Damon), a working-class pianist living in New York. He is mistaken for a Princeton graduate by a shipping magnate who wants to pay Tom to go to Italy to bring home his son, Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law). Dickie is currently pissing away his allowance on the fictional island of Mongibello with his girlfriend (Gwyneth Paltrow). Ripley worms his way into Dickie’s life and even when Dickie becomes mean and distant towards him, Tom isn’t about to give up his new lavish lifestyle in Italy…

The Talented Mr Ripley traverses the Bay of Naples, Rome, Venice and Palermo in Sicily. It is without a doubt one of the best films set in Italy to watch if you’re planning a trip there! I love it: great cast, great locations and a great plot. So if you want to follow in Tom Ripley’s footsteps, let’s take a look at all The Talented Mr Ripley filming locations in Italy!

Side note: I know the film’s title is ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ with a ‘.’ after ‘Mr’ which is the American way of writing titles. We don’t do that in British English, so I’m leaving it out. I’m sorry if this greatly affects your life in any way, but I’m sure you’ll pull through.

The Talented Mr Ripley Filming Locations in Italy

The Talented Mr Ripley Filming Locations in Southern Italy

1. Via Panoramica, 58019, Monte Argentario, Porte Ercole

After Tom meets Meredith at the Italian port, he hops on a bus to the fictional town of ‘Mongibello’ which is presumably an island off the coast of Naples. Mongibello is an amalgamation of two real islands in the Bay of Naples: Ischia and Procida.

A shot of the bus driving down a beautiful coastal road with a small island in the distance is actually in Porte Ercole, miles away from where the rest of the film was shot/set. It must’ve just had the perfect view for this short clip!

2. Ischia Ponte, Via Luigi Mazzella, 4, 80077, Ischia Island, Bay of Naples

We arrive in Ischia Ponte which is a little square right on the seafront in Ischia, where Tom’s bus lets him off. The imposing Castello Aragonese complex on its high rock just out to sea looms over the square. The bus drives on the coastal road from Ischia Porto, where boats dock into Ischia, to Ischia Ponte.

Tom arriving in Ischia Island, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

3. Bagno Antonio, 34 Lungo Mare Colombo Cristoforo, 80077, Ischia Island, Bay of Naples

With Castello Aragonese still very visible in the background, Tom searches a beach just down the coast called Bagno Antonio where Dickie is sunning himself with his girlfriend, Marge.

Tom on the beach in Ischia Island in the Bay of Naples, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

4. Via San Rocco, Corricella, 80079, Procida Island, Bay of Naples

The next day when Tom heads to Marge’s place to have lunch with her and Dickie, he spies Dickie riding on his Vespa and talking to his secret Italian girlfriend, Silvana. He’s a one, that Dickie!

And the production has hopped over to the island of Procida for the street scenes. I mean, it’s seamless because they look like exceptionally similar islands when you look up close. Same cobbled streets, same colourful paint peeling from the buildings, etc. The street where Tom spies on Dickie is Via San Rocco in Corricella near the Santuario San Maria Delle Grazie Incoronata Church.

Dickie and Silvana on Procida Island, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

After eating lunch in Marge’s courtyard (I don’t know where that was filmed, sorry!) Dickie and Tom walk through Procida, down Via San Rocco and through the bustling Piazza Dei Martiri. Later, Tom will walk down this street with Marge as she tells him how she met Dickie in Paris and buys fruit from Silvana who gives Marge some serious side-eye.

6. Palazzo Malcovati, Via Luigi Mazzella, 80077, Ischia Island, Bay of Naples

Tom visits Dickie and Marge at Dickie’s house to ‘say goodbye’ but ends up fooling Dickie into thinking he’s a fellow jazz enthusiast so Dickie will keep Tom around. Dickie’s apartment is actually somewhere called Palazzo Malcovati, an old defence tower on the island of Ischia. It’s a private house unfortunately so you won’t be able to go inside!

However, if you head to the very end of Lungomare Aragonese which is the street along the waterfront, you will be able to see the patio where Tom ‘accidentally’ drops his jazz records.

Marge, Dickie and Tom on Ischia Island, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

7. Caffè Latino, Via di Monte Testaccio, 96, 00153, Rome

After Dickie finds out Tom loves jazz (which he definitely does not), he takes Tom to the Vesuvio jazz nightclub in Naples (which is what leads me to think that ‘Mongibello’ isn’t far away from Naples). The nightclub in real life is the Caffè Latino in Rome and it still exists! Though it looks a bit dingy, like an underground cellar.

Tom and Dickie in the Vesuvio nightclub, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

8. Galleria Principe di Napoli, Via Ettore Bellini, 1, 80135, Naples

An errand that all trust fund kids in the 1950s swanning around Europe had to run from time to time: cashing their allowance at American Express. Jeez, what a pain. Tom goes with Dickie to draw out his allowance at Galleria Principe in Naples, an ornate shopping mall with a beautiful glass ceiling which is all but empty these days.

Galleria di Principe in Naples, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

9. Piazza Navona, 80-84, 00186, Rome

Now we’re getting into some of my favourite The Talented Mr Ripley filming locations: the locations in Rome! Tom and Dickie continue their impromptu lads trip and end up in the Eternal City, specifically Piazza Navona. In this scene, the two boys and some Italian men are giving a couple of ladies a round of applause simply because they’re good looking. Because when in Rome, right?

This is where Dickie introduces Tom to the larger-than-life Freddie, yet another young American with money on a jaunt around Europe. Freddie bursts onto the scene in his cherry-red convertible, steaming past the Fountain of the Four Rivers in the middle of the piazza.

Tom later walks through the Piazza Navona with Meredith on his second trip to Rome. More on that later…

Piazza Navona has featured in SO MANY films set in Rome! I’ve written guides on the Eat Pray Love filming locations and Angels and Demons filming locations in Rome and both used Piazza Navona as a key location.

Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy

Tom, Dickie and Freddie in Piazza Navona, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax
Tom and Meredith in Piazza Navona, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

10. Capitoline Hill, Piazza del Campidoglio, 00186, Rome

Dickie and Freddie abandon Tom so he’s left to go sightseeing by himself. He ends up walking around Capitoline Hill admiring the sculptures and gazing over at the Roman Forum below.

Roman Forum in Rome, Italy

Tom looking out at the Roman Forum from Capitoline Hill, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

11. Piazza Malcovati waterfront, 80077, Ischia Island, Bay of Naples

Now, the young Americans are all back at Dickie’s house in ‘Mongibello.’ After Freddie, Marge, Tom and Dickie all have a friendly sailing trip together, it’s time for the town’s Festival of the Madonna where a statue of the Virgin Mary emerges from the sea. It’s a massive turnout from the whole town so it must be a big deal. Tragically, Silvana’s lifeless body, pregnant with Dickie’s child, is also found washed up from the sea in this scene.

The festival takes place, unsurprisingly, on the waterfront in Ischia. Dickie’s apartment is well-located so the threesome can watch the tragedy unfold from the patio.

12. Paradiso Sul Mare, Lungomare Zanardelli, 00042, Anzio

Since Tom’s mission to convince Dickie to return to New York was unsuccessful, he no longer has any money to live in Italy and Dickie is quickly becoming bored of Tom. Dickie tells Tom their last trip together will be to San Remo on the Italian Riviera for a jazz festival.

San Remo is waaaay up north near the French border but The Talented Mr Ripley production team go nowhere near the north of Italy. The San Remo beach/boat scenes were shot in Anzio, a port town near Rome.

The building the lads drink at is the Paradiso Sul Mare which was built to be a casino but is now abandoned. The lads set sail on their fateful boat trip from this part of the beach, too.

The Talented Mr Ripley Filming Locations in Rome

13. The St. Regis Rome, Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 3, 00185, Rome

After giving Marge the bad news that Dickie is ‘staying in Rome’ (i.e. lying at the bottom of the ocean somewhere off the coast of San Remo), Tom leaves Mongibello for good to begin his new life in Rome. He checks into the St. Regis Hotel as Dickie, and into a different hotel as Tom Ripley…

Honestly, Rome is where I’d hit up if I decided to kill a rich kid and steal their identity. Just sayin’, big city and lots of places to hide plus there’s a lot of gelaterias and pizzerias so really there’s no contest.

14. Hotel Golden, Via Marche, 84, 00187, Rome

The Hotel Golden is the hotel that Tom Ripley checks into. Now, I’m not 100% sure the film shot in this hotel, but it is a 2-star budget hotel with an eerily similar decor to the hotel in the film (despite the film being set in the late 1950s) so you never know.

15. Palazzo Taverna, Via di Monte Giordano, 36, 00186, Rome

Okay, there are lots of smoke and mirrors with these The Talented Mr Ripley filming locations so bear with me. The hotel that Tom checks into is the Hotel Golden and ‘Dickie’ checks into the St. Regis Hotel. BUT, the interiors for the St. Regis hotel were shot in Palazzo Taverna which is an old stately home in Rome.

Are you with me? Not only that, but the Palazzo Taverna‘s interiors also stood in for Tom Ripley’s apartment that you’ll see later in the film in a pivotal scene between Tom and Freddie Miles…

Freddie and Tom in Tom's apartment in Rome, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

16. Via dei Condotti, 1, 00187, Rome

Meredith, Tom’s friend from the ship port, spots him through a shop window. It’s clear this filming location is super near the Spanish Steps as we can see them in the background and what do you know, it is! Tom is shopping on Via dei Condotti and this store is now a Dior store.

17. Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, 00187, Rome

Meredith and Tom walk through Rome, across Piazza Navona, down the Spanish Steps (which you’d literally never need to do to get anywhere in Rome, but sure) and to the American Express branch in Piazza di Spagna so Tom *ahem* I mean Dickie can pick up his cheques.

The American Express, of course, doesn’t exist in real life, it’s just a shop set dressed as one. And the Spanish Steps are a prominent The Talented Mr Ripley location later in the film where Tom watches Marge and Meredith meet at a café called Dinelli. This café also doesn’t exist and is a dress shop called Missoni Boutique dressed as a café.

Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italy

Marge and Tom at the Spanish Steps, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

18. Teatro di San Carlo, Via San Carlo, 98, 80132, Naples

The next day, Meredith drags Tom (who she thinks is Dickie) to the opera in Rome. The opera house isn’t named, and it’s actually the Teatro di San Carlo in Naples that was used for the interiors of the opera house.

Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

19. Ponte Sant’Angelo, 00186, Rome

Tom leaves the opera early with Meredith to escape running into Marge and Peter. They travel in style via horse and carriage down Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge, with Castel Sant’Angelo in the background. Castel Sant’Angelo is definitely not an opera venue but it looks like The Talented Mr Ripley is trying to suggest it is.

Ponte Sant'Angelo in Rome, Italy

20. Piazza Mattei, 10, 00186, Rome

After Freddie ambushes Tom at his apartment in Rome, Tom offs Freddie by clubbing him to death with a head statue. I know that’s a big spoiler but really, why would you be looking up The Talented Mr Ripley filming locations if you hadn’t already watched the movie?

Tom drags Freddie out of his apartment which is situated on Piazza Mattei. This is the piazza with The Turtle Fountain which also featured in To Rome with Love (2012). The piazza Tom lives in is known as Piazza Gioia but this is a made-up name.

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21. Parco Degli Acquedotti, Via Lemonia, 221, 00174, Rome

Tom drives Freddie to the south of the city, specifically Parco Degli Acquedotti, the remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct, to dump Freddie’s body.

It’s funny. I research filming locations a lot and hyper-focus on one city at a time. I know a lot of landmarks are re-used as locations in movies but it’s surprising how many obscure locations are reused. This aqueduct (near Cinecittà Studios) was also used in the opening scene of La Dolce Vita (1960)!

22. Vicolo Delle Grotte, 00186, Rome

After being questioned by the police, Tom is rattled by Dickie and Freddie’s deaths. He thinks he sees Dickie’s face as he rides his Vespa down Vicolo Delle Grotte and crashes his bike into a rather pricey-looking antique mirror.

It’s not just the mirror that’s shattered, mate, but that double life of yours is too.

23. Piazza Lovatelli, 00186, Rome

Tom picks up a frantic Marge at the Spanish Steps and she hops on the back of his Vespa to go and meet ‘Dickie.’ Upon seeing the Police, he turns away down Piazza Lovatelli.

Santa Caterina dei Funari church can be seen in the background.

Tom and Marge on a Vespa in Rome, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

The Talented Mr Ripley Filming Locations in Venice

24. Piazza San Marco, 31024, Venice

Tom decides to cut his losses and get the heck out of Rome. He travels to Venice to meet Peter and the two stroll through Piazza San Marco before heading to the nearby police station.

25. Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, Campo Santa Sofia, 4198/99, 30121, Venice

Tom finds an apartment in Venice and there are two filming locations that are used to make up this rather beautiful looking place. The first is the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel which was abandoned during the time of filming 20 years ago but now is a super swanky 5-star hotel right on the Grand Canal.

When you look closely at Tom’s apartment, it does look pretty rundown but I think that’s the idea. That it’s one of those old, classic homes that has fallen to ruin.

Tom Ripley in Venice, one of The Talented Me Ripley filming locations
© 1999 Paramount Pictures / Miramax

26. Ca’ da Mosto, Cannaregio, 5631, 30121, Venice

And the second, literally right down the street, is Ca’ da Mosto, the oldest palace on the Grand Canal which has been pretty much abandoned. Maybe give it 10 years and this one will be a hotel, too!

27. Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, Piazza Bellini, 3, 90133, Palermo

Finally, a The Talented Mr Ripley filming locations I have actually visited! Well, I’ve visited most of the film locations in Rome, I just haven’t been to Venice or Naples (yet!). Weirdly enough, the church where Tom finds Peter leading an orchestra and a young choir boy singing the Stabat Mater is in Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, a church in Palermo, Sicily. Absolutely nowhere near Venice and it’s literally the only filming location in Sicily!

So odd. I read that the production needed a church with an attic/mezzanine level for the scene so Peter could look down on Tom from above. People who have visited Sicily or know about the churches in Palermo will spot the common mosaic designs that decorate the entire interior of churches in this region. These Arab-Norman churches in and around Palermo are part of a UNESCO world heritage site which recognises these specific churches and their unique, blended style.

Not really the kind of church you’d find in the middle of Venice! But I’ll let them off…

Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio in Palermo, Sicily

Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio in Palermo, Sicily

Santa Maria dell'Ammiraglio in Palermo, Sicily

28. Venice Santa Lucia Station, 30100, Venice

Of course, Peter and Tom’s fun in Venice can’t last when Marge and Dickie’s father arrives in Venice to assist in the search for Dickie. Luckily, Venice Santa Lucia Station has a 1930s Art Deco style so it wouldn’t look out of place in a film set in the late 1950s.

29. Caffè Florian, Piazza San Marco, 57, 30124, Venice

Herbert Richard Greenleaf Sr. has arrived in Venice and meets Tom and Marge at one of the most high-brow, fancy cafés in the city. Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco is the oldest cafe in the world, yes, IN THE WORLD.

I guess it’s a bit easier to shoot a period film set in the 1950s in somewhere like Italy where quite a number of the buildings are exceptionally old and even 40-50 years doesn’t change a place much.

30. Hotel Europa & Regina (The St. Regis), Piazza San Marco, 2159, 30124, Venice

Tom visits Mr Greenleaf at his hotel room at the Hotel Europa & Regina in Venice. Naturally, a renowned hotel that the rich and famous have stayed at for many years. The hotel may have changed hands many times but it’s still the palace it always was. There are scenes shot on the terrace of the hotel with gorgeous views of the canal, too.

And after Mr Greenleaf, the PI and Marge leave Venice, that leaves Tom and Peter free to hop on a ship out of the city together. All is well until Meredith, who still believes Tom is Dickie, just happens to be setting sail on the ship, too…

And those are ALL The Talented Mr Ripley filming locations in Italy. Have you watched The Talented Mr Ripley or visited any of the locations in Italy? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Talented Mr Ripley Filming Locations in Italy |
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