The Italian Job Filming Locations in Italy and England

The Italian Job (1969)

The Swinging Sixties, Union Jack Mini Coopers, Michael Caine, a heist and the Italian Alps… Yup, there’s no wonder the 1969 original version of The Italian Job is a certified classic British film. And The Italian Job filming locations (mainly in Turin, but also in England) only help sweeten its status as one of the greats.

The Italian Job follows high-class criminal Charlie Croker (played by Michael Caine) as he orchestrates the theft of many gold bouillons by causing a traffic jam in Turin, Italy. It’s one of the most quotable British films, starring Benny Hill and theatre legend Noël Coward. Car lovers naturally get a kick out of this film, too. Director Peter Collinson shot much of the film on location but also at Isleworth Studios and Twickenham Film Studios in the UK.

But we’re far more interested in those cool The Italian Job locations so let’s find out what they are!

Where Was The Italian Job Filmed?

The Italian Job Filming Locations in Italy

1. Great St Bernard Pass Bridge, T2, Aosta

This is The Italian Job filming location that opens the whole film and I am so excited that I found the precise location! A flashy fast car (a Lamborghini, I think) flies through the Italian Alps along the Great St Bernard Pass. You can see the exact viewpoint in the movie from the SS27 road in Saint Rhemy. I have pinned the exact road bridge on my map at the beginning of this post in case you fancy driving your own sports car over it, too.

I’m fairly certain the driver continues north along the mountain pass AKA the SS27 road. The tunnel explosion also happened in Aosta.

Great St Bernard Pass in the Italian Alps as seen in The Italian Job
Great St Bernard Pass | Courtesy of Ruben Holthuijsen

2. Villa Della Regina, Strada Comunale Santa Margherita, 79, Turin

One of the prettiest The Italian Job film locations, the gang camp out at Villa Della Regina in Turin to make their final preparations before the theft. So, we’ve jumped to the middle of the film! It’s an absolutely gorgeous, abandoned mansion with two grand staircases out front.

Villa Della Regina in Turin, Italy
Villa Della Regina | Courtesy of Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar

3. Piazza Palazzo di Città, Turin

The traffic jam to end all traffic jams begins! There are lots of shots in lots of different angles in different parts of the city during this section of the film but I’m 100% sure Piazza Palazzo di Città (the bird’s eye view shot) and Piazza Castello feature. They are both in the city of Turin. Do let me know if you spot any streets and piazzas!

Piazza Castello in Turin, Italy
Piazza Castello | Courtesy of Alexander Schimmeck

4. Palazzo Carignano, Via Accademia delle Scienze, 5, Turin

Once the lads have hijacked the van with the gold bouillon in the back, they drive it into a huge building to unload the bars into the three minis. The building is the Palazzo Carignano in Turin and we see lots of angry Italians banging on the huge oak doors outside.

Palazzo Carignano in Turin, Italy as seen in The Italian Job
Palazzo Carignano | Courtesy of stefano Merli

5. Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castello, Turin

After they get the gold, they drive literally down the stairs and through the interior of Palazzo Madama in Turin. Honestly, the stunts in this film for 1969 look incredible! And expensive.

Palazzo Madama in Turin, Italy
Palazzo Madama | Courtesy of Fred Romero

6. Chiesa Parrocchiale della Gran Madre di Dio, Piazza Gran Madre di Dio, 4, Turin

Continuing their destruction of Turin and evasion of Turin’s police, the minis drive literally across church steps to follow their meticulous route through the city to avoid the traffic jam. They even drive through a wedding happening at Chiesa Parrocchiale della Gran Madre di Dio in Turin without batting an eyelid.

7. Torino Palavela, Via Ventimiglia, 145, Turin

The minis eventually drive up the famous whale-tailed roof to evade the police car via a construction ramp. This building is the Torino Palavela in Turin. Apparently, the film crew did not get permission to drive on top of this roof because the owners did not think it was strong enough, but they did it anyway. It all worked out in the end, I guess! Luckily!

Torino Palavela in Turin, Italy as seen in The Italian Job
Torino Palavela | Courtesy of Guilhem Vellut

8. Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Via Nizza, 230, Turin

An art gallery with a test track on its roof. Who’d have thought?! Well, now it is an art gallery in Turin called Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli but back then it was the Fiat Lingotto Factory. The whole neighbourhood is named Lingotto because of this factory. Fiat was big deal to this city at one point.

Apparently, the whole “jumping off the roof” stunt was also vetoed by Turin’s authorities but the production team went ahead and did it anyway. Did risk assessments even exist in the 1960s?

Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli in Turin, Italy
Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli | Courtesy of Alexander Schimmeck

9. The River Po, Turin

The three minis then drive along the River Po in Turin before fording it next to the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I, again, to escape the clutches of Turin’s police. This is the scene where the famous song “Getta Bloomin’ Move On” starts playing! More commonly known as “The South Preservation Society”, Michael Caine sings some of the vocals and the entire soundtrack is by the incomparable Quincy Jones. Like this film wasn’t already amazing enough.

I have to point out that the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I is a bridge right next to the Chiesa Gran Madre di Dio which they drive past a few scenes earlier. So all this fannying around on rooftop test tracks was largely pointless.

River Po in Turin, Italy
River Po | Courtesy of Guilhem Vellut

10. Strada Provinciale 50 near Lake Serrù

After they have successfully completed the theft, the lads drive in the direction of the Great St Bernard Pass because there are plenty of road signs saying so. However, that is not The Italian Job filming location used. Instead, the road is Strada Provinciale 50 and the film ends on the part of the road which overlooks Lake Serrù.

This is the famous final scene where the coach is precariously balanced over the edge of the mountain pass with the gold weighing them down. Apparently, the producers picked this ending but the director and Michael Caine hated it.

Lake Serrù in the Italian Alps
Lake Serrù | Courtesy of Soumei Baba

The Italian Job Filming Locations in England

11. HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs, 160 Du Cane Road, London

The first The Italian Job filming location in England was the exterior of HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs in London. The prison that releases Charlie at the beginning of the film isn’t named (I don’t think) but it’s supposed to be in London. The prison’s interior is located elsewhere, so you will have to keep reading to learn where.

12. Royal Lancaster London Hotel, Lancaster Terrace, London

After paying a visit to his tailor and retrieving his car, Charlie heads to his “welcome home” party at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London. This is the location where his girlfriend Lorna surprises him with an assortment of lingerie-clad Dollybirds to keep him company for the day. The hotel is still open and looks much more modern these days.

Royal Lancaster London Hotel in London, England as seen in The Italian Job
Royal Lancaster Hotel | Courtesy of Steve Cadman

13. 18 Denbigh Close, Notting Hill, London

Lorna catches Charlie playing away in her own home at 18 Denbigh Close in Notting Hill. This address is just around the corner from Alice’s Antique Shop which was a top filming location in Paddington (2014) and Paddington 2 (2017) of all films. It’s completely chocker with glassware, statuettes, lampshades and all sorts of sixties-era tat.

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Alice's Antique Shop in Notting Hill, London in England
Alice’s Antique Shop | Courtesy of Diana Garcia

14. Melita House, 124 Bridge Road, Chertsey, Surrey

This The Italian Job filming location is listed on IMDB so I felt I had to list it here. But I don’t know which scene they used it in! Maybe the scene where Camp Freddie and Charlie visit Professor Peach’s mum? Or the scene where they visit him in his facility? I’m not sure. Regardless, its name was Thorn Hill at the time of filming but now it’s Melita House in Surrey.

15. Peninsula Heights, 93 Albert Embankment, London

After picking up their troubled computer expert Professor Peach, Charlie sits everyone around a conference table in a highrise building to go over the heist plans. This scene took place in Peninsula Heights in London which, at the time, was Alembic House. This is where Camp Freddie conducts business.

16. Crystal Palace Park, London

In the next scene, the gang are preparing for the heist by ensuring the cars and coach are up to the task. This is, of course, The Italian Job location where Michael Caine utters that immortal line. And why is it so famous? Who knows! Pop culture often makes no effing sense. The location is Crystal Palace Park in London where, as luck would have it, they do have a race track in the middle of a public park.

You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! – Charlie Crocker

Crystal Palace Park in London, England
Crystal Palace Park | Courtesy of Berit Watkin

17. Dover Ferry Terminal, Eastern Docks, Marine Parade, Dover

After rehearsing as much as possible with the cars outside of Italy, it’s time to start the mission. The next The Italian Job film location is at Dover Ferry Terminal’s Eastern Docks where we see Michael Caine’s Charlie direct the coach and the minis onto the boat. They will first travel across the channel to France before driving into Italy.

Dover Terminal in England
Dover Terminal | Courtesy of Port of Dover

18. Thorn EMI HQ, Elstree Studios, Shenley Road, Borehamwood

This isn’t strictly a “filming location” as it’s technically a studio. But considering The Italian Job used it as Turin’s traffic control room, they probably just used one of the studio’s viewing suites and didn’t make an actual set. So I’m including it! At the time, it was Thorn EMI HQ in Elstree Studios just north of London.

19. Sowe Valley Sewer Duplication system, Coventry

As you can see from all of The Italian Job filming locations in Turin listed above, the vast majority of the Turin locations are authentic. But the scene where the gang drive through the tunnel after crossing the river in their minis? The Italian Job actually shot this scene in Coventry! Specifically, the sewer system in Sowe Valley. Lovely.

The Italian Job Filming Locations in Ireland

20. Kilmainham Gaol, Inchicore Road, Dublin, Ireland

This blog post is about The Italian Job filming locations in Italy and England, but two are also located in Ireland and I couldn’t leave them out. The first is Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin. This is now a museum about The Troubles, but in The Italian Job, it acted as the interiors for the prison where Charlie Croker served his time at the beginning of the film. Weirdly, it also featured as a filming location in Paddington 2! How are there so many crossovers with these two films?!

This interior appears a couple of times throughout the film as Mr Bridger (played by Noël Coward) is a key character and the prison’s warden. Knowing it is where several orchestrators of The Troubles served time, doesn’t it feel weird that the prisoners chant “England!” at the end of the film…?

Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin, Ireland as seen in The Italian Job
Kilmainham Gaol | Courtesy of Keith Ewing

21. Cruagh Cemetary, Cruagh Road, Rathfarnham, Ireland

After the scenes where Charlie and his crew blow up all the cars in the test runs, he visits Mr Bridger to check in before they commence their mission on the continent. They meet during a bogus funeral for Mr Bridger’s Great Aunt Nellie. The funeral is probably set somewhere in London, but the film crew shot the scene at Cruagh Cemetary in Rathfarnham, Ireland just outside of Dublin.

And those are all the top The Italian Job filming locations in England, Italy and beyond! Have you watched the film or visited any of the movie locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Italian Job Filming Locations in Italy and England |
© 1969 Paramount Pictures | Courtesy of Soumei Baba

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