The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |

Hunting for the most popular The Hangover Part II filming locations in Bangkok is actually something so many tourists do. Not just film lovers! I doubt I’d find one western person travelling in South East Asia who hasn’t seen The Hangover Part II (2011) at least once.

It’s the most seminal “we had a crazy, f*&#ed up time in Thailand” movie in existence.

Following the success of The Hangover (2009), the sequel is the embodiment of the saying “if it ain’t broke…” as the Wolf Pack travel to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. Copying all the tropes from the first movie, the gang have a crazy bachelor’s party and wake up lost in Bangkok and cannot remember a thing. And they’re one member short. It’s a race to make it back in time for the wedding as they search Bangkok for the Bride’s AWOL little brother.

Obviously, other unbelievable shiz happens, just like the first film. And seven years later, it’s still a really popular film.

The decadent sky bar overlooking the entire city of Bangkok which featured in the movie still serves its own cocktail inventively named the ‘Hangovertini’ which was served to the cast and crew during filming.

It’s incredible the lasting impact films can have on a city. So, here are all of The Hangover Part II filming locations in Bangkok that I could find.

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok

1. Samitivej Chinatown Hospital, 624 Yaowarat Rd

I’m sure you’ve already guessed that the hotel the Wolf Pack wakes up in after their mystery bender was entirely created in a studio. I know, sucks right? And most of the establishing shots from the film’s title sequence are shot in Chinatown.

In fact, most of the film is set in Chinatown!

However, and I’m only guessing here, the roof of the hotel looks like its actually the Samitivej Chinatown Hospital. I’ve deduced this because of it’s proximity to the Temple of the Golden Buddha which can be seen super near in the background of the shot. And, because of the proximity to the Chao Phraya River. The building would have to be pretty tall, and north of the temple. So, if the hospital roof wasn’t used, it would be somewhere really close by.

2. Soi Phiphaksa 1

Next, the Wolf Pack are seen walking down a street in Chinatown with an elephant just casually wandering along. This scene is bursting with street food stalls and masses of people.

In reality, elephants are banned in the centre of Bangkok. But, I have been told that they are still out and about and at night they wear reflectors.

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

3. Bo(o) Sa Bar, Soi Sukhumvit 7/1 Alley

Boo Sa bar was used for the exterior for The White Lion bar, which is where the threesome goes after picking up the silent Monk in jail. The exterior for Joe’s Tattoo shop is also just down this street.

The front of the bar was totally remodelled for the movie. Which, you know, isn’t surprising considering there was a huge fire/explosion the night before (in the movie).

4. Ancient City Museum

After visiting the tattoo shop, the Wolf Pack find out where to return the silent monk. Ching-Mei Monastery doesn’t exist, but filming took place at the Ancient City outdoor museum and in a studio. It’s actually quite far out of Bangkok by the sea. So, you would need to set aside a whole day if you wanted to visit, unfortunately!

Another iconic film shot at Ancient City too! Check it out below if you’re interested.

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The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

5. Cactus Bar, 4 Soi Cowboy

Cactus acted as the (brief) exterior to the ladyboy bar, Siam Sam’s.

6. Tilac Gogo bar, 23 Soi Cowboy

While the vast majority of interior scenes in this movie were shot in a studio, some interior scenes from the Siam Sam’s bar were shot next door to Cactus in Tilac Gogo bar.

7. Lebua Hotel & Sky Bar, 1055 State Tower

After visiting the clinic, the gang head to the Lebua Hotel after seeing a note written on Alan’s stomach (as you do…). There, they meet Paul Giamatti’s character at one of the hotel’s many restaurants. It’s an authentic location, and the hotel’s Sky Bar is where they go back later to meet Paul Giamatti with Mr Chow.

The Sky Bar is possibly the most famous The Hangover Part II filming location in Bangkok, and you can even see the abandoned Sathorn Unique Ghost Tower nearby when the Wolf Pack calls back to the wedding party finally admitting they won’t make it in time for the wedding.

Please note: Do your research before visiting the Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel. There’s a strict dress code and I’d check the drinks prices too so you don’t get a shock once you’re there!

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

8. Song Wat Road

After rescuing Mr Chow from the freezer, the men have to steal back the monkey because it holds some very valuable information. They do this at a roundabout (sorry Americans, a traffic circle *rolls eyes*) in Chinatown.

Basically, if in doubt, 90% of The Hangover Part II filming locations were in Chinatown! Or a studio in Hollywood.

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

9. Rama III

When Stu realises where his Bride’s little brother is, they all hop in that famous Bangkok mode of transport: the Tuk Tuk! The road they speed down is noted as being the Rama III (thanks for the correction!!) In reality, they are absolutely nowhere near the Lebua Hotel. But it’s a film so whatevs, right?

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |

10. Chao Phraya River

The final moments the Wolf Pack spend in Bangkok are racing in a speedboat down the Chao Phraya River.

If I were being really finickity (which I almost never am) it would be so impossible for them to sail from Bangkok to the location of the wedding in Krabi. They would literally need to sail around Malaysia to get to Krabi.

Hashtag just sayin’.

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The Two Non-Bangkok Filming Locations (in Krabi)

1. Phulay Bay Ritz Carlton

There are only two main The Hangover Part II filming locations outside of Bangkok and they’re both to do with the wedding venue. The extra-luxurious Phulay Bay Ritz Carlton Hotel in Krabi is the main venue used for all hotel establishing and interior shots.

2. Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort

However, the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort was used for the lobby scenes. Unfortunately, the hotel is now permanently closed. Now, it’s the Dusit Thani Beach Resort.

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Book your place on the Bangkok Hangover Tour!

Believe it or not, you can book yourself on a The Hangover Part II themed tour while you’re in Bangkok.

I did think that going on a The Hangover Part II filming locations walking tour would be such a convenient way of ticking off all the main sites, however, it’s not really a ‘locations’ tour. The Bangkok Hangover Tours are more of a “night out with a guide” that aims to capture the ‘essence’ of The Hangover Part II by hitting up fetish bars and getting temporary Mike Tyson tattoos.

However, if that sounds like a good night out to you, it costs 2,000 TBH (£47) and you can book a place on a Bangkok Hangover tour here.

The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok |

And those are all The Hangover Part II filming locations in Bangkok I could find! Have you ever been to Bangkok? Let me know in the comments below! 

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The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok, Thailand including everywhere in Chinatown and the infamous Sky Bar!|
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

4 thoughts on “The Hangover Part II Filming Locations in Bangkok

  1. Heath Tredell says:

    Hi.. just to say that the road they are travelling along in the Tuk Tuk is Rama 3 (past Home Pro.. I think since the film Home Pro has moved though) not far from Asiatique .

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks for your comment, Heath! That’s good to know, my sources said something different so that’s interesting. I also couldn’t find the exact location I’m referring to on Rama 3, could you be more specific since Home Pro has moved? I always want to be as accurate as possible in my posts 🙂

      • Heath Tredell says:

        Hi Rebecca,
        I was fairly certain because of the shops in the background and the slight bend in the street. I have a condo about a mile from it on Charoen Krung and used to shop at Homepro before it moved. That said to check I asked my Thai FB friends and most said the same thing, none thought it was the tollway.

        One comment was “Yes, Rama 3 because bridge is a brt station. Image blur but yes looks like future mart home pro next to lpn condo before home pro moved. Future mart now tree on three.”
        Rama 3 goes over the river and the brt station is about a mile before the bridge.

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