Notting Hill Filming Locations in London

Notting Hill (1999)

Over 20 years after it’s release and Notting Hill is still one of the most famous London-set films. So many tourists join walking tours and seek out the iconic Notting Hill filming locations in this classy London borough.

Notting Hill (1999) is a quintessential rom-com starring Hugh Grant as William Thacker, a bookshop owner in Notting Hill, London. One day, he’s lucky enough to meet Hollywood mega-star Anna Scott (played by Julia Roberts) who turns his life upside down.

It’s soppy, it’s funny and it’s pure escapism. That’s why we love it! No wonder the famous blue door in Notting Hill and The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill are such popular places to visit. But where exactly are these Notting Hill filming locations in real life? And 20 years later, do those places still even exist?! Let’s find out!

Notting Hill Filming Locations (Bookshop, Blue Door, etc.)

Notting Hill Film Locations in London

1. Portobello Road Market

The first Notting Hill filming location is the famous Portobello Road Market. It’s not just famous because it appeared in the film, but because it’s the world’s largest antique market. It’s a huge weekend street market selling anything and everything from hundreds of sellers. Anyone else who has watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971) knows what song I’m singing in my head right now.

William wanders through Portobello Road Market, near The Duke of Wellington pub, with a bouquet of flowers as his voiceover narrates this opening sequence. He also chats about other places of note in his home neighbourhood including Saints Tattoo Parlour at 201 Portobello Road which closed down.

Portobello Road Market in London Notting Hill Filming Location
Portobello Road Market | Courtesy of Mark Rominski

2. 280 Westbourne Park Road

After walking through the market, William strolls up to his Notting Hill “house with a blue door”. For some reason, film fans go crazy over the Notting Hill blue door. But I have my own filming location obsessions, so who am I to judge? The blue door is attached to the Notting Hill film house at 280 Westbourne Park Road. This is where William lives with Welsh housemate Spike (played by Rhys Ifans).

Fun fact: This house actually belonged to renowned British filmmaker and screenwriter Richard Curtis, who wrote the script for Notting Hill. He auctioned off the famous blue Notting Hill door for charity, so the new owners had a completely different coloured door. However, tourists were so confused, they painted their new front door blue again.

Blue Door in Notting Hill, London Notting Hill Filming Location
Blue Door Notting Hill | Courtesy of Matt Brown

3. 142 Portobello Road

Ah, the second-best of all the Notting Hill filming locations. 143 Portobello Road is the location of The Travel Bookshop in Notting Hill which William runs. I love the idea of a travel bookshop in London but sadly in this day and age, they don’t seem in high demand.

And the Notting Hill bookshop didn’t even exist in 1999. It was actually an antique shop called Nicholls Antique Arcade dressed up as a bookshop. Now, it’s an uber-tacky souvenir shop cleverly named Notting Hill Giftshop with the vanity sign The Travel Book Shop above the door. Yes, even capitalism seeped into something as precious as the Notting Hill bookstore.

However, book lovers and hardcore fans do like visiting The Notting Hill Bookshop at 13 Blenheim Crescent just around the corner. Apparently, this is the bookstore that inspired Richard Curtis to include a travel bookshop in Notting Hill.

The Travel Bookshop, London Notting Hill Filming Location
The Travel Bookshop | Courtesy of Nikos Roussos

4. 303 Westbourne Park Road

Instead of selling books, it seems that William and his assistant spend their days drinking copious amounts of cappuccinos and orange juices. The little café where William buys his beverages is located at 303 Westbourne Park Road. 

Unfortunately, this Notting Hill location was never a café in real life, just set-dressed to look like one! It’s now a hair salon. And of course, just around the corner is the fateful location where William spills coffee and orange juice down Anna’s clean white tee.

5. The Ritz London, 150 Piccadilly

Anna tracks down William and he rocks up at her hotel suite at The Ritz London. I’m not sure if Anna’s suite,  Suite 38 also known as the “Trafalgar Suite” is real, but it’s real enough in Notting Hill. This is the filming location of the infamous “Horse and Hound” interview which still cracks me up.

The Ritz Hotel, London Notting Hill Filming Location
The Ritz Hotel | Courtesy of Can Pac Swire

6. 91 Lansdowne Road

William brings Anna as a date to his little sister’s birthday dinner. Their friend is cooking them all dinner at his home, which is at 91 Lansdowne Road.

7. Rosmead Gardens

Anna and William’s frolic in this private garden is rather sweet, though I could do without the cringey Ronan Keating soundtrack. They break into a posh estate’s Notting Hill park called Rosmead Gardens for a quiet walk after Honey’s birthday dinner.

It is a private garden in real life, unfortunately! So you won’t be able to recreate this scene. Unless you break in like the main characters, though I am not recommending that. Apparently, the gardens are open on certain days throughout the year, like during the Notting Hill Carnival.

8. Nobu London, 19 Old Park Lane

For their third date, William and Anna head out for Japanese food at Nobu London‘s location on Old Park Lane. Luckily for cinema fans, it’s still open and going strong. This is where William attempts to defend Anna’s honour when the table of suits next to them start slagging her off. It’s a super pricey restaurant and I think it may even have a Michelin star?!

Nobu London Restaurant in Notting Hill, London
Nobu London | Courtesy of ACME

9. The Coronet Theatre, 103 Notting Hill Gate

Will stews in his sadness at having lost Anna by going to a Notting Hill cinema named The Coronet Cinema to watch Anna’s sci-fi movie. Fortunately, this is one of the few Notting Hill filming locations you can still visit. However, it’s now a theatre called The Coronet Theatre.

10. 105 Golbourne Road

Feeling silly that he didn’t know Anna had a boyfriend, William chats with his friends at his pal Tony’s restaurant. Unfortunately, this is another one of those Notting Hill locations that aren’t authentic! I don’t know what existed at 105 Golbourne Road in 1999, but today it’s a card shop called Portfolio Ltd.

11. Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane

Six months and a lot of wallowing later, Anna is back in London shooting a Henry James period movie on William’s suggestion. The filming location for the fake film is Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath. 

Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath, London
Kenwood House | Courtesy of stu smith

12. The Savoy Hotel, Strand

After realising that he was just a boy stood in front of a girl who was asking him to love her… William must track Anna down ASAP before he loses her forever. I mean, that’s a big spoiler but you’ve obviously seen Notting Hill if you’re reading this blog post, right?

She’s at a press conference in The Savoy, another swanky hotel in London’s city centre.

The Savoy Hotel on the Strand, London
The Savoy Hotel | Courtesy of David Jones

13. Zen Garden in The Hempel Collections, 31-35 Craven Hill Gardens

And the next thing you know, William and Anna are married! All’s well that ends well. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see this Notting Hill filming location. Unless you happen to be a millionaire with the cash to buy a residence in The Hempel Collections! The newlyweds held their wedding reception in the Zen Garden at the former luxury The Hempel Hotel but it’s now a collection of properties in Craven Hill Gardens.

14. Cineworld Cinema, Leicester Square

And this is the final Notting Hill filming location in London. Of course, the very last location in the film is back on the bench reading in Rosmead Gardens. Does that mean the characters bought property on that estate??

Anyway, William and Anna attend one of her movie premieres at the Empire Leicester Square cinema where a lot of films host their London premieres. However, today it’s a Cineworld Cinema. I love how Hugh Grant tries so hard to pretend he’s never been to a film premiere before.

Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London
Empire Cinema | Courtesy of Ian Muttoo

Join a Notting Hill Filming Locations Walking Tour!

Even though I’ve listed all of the Notting Hill filming locations and gave you a map, you’d still rather join a walking tour?

Alright, alright. I’ll let you off. I loved the Harry Potter walking tour I joined in London. They are usually very fun and all the hard work is done for you. And if you get embarrassed doing geeky things like taking photos in front of famous blue doors, it’s usually less awkward if there’s a whole group. You can all be geeky together!

I love Brit Movie Tours and I honestly think they offer the best TV and film walking tours in London. Check out their Notting Hill Walking Tour whenever you’re next in the city!

And those are all the Notting Hill filming locations in London! Have you watched the film or visited any of the Notting Hill movie locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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Notting Hill Filming Locations in London |
© 1999 Universal Pictures | Courtesy of Mark Tominski

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