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Yesterday (2019)

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What would the world look like if The Beatles never existed? Well, Yesterday (2019) attempts to answer that question with a bit of a different spin. Unsurprisingly, this tale takes place partly in Liverpool, California and… seaside towns around the south coast of England. Yeah, the Yesterday film locations might sound weird when you put it like that, but they work.

Yesterday follows Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) who, after a freak accident, wakes up to discover he is the only person who knows about The Beatles. Since he is a struggling singer-songwriter, he starts performing their songs instead of his and becomes an instant hit around the world. Danny Boyle directs while Richard Curtis writes, so this film should be a convergence of genius. In reality, it’s not a terrible film despite the really cringey twist, but it’s not amazing.

Malik lives in a traditional English seaside town, so many of the filming locations are in these types of locales. But as his fame grows, they sprinkle one or two glitzy, showbiz locations on top. So, where was the film Yesterday filmed? Let’s find out!

Where Was Yesterday Filmed?

Yesterday Filming Locations in England

1. West Avenue, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex

The first Yesterday film location is of our main man, Jack Malik, busking in the middle of a busy shopping district. Some reports say this is on Pier Avenue in Clacton-on-Sea, but I’m going to be contrary and say it is more like the corner of West Avenue and Station Road, just up from Pier Avenue. You can see the Magic City amusement centre in the background, which any half-decent seaside town should have. I’ve pinned the exact location on the google map at the top of this blog post.

The opening montage of Jack busking also features him playing on a wooden promenade but this does not look like Clacton-on-Sea’s pier. If you have any information on this location, I’d be happy to know it!

2. The White Hart Blythburgh, Halesworth, Suffolk

The opening sequence ends with Jack playing to an uninterested crowd of people (and his pals) in a country pub. I’m almost certain the Yesterday film locations pub is The White Hart Blythburgh in Halesworth. Again, I’m not 100% certain but the interiors look very similar.

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3. The Walings, Frinton Beach, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

Jack Malik’s friend Ellie (Lily James) interrupts him at work at the Price Star Warehouse (not a real thing) and they go for a walk on the beach. She tells him that he’s managed to swing a gig at Latitude Festival which is a Big Deal! The beach they are walking along is Frinton Beach in Frinton-on-Sea in front of the beach huts on wooden platforms called The Walings. One of the more picturesqueYesterday filming locations, that’s for sure!

Frinton-on-Sea in Essex, England Yesterday Film Location
Frinton-on-Sea | Courtesy of Evo Flash

4. 17 Park Road, Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk

Jack heads home to prepare for Latitude and we see him in his attic bedroom carefully messing around with his setlist and choosing which t-shirt he will perform in. We know Jack is supposed to live in Lowestoft, Suffolk, but his house is 17 Park Road in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk.

We don’t see the exterior in this scene, but we will later once Jack decides to attempt to pass off The Beatles’ songs as his own.

5. Latitude Festival, Beccles, Suffolk

And then Jack actually performs at Latitude Festival in Suffolk! Although he isn’t quite playing to the buzzing crowd he might’ve hoped for. I do not doubt that the establishing shots of the festival are actually at Latitude including the scenes where he walks with pal Rocky past the stalls and food trucks. Though of course, Jack’s local Suffolk talent tent could be anywhere, I guess.

Jack and Ellie return to Latitude Festival at the very end of the film, too, but I will not spoil under what circumstances! I’ll just say they are very happy ones.

Latitude Festival in Suffolk, England Yesterday Film Location
Latitude Festival | Courtesy of Simon Q

6. Houses of Parliament, London

The freak blackout that causes the film’s catalyst is happening! We quickly see the Houses of Parliament in London, which are always lit up at night, descend into darkness. An underground train also shuts down, which I presume is also somewhere in London. There are also tons of other locations that we see descend into blackout including St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a Japanese newsroom, the Acropolis in Athens, the London Eye, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and a baseball stadium in the US.

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7. Ocean Bay Amusements & Bingo, Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk

During the blackout, Jack rides his bike through the streets of Gorleston-on-Sea. One of the landmarks he passes is Ocean Bay Amusements & Bingo centre.

8. The Ramsholt Arms, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Jack traumatically loses his beard and two of his teeth when the bus crashes into him mid-blackout. After the hospital discharges him, he meets Ellie and their pals Carol and Nick at The Ramsholt Arms in Woodbridge, Suffolk. This is where Jack plays the title song ‘Yesterday’ for his friends and… No one has heard of it before!

The Ramsholt Arms in Woodbridge, Suffolk in England Yesterday Film Location
The Ramsholt Arms | Courtesy of David

9. 11 Cliff Hill, Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk

It is starting to sink in that The Beatles do not, and never did, exist for anyone else but Jack. He immediately runs over to his friend Ellie’s cute cottage, which is the cutest home on a street of quite bog-standard houses. It is 11 Cliff Hill in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk but in the film, she has N.5 outside her front door. We see a glimpse of Cliff Hill earlier in the film just before the blackout when Ellie drops off Jack and he rides his bike home after Latitude Festival.

10. Thoroughfare, Halesworth, Suffolk

Reeling from his encounter with Ellie and the fact that his pals really do not know who The Beatles are and it isn’t one big joke, he walks down the main shopping street in Halesworth, Suffolk. The street where he attempts to remember the lyrics to Eleanor Rigby is the pedestrianised street, Thoroughfare, and you can see that he passes Prestige Nursing & Care Halesworth because their name is on the door.

Halesworth in Suffolk, England Yesterday Film Location
Halesworth | Courtesy of Martin Pettitt

11. Ormiston Denes Academy, Lowestoft, Suffolk

This is one of the most authentic Yesterday locations because this filming location is located in the town it is set in. Ellie works as a maths teacher in Lowestoft, Suffolk and the location is Ormiston Denes Academy, though I don’t think we know of the school’s name in the film. After Jack spends every waking moment attempting to remember and recreating songs by The Beatles, he just has to interrupt her day and let her know his progress.

We return to the school later in the film where Jack gives a much more intimate performance than he is used to.

12. The Reedcutter Inn, Cantley, Norfolk

Thanks to his burst of “inspiration”, Jack now has dozens of new songs to perform so Ellie books him tons of gigs. The first is at a children’s party, and the second is at The Reedcutter Inn in Cantley, Norfolk. It looks like a very typical working-class pub with a diminishing clientele. Fortunately, Gavin (who has a recording studio) is in that pub and is ready to help make Mr Malik a recording artist!

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13. Hideout Cafe, Thoroughfare, Halesworth, Suffolk

Ellie and Jack meet Gavin in Hideout Cafe in Halesworth, Suffolk. This cafe is on the same street where Jack decided to start ripping off songs by The Beatles, so it is apt that he should continue his journey here, too.

14. Station House, Buckenham, Norwich

It turns out, Gavin’s recording studio is in the most bonkers place ever to run a recording studio. It’s called Tracks on the Tracks and it is a building by a railway line. It’s Station House next to Buckenham Station, Norwich and I believe it is an actual house.

Buckenham Station in Norwich, England
Buckenham | Courtesy of Michael John

15. Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Liverpool

After his Ed Sheeran tour and his first jaunt to LA, Jack insists on returning to England for a short inspirational break. Specifically, he needs to visit Liverpool and remember the bloody words to some of these bloody songs. He and pal Rocky arrive in Liverpool John Lennon Airport in Liverpool.

Though I doubt it’s called that in the film! Lol!

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16. Strawberry Field, Beaconsfield Road, Liverpool

The first stop on their Magical Mystery Tour (no magic, all mystery) is Strawberry Field in Liverpool. It is the site of a former Salvation Army Children’s home but now is a popular tourist destination for The Beatles fans thanks to the song. In reality, there is a cafe on the site of the orphanage but in the film, it is just a bulldozed pile of nothingness. So, Danny Boyle might have used another Yesterday filming location for this scene, too.

Strawberry Field in Liverpool, England Yesterday Film Location
Strawberry Field | Courtesy of Dark Dwarf

17. Penny Lane, Liverpool

The next stop is Penny Lane in Liverpool. I’m not sure if this particular boarded-up barbershop is actually on Penny Lane though. It’s unlikely, but they still visit Penny Lane so it’s still one of the Yesterday film locations.

18. St Peter’s Church, Church Road, Woolton, Liverpool

And of course, they had to visit the place most associated with the song Jack has been struggling with the most. Eleanor Rigby’s grave is located in the churchyard of St Peter’s Church on Church Road, Liverpool.

St Peter's Church in Woolton, Liverpool in England
St Peter’s Church | Courtesy of poppy

19. The Port of Liverpool Building, Brunswick Street, Liverpool

Having finally figured out the lyrics, Jack and Rocky head to their swanky hotel in Liverpool. In reality, it is the landmark Port of Liverpool Building on the waterfront. I’m not too sure what its function is now, but it isn’t a hotel. It does look bloody stunning inside and I would not be surprised if they still used the interiors of this empty shell as the filming locations.

20. Queensway Tunnel, Liverpool, Merseyside

Ellie has come to visit Jack! In Liverpool! 370 miles away from Lowestoft in Suffolk! They both eat a lot of food in the hotel’s restaurant, then drink a lot of drinks, then decide to run through the city off their faces. First, they run down a suspiciously empty Queensway Tunnel in Liverpool which I would not do in real life because it is an actual road.

Weirdly enough, the Queensway Tunnel isn’t just one of the Yesterday film locations but a Harry Potter location, too.

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21. Liverpool Lime Street Station, Liverpool, Merseyside

Jack wakes up after his drunken night with Ellie to find that she has already checked out of their hotel. He and Rocky chase her to Liverpool Lime Street Station which is a chuffing miracle because they’ve literally drunk so much alcohol and they are running through the street.

I’m not sure what cafe in the train station Ellie and Jack have their heart-to-heart in. Maybe a Costa? Or a Pumpkin? Somewhere that sells burgundy takeaway coffee cups, anyway.

Liverpool Lime Street Station in Liverpool, England
Liverpool Lime Street Station | Courtesy of Stuart Grout

22. The Pier Hotel, Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk

Jack decides to host his album launch in a hotel that wouldn’t let him play as a struggling singer-songwriter. But today he is the Next Big Thing so he can launch his new album from anywhere. He chooses the Pier Hotel in Gorleston-on-Sea, Norfolk. It looked like a logistical nightmare to film such a massive crowd in such a tiny place.

23. Shingle Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk

In the movie’s big twist *SPOILER ALERT*, Jack visits the house of John Lennon. And for some reason, fake John Lennon invites this strange young man into his house. Turns out, in another life, John is an artist living by Shingle Beach in Woodbridge, Suffolk. I’m not sure exactly which house but there aren’t too many houses down this way, anyway. It is one of the most gorgeous Yesterday film locations, I’ll give it that. I’d live out here too if I were fake John Lennon.

Shingle Beach in Woodbridge, Suffolk in England Yesterday Film Location
Shingle Beach | Courtesy of Sarah Ross

24. Abbey Road Studios, London

This is an honourary location because Abbey Road Studios in London, of course, did not appear as a Yesterday filming location. But they did record the soundtrack here! And that’s a little bit awesome.

Yesterday Filming Locations Elsewhere

25. St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

Earlier in the film during the blackout, we quickly see St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia as it disappears from view like every other landmark around the world. Well, Yesterday uses the very same building as an establishing shot when Jack joins Ed Sheeran’s European tour as a support act. Jack, of course, sings “Back in the USSR” which is just so trite but it’s one of my favourite songs by The Beatles so I don’t care.

26. Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, USA

Ed Sheeran’s manager Debra Hammer (in the film only, and played by Kate McKinnon) asks Jack to go and visit her in LA. So, off he goes! Taking his trusty sidekick/roadie Rocky with him. Their first outing in Los Angeles is to walk up to the iconic Hollywood Sign and play music looking out over the city.

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, USA
Hollywood Sign | Courtesy of Krzysztof Belczyński

27. Venice Sign, Venice Beach, USA

The LA montage continues with Jack and Rocky playing volleyball on Venice Beach and then driving under the Venice Sign in Los Angeles.

28. Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

Their taxi takes a heck of a detour around LA to get to this next location, but it finally pulls up opposite the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. This is also where the Hollywood Walk of Fame is, too. The building opposite the theatre isn’t anything special. It’s just a Hollywood/Vine Underground Station with a billboard that has James Corden’s face on it. I know this shot exists because Jack is going on “The Late, Late Show with James Corden” later in the film (even if it’s only a dream sequence), but it’s one of the most random Yesterday movie locations. Why would you randomly get out of your car to look closer at a billboard?! Why?

Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, USA
Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Courtesy of Floyd B. Bariscale

29. Cooper Wave House, 33602 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, USA

After his little sightseeing expedition, Jack ends up at the house of Ed Sheeran’s manager in Malibu. It is the rather sizable beach house that is wildly different to the candy-coloured beach huts that Jack walks past in England. She lives in a home known as the Cooper Wave House which prominent architect Harry Gesner built in the 1950s. Its address is 33602 Pacific Coast Highway but I doubt you’ll get close enough to see it for yourself.

30. CBS Television City, 7800 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles, USA

Jack is back in LA after his quick trip to Liverpool. He goes on the chat show “The Late, Late Show with James Corden” which, I presume, Boyle just filmed in the usual studio where this show normally tapes, CBS Television City in Los Angeles.

31. Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales

Acting as the interior of Wembley Stadium is Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. And this is one of the last Yesterday film locations where Jack makes his big reveal and tells the truth about who really wrote all of those songs and how he feels about Ellie.

Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales
Principality Stadium | Courtesy of Jeremy Segrott

And those are all the top Yesterday film locations in England! Have you watched the movie or visited any of the locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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Yesterday Filming Locations in England & Elsewhere |
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10 thoughts on “Yesterday Film Locations in England & Elsewhere + Map!

  1. Jim says:

    Great post! Interesting to see where they film things. Any idea where the Moscow scenes were filmed? I’m curious about that large indoor mural on the wall where Jack plays “Long and Winding Road”

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jim! Unfortunately, if I’ve not listed a location it means I don’t know where it is. I’m not holding out on you, I promise! 😀

  2. Alison says:

    I love this film and it’s locations. Watched it many times. My mum and I were in Gorleston when they were filming. A favourite place of ours for fish and chips and ice cream. It was the last trip I took Mum on, as she became too poorly after that. She passed at the beginning of January 2019. Seeing so many of our happy places, although poignant at times, fills me with joy each time I watch it.

      • John Meadows says:

        So sad to hear about your Mum Alison, yes This area is a great place to live. I know many of the locations used. Went to the school featured when it was Lowestoft Grammar school. Used to go on picnics to Shingle St. When a kid. Interesting twist at the end of the film. Been to John Lennons memorial in Central Park NY. Bit dissappointing tbh. X

    • John Meadows says:

      Hi Alison, with the warmer weather I hope to get out and drive about the wonderful Suffolk and Norfolk countryside especially the locations in the film. Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Gorleston, Shingle Street, Dunwich, the pub on the estuary, the railway cottage on the Norwich line. Halesworth, etc etc. Planning to do this sometime in April. Would love a passenger with the same love of the film as me. You are welcome to join me if you have any free time in April, May or June. X

  3. John Meadows says:

    Now that I am recently retired I intend to visit a few of the locations I haven’t been to before, especially the pub where in the film Jack got his new guitar after coming out of hospital, scenes were filmed in James Paget University Hospital, I live 400 yards from it! I also need to reprise my memories of Shingle Street as I was just a young kid when we went there. Suffolk is a beautiful part of the UK, so Glad I was born there.
    Regards John.

  4. John Meadows says:

    Hi Rebecca, I live in Gorleston where a large part of the movie was filmed. I remember the film crew being there, especially Cliff Hill when I used to drop a passenger off near there after returning from work in Norwich each day. Gorleston is a great place. My other link to the film is that I was born in Lowestoft and went to the school featured when it was Lowestoft Grammar, in the 1959/60s. Shingle Street used to be a favourite place for Sunday picnics and fishing sessions for my extended family (aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc ) when I was about 5 to 10 years old. I enjoyed the film immensely. Beatles rubber Soul LP was the first record I ever had. Still have a vinyl copy!

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