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Work With Me | Almost GingerAlmost Ginger was born from a passion for cinema and adventure and is run by me, Rebecca Sharp. I studied film at University and have always found comfort and inspiration in the stories told on the silver screen. But as I got older, films no longer satisfied my craving for wanderlust. I’m incapable of watching characters on-screen travel to far-flung destinations and have amazing adventures without picturing myself there. If Bilbo Baggins is going on an adventure, then I want to go too!

After graduating in 2014, I launched Almost Ginger to document my travels in the hopes that I could inspire other film fans to get off the sofa and on the road in search of their own film-inspired adventures. So far, I’ve joined Ned Stark from Game of Thrones on King’s Landing in Malta, snuck onto Scaramanga’s hideaway on James Bond Island in Thailand and rubbed shoulders with Elle Fanning and Julianne Moore at the Cannes Film Festival. I’m just a regular woman from Northwest England – If I can do it, so can they. And I’m here to show my readers exactly how with entertaining, incredibly detailed and helpful and relatable content on Almost Ginger.

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Please note, this page is a work-in-progress. All of the information you need is here but it’s due some TLC which the page will be getting soon! – February 2021

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Work With Me | Almost Ginger


Sponsored Posts –  I have a high standard of writing and a good knowledge of SEO from my freelance content creation work. I can produce well-written blog posts to promote your product or service to my readers if I believe it’s a good fit and my readers will benefit.

Media Trips – Do you want to promote a destination, filming location or event? I can create entertaining and helpful guides, along with inspiring photography and relatable social media posts to show my readers and followers how they can have an amazing trip too.

Reviews – Do you have a wanderlust-inspiring film being released? Or want to promote your hostel, merchandise or something else? I’m happy to create an honest and in-depth review to promote your product if I believe my readers will be interested.

Guest Blog Posts – I am a freelance Content Creator as well as a blogger, and I am happy to provide creative long-form or blog-style posts or articles for your brand website. I can also provide high-quality photography depending on the project.

Takeovers – If you need fresh content for your social media channels I can provide a social media takeover on Instagram stories or provide content for your grid.

Giveaways – Competitions and giveaways are perfect to bring greater awareness of your brand to a wider audience and increase engagement. I’d love to host relevant competitions that my readers would be likely to participate in.

Work With Me | Almost Ginger


Work With Me | Almost Ginger

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Via email…

Hey Rebecca – I’m an American who will be going to Cannes [film festival] for the first time this year. I’ve been using your site religiously — I had the idea of going and just trying to bum around for tickets, but your blog taught me about the cinephile accreditation and, lo and behold, my request for one was granted. Thanks for all the info you’ve helped to share. You’ve made a dream of mine a reality. – Evan

Via Cannes Film Festival: How to see films with a Cinephile Badge

Dear Rebecca, thanks you so much for this post – I just got accepted for a Cannes Cinephile accreditation with my friend and although we are both french, it is very hard to find out which movies we’ll be able to watch with our badges! Your blog and this post in particular are by far the most helpful I’ve ran into 🙂

– Andréa

Via Attending Cannes Film Festival 2017: Invitations, Sunburn, Pedro, oh my!

Hi Rebecca, just wanted to say this, and your other posts relating to your Cannes experience have been an absolute Godsend! I have my cinephile pass for this year and what was once looking like a daunting trip… still looks daunting, but boy do I feel prepared! So thank you very much!!! – Jordan

Via The Ultimate Self-Guided Harry Potter Tour in Edinburgh (11 locations)

Thank you so much for posting this!! Planning my trip here next month and I will definitely be using this as a guide! Also, any vegetarian recommendations? – Victoria

Via Midnight in Paris Film Locations in Paris (duh)

Rebecca, what a wonderful find to come across your site! My friend and I are going to Paris in October and I was trying to think of places to go that would surprise her. Almost Ginger did a great job giving the locations of places I hadn’t even thought about. You have really enriched our travels. – Patricia


Work With Me | Almost Ginger


Visit Bristol – I visited all the Sherlock tv show filming locations in Bristol as part of their bid to become a UNESCO City of Film. I also created a weekend guide to the city of Bristol. – I explored a different side of my former hometown of Manchester for

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