Why I love Adam Driver and why you will soon

Who is that dashing, rather unusually handsome, really tall guy who occasionally graces my screens as I channel hop around 10pm at night? And who I sometimes catch in trailers for films that I think maybe I should be watching, but for some reason I don’t ever see?

Could it possibly be the guy who plays Hannah Horvath’s boyfriend in the critically acclaimed Sky Atlantic/HBO series Girls? And was seen being innately and instinctly hilarious in a recording studio with Justin Timberlake in that really cool Coen bros film? You know, the one robbed of any Oscars last year?

Adam Driver is the bees knees, and I'm here to tell you exactly why he needs to be on your radar!
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Side note: It’s imperative that if you’re going to go any further with this blog post, you have watch the song Please, Mr Kennedy from the film Inside Llweyn Davis (2013). Adam Driver contributes to Justin Timberlake’s characters’s new song in one of the best ways possible.

Oh man, if you’re having a bad day, this is the movie clip for you.

(Skip to 1 minute in to just catch the song).

Yes, in fact, it is that guy. The actor, Adam Driver, has been a well kept secret to all but a select few indie movie fans (Frances Ha (2012) and The F Word (2013) and to early-twenties girls. Girls who also happen to be in love with Lena Dunham. Basically, people exactly like me.

It’s not just the fact that he is a fantastic actor (and I mean FAN-TAS-TIC) and seems to play his characters in a very non-forced natural kind of way. Like, the character oozes out of his skin and he goes into a kind of trance when he performs. You simply just enjoy watching him in anything because he doesn’t even have to think about it… I’m sure that’s not true, but that’s what I personally feel when I watch him.

It’s the fact that this little known actor is about to be huge (I mean H-UUUUU-G-E) because my man Adam Driver has gotten himself a career defining role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015). And not just role, but potentially the role. There are reports that he will be playing the “Villain” in the movie. He is the male version of Elizabeth Olsen. He has been plucked out of obscurity to play in the big leagues. And, knowing how awesome he is, he will probably never look back.

There’s something particularly mesmerising about little-known, but amazing actors. Like a cafe or a bar that is totally cool, but is so cool you know that eventually regular people will find out about it. And the place will be constantly swarming with people, it will never quite have the same charm. But you will always have the good times to remember the place as it once was. Oh my god, am I being pretentious? I am in no way saying I have somehow ‘founded’ Adam Driver, I know a lot of Girls fans being their target audience who also adore Adam Driver, but there are about to be a whole lot more people who will also adore him.

So what I’m saying is, watch him. He’s not been in much, but what he has been in has been awesome, so catch him now before he gets really big. Get a reservation while you still can. He may not be the actor for you, granted, he’s no Joaquin Phoenix but he’s a speciality. And you know what? It might be nice for him to get some recognition for Star Wars and be the best kept secret in Hollywood no more.

What do you think of Adam Driver? Do you think he’s the sexiest, most talented thing since sliced bread? Of course you do, let me know in the comments below!

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