Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland

There’s no doubt that over the years Trainspotting (1996) has become a cult and British classic. And think what you like about T2 Trainspotting (2017) but I think it’s still a very decent, fun film. Considering they’re both set in one of the best countries in the entire world, I’ve been meaning to look up the Trainspotting film locations in Scotland since the second film was released earlier this year.

Despite being set in Edinburgh, a number of Trainspotting film locations are actually in Glasgow. And of course, anyone who has seen either film will know there is also a jaunt up to the Highlands.

If you’re wanting to check out any Trainspotting film locations from either film, this is a full, complete list of aaaaall the Trainspotting film locations in Scotland!

Trainspotting Film Locations

Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland |
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Princes Street

This is an obvious one! And only one of two film locations actually in the city of Edinburgh where Trainspotting is supposed to be set! Princes Street shows up when Renton and Spud steal from John Menzies Bookstore and leg it down the city’s main high street.

Calton Street Bridge

The pair turns off Princes Street when they’re running away underneath Calton Street Bridge. This is one of only two locations that are featured in both Trainspotting and T2 Trainspotting. 

Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland |
© 1996 – Miramax


Volcano Club, 15 Benalder Street

This is the club where Renton meets Diane. Unfortunately, it’s been completely demolished since the film’s release in 1996!

Wills Factory, 368 Alexandra Parade

Not strictly a ‘film location’, but this old cigarette factory was used as the main studio for Trainspotting‘s interior scenes. The factory was used for around 30 out of 50 scenes including the factory’s social club that stood in for the Pub where an unsuspecting American tourist visits… Unfortunately, it’s now an office building!

Firhill Sports Complex, Hopehill Road

This sports complex is where the lads’ football match takes place.

Rouken Glen Park

Slightly out of the city centre, Rouken Glen Park is where Renton and Sick Boy discuss Sean Connery and shoot at a dog’s arse. Interestingly, this is the same park that was used in Shallow Grave (1994). Shallow Grave was Danny Boyle’s directorial debut just before he made Trainspotting. 

Cafe d’Jaconelli, 570 Maryhill Road

The Cafe where Renton and Spud share a milkshake. Amazingly, it’s still there after all these years!

Crosslands, 182 Queen Margaret Drive

This is the weird pub where Begbie shares his pool story. I can’t find any evidence that it’s not there anymore, but my research tells me that the pub in its place is now called Kelbourne Saint.

George Hotel, 235 Buchanan Street or 44 West George Street?!

The room where the drug deal takes place is in the George Hotel in Glasgow. Now, some of my research says the Hotel is located at 235 Buchanan Street. However, no such hotel seems to exist so I’m lead to believe the Hotel in question is the Carlton George Hotel on 44 West George Street. I’m afraid I don’t know for sure!

Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland |
© 1996 – Miramax


Corrour Train Station, Rannoch Moor in the Highlands

The gorgeous piece of landscape is in the heart of the Scottish countryside. Interestingly, you can’t get to the station by car so it must have been incredibly difficult to get a whole film crew there.

T2 Trainspotting  Film Locations

Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland |
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Edinburgh Airport

When Renton arrives in Edinburgh after spending so long abroad, he flies into Edinburgh Airport. You can tell so much as changed in Edinburgh purely just because of the new tram system.

Forth Road Bridge

Slightly outside of the city centre, Sick Boy and Renton are dumped here in the nuddy and are forced to fend for themselves, get back to Edinburgh, all the while trying to hide their junk.

Scottish Parliament

The meeting that Renton and Sick Boy have with the EU officials takes place in a Scottish Parliament building. No wonder it looks so official!

The Cav, 3 West Tollcross Road

The nightclub where Renton, unfortunately for him, runs into old mate Begbie takes place in legendary Edinburgh nightclub The Cav. My research seems to suggest it’s actually called Atik but maybe it’s still nicknamed The Cav.

Holyrood Park & Arthur’s Seat

Making full use of having the ability/budget to film in Edinburgh, T2 Trainspotting takes the audience on a tour of some of Edinburgh’s most iconic and picturesque sites. One is Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park, where Renton takes Spud on a little hike to get him into better shape. I thoroughly recommend Arthur’s Seat! It’s such a short hike and you get amazing views over the whole city and beyond.

Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland |
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Fleshmarket Close, Grassmarket, Cockburn Street & Parliament Square

When Renton tries to run away from Begbie at the nightclub, he actually takes us around Edinburgh’s Old Town. These streets represent a small portion of the most beautiful parts of Edinburgh. The Christmas Shop on Grassmarket also makes an appearance in Filth (2013) which is another Irvine Welsh adaptation like Trainspotting.

The Great Hall of St. Stephen’s Stockbridge

This religious, community building is where Spud attends his support meetings.

Fourth Floor of Harvey Nichols on St. Andrew’s Square

Perhaps an odd location on first glance, the Harvey Nichols restaurant is where Renton and Veronika go on their date. This is used for the location of Renton’s second ‘Choose Life’ speech.

The Wolf + Water Pub, Commercial Street in Leith

Slightly out of Edinburgh in Leith is a pub where Renton and Sick Boy visit. Unfortunately, it’s now closed down! And the film was only released in January!

Cafe Tartine, Commercial Street in Leith

Around the same area as The Wolf + Water Pub, Spud is seen standing outside Cafe Tartine on the same street.

Calton Street Bridge

And here’s the underpass that was featured in the first film! The Calton Street Bridge makes an appearance in T2 Trainspotting as Renton and his crew can’t seem to escape their past.

Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland | almostginger.comTrainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland |
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The Douglas Hotel, Clydebank

An important location in T2 Trainspotting, The Douglas Hotel stands in for Sick Boy- sorry, Simon’s pub called Port Sunshine.

The Orb on Hamilton Road, Bellshill

Possibly my favourite location in T2 Trainspotting, The Orb stands in as the Working Men’s Club where Renton and Sick Boy pretend to be Catholic-hating purists in order to rob from the non-the-wiser patrons. Pure comedy gold.

The University of Glasgow

Some University of Glasgow buildings were used as a rather posh high school where Sick Boy blackmails the Head Teacher.


A rather posh neighbourhood in Glasgow, this is used as the exterior for where Begbie’s family lives and where Begbie hides out when he escapes from prison.

Stobcross Road, Finnieston

This road was used for a scene where Renton and Sick Boy are driving in a car. Not a very interesting film location to visit really.

Trainspotting & T2 Trainspotting Film Locations in Scotland |
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Corrour Train Station, Rannoch Moor in the Highlands

The train station out in the countryside was, of course, also in the second film. Escaping the city really does put the plight of the main character’s lives into perspective.

And that’s your lot! Have you visited any of the Trainspotting film locations around Scotland? Any live up to your expectations?

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