The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Austria: FULL List + Map!

The Sound of Music (1965)

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The hills are alive with The Sound of Music filming locations, all 20+ of them! And if you’re planning a trip to Salzburg in Austria or are just enjoying a rewatch of the classic movie musical, you’re probably in love with the setting and want to know where The Sound of Music was filmed.

The Sound of Music (1965) is a Hollywoodised tale of a true story. Flighty Maria (Julie Andrews) is a nun-in-training who leaves monastic life to become the governess to the seven unruly children of a widowed Captain von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). She teaches the children and their stern father about love and music, but the Nazis’ control of Austria thwarts their new-found bliss.

The 20th Century Fox Studios in Hollywood was the main setting for The Sound of Music interior scenes. But you’ll be pleased to know that the majority of The Sound of Music locations take place in Salzburg, Austria where the movie is set.

I visited Austria in September 2022. This guide includes every single location of The Sound of Music. I’ve even created a The Sound of Music locations map so you can find them for yourself. There are lots of tours of The Sound of Music locations too.

So, where does The Sound of Music take place? Don your lederhosen and let’s find out!

Where Was The Sound of Music Filmed?

The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Austria and Germany

1. Salzkammergut Lakes Region

The opening The Sound of Music locations are establishing shots of the Austrian countryside. We’re treated to incredible, sweeping panoramic shots of lakes in the Salzkammergut lakes region.

It’s possible that some of the first locations are some of the larger lakes like Attersee or Traunsee.

Salzkammergut Lakes Region in Austria
Salzkammergut | Courtesy of TVB Mondsee – Irrsee

2. St Gilgen

One of the first definite The Sound of Music film locations is St Gilgen, a small town next to Wolfgangsee. You can clearly see the Pfarrkirche Heiliger Ägidius church in this small but beautiful lakeside town.

St Gilgen in Austria
St Gilgen | Courtesy of Paula Funnell


3. Kloster Höglwörth

The next birds-eye-view location of The Sound of Music is Kloster Höglwörth on the banks of Höglwörther See. This 12th-century former monastery has a distinctive tower with a double-domed roof so it’s easy to spot. 

Although it’s close to Salzburg, this monastery is technically in Germany!

Kloster Höglwörth in Germany
Kloster Höglwörth | Courtesy of Josef Wenzel

4. Schloss Anif

Did you notice the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it The Sound of Music location in the middle of the small lake? That’s Schloss Anif and the lake is Schlossallee. This is a remote castle just south of Salzburg.

Schloss Anif in Austria
Schloss Anif | Courtesy of Arne Müseler

5. Marktschellenberg

With the establishing shots over, the hills are officially alive with the sound of music! 

The Sound of Music hills location is just outside the village of Marktschellenberg in Germany behind the street address Mehlweg 5. I’ve pinned the exact location on the Google Map at the start of this post.

Although The Sound of Music film location in question looks very remote, there are some houses just out of shot and this land is private property. The beech trees and babbling brook were also added by the production team. Sorry to crush your dreams of ever twirling like Maria in this spot!

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6. Stift Nonnberg

After a montage of churches, we see the abbey in Salzburg where Maria lives which is Stift Nonnberg. This is where the real Maria lived too!

Although the exterior location of The Sound of Music is the abbey, the interiors were all shot back at the 20th Century Fox Studios. The replica of the courtyard at Stift Nonnberg is so faithful that most people can’t believe it wasn’t shot there.

You can visit this monastery on a walking tour of The Sound of Music filming locations.

Stift Nonnberg is one of The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Salzburg, Austria
Stift Nonnberg | Courtesy of Jorge Franganillo

7. Humboldt Terrace

Mother Abbess sends Maria away to be a governess to decide if monastic life is definitely for her. Maria leaves the convent then walks down a path along the hillside and balances her guitar on the ledge singing I Have Confidence.

The Sound of Music filming location is Humbolt Terrace which is a scenic walking trail along the Mönchsberg cliffs. You can see the 11th-century Fortress Hohensalzburg looming on a hill and Salzburg Cathedral clearly in the background.

Later in the film when Maria and the children are singing Do-Re-Mi, they walk along this same path but closer to Museum der Moderne. I think it also appears a fourth time when the children are attempting to coax Maria back from the convent.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to climb to see these The Sound of Music locations in Salzburg! You can use the Mönchsberg Elevator.

Landscape of Fortress Hohensalzburg in Salzburg, Austria
Fortress Hohensalzburg | Courtesy of Sarah Leo

8. Residenzplatz

If you were still wondering, “Where is The Sound of Music set?” then this next location will leave you in no doubt! As Maria continues singing, she walks in front of Salzburg Cathedral in Domplatz and under the arches towards Residenplatz

She even splashes water in the Residenzbrunnen water fountain.

Residenzplatz one of The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Salzburg, Austria
Residenzplatz | Courtesy of Pixelteufel


9. Kapitelschwemme

Maria catches her bus to the Von Trapp house from Kapitelschwemme. This is one of The Sound of Music Salzburg locations that doesn’t make logistical sense because the bus is supposedly parked right next to the cathedral!

However, it’s accurate because can clearly see Fortress Hohensalzburg in the background. You’ll learn all the behind-the-scenes movie magic of The Sound of Music on the original locations tour which you can book here.

10. Hellbrunner Allee

Director Robert Wise shot the next The Sound of Music in Salzburg location on Hellbrunner Allee. This is where Maria gets off the bus.

It’s now a popular cycling path but the trees lining the path she walks along and the yellow wall are still there (and still yellow).

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11. Schloss Frohnburg

She pauses outside of the gates of the Von Trapp estate to stare at the daunting Von Trapp mansion. These are the gates to Schloss Frohnburg, at Hellbrunner Allee 53. Today, the 17th-century castle is a music school. 

It will appear a few times throughout the film as the front entrance to the house. For example, during the ball scene when cars are arriving and when the Nazis hang their flag.

It is worth pointing out that the interiors of the house from The Sound of Music were all studio sets. But Schloss Frohnburg isn’t the only The Sound of Music setting that stands in for the von Trapp estate…

Schloss Fronberg one of The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Salzburg, Austria
Schloss Fronberg | Courtesy of Susan Smith

12. Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron

So, mainly where did The Sound of Music take place? The prime location for the house in The Sound of Music is Schloss Leopoldskron. It’s now a hotel, but if you’re not a guest you can still view the estate through the fence from König Ludwig Strasse.

You can see the beautiful Leopoldskroner Weiher lake from this viewpoint too, where Maria and the children’s canoe will capsize later.

Many scenes were filmed on the terrace here. For example, when Baroness Schraeder arrives and has a cigarette with Uncle Max. The gazebo/pavilion featured in Liesl and Rolf’s song was on the grounds, but too many people were trespassing so the council moved it elsewhere.

But want to know where The Sound of Music house was in real life? Villa Trapp is next to the train station in the Salzburg suburb of Aigen. It was a guesthouse but now it appears to be a care home.

Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron is one of The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Salzburg, Austria
Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron | Courtesy of Rob Young

13. The Sound of Music Gazebo/Pavilion

Although this is the original pavilion, it isn’t in its original The Sound of Music Salzburg location. You’ll find the glass gazebo that Liesal and Rolf dance in at Schloss Hellbrunn

While watching the film, you might notice that the gazebo looks larger on the inside than it does on the outside. 20th Century Fox built a replica which is where they filmed the dance scenes.

The Sound of Music pavilion will also appear later in the movie when Captain von Trapp and Maria finally admit their feelings for one another.

Book The Sound of Music Walking Tour of Salzburg here!

The Sound of Music Pavilion/Gazebo at Schloss Hellbrun in Salzburg, Austria
The Sound of Music Pavilion/Gazebo at Schloss Hellbrunn | Courtesy of Patrick

14. Mozartsteg

During the storm, Maria is able to get the children to warm up to her. She sews play clothes for them out of her curtains and they explore the city together. 

You can see them crossing the Mozartsteg bridge together in the direction of the new town carrying wicker picnic baskets.

Mozartsteg in Salzburg, Austria
Mozartsteg | Courtesy of Jorge Franganillo

15. Domplatz and Salzburg Cathedral

You might have even visited some of these Salzburg The Sound of Music locations in the past without being aware! Because next, the gang walks through Domplatz which is right in front of Salzburg Cathedral

Salzburg Cathedral in Domplatz one of The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Salzburg, Austria
Domplatz | Courtesy of Pixelteufel


16. Herbert von Karajan Platz

Continuing the tour of The Sound of Music locations in Salzburg city centre, the von Trapp kids and Maria walk through Herbert von Karajan Platz. You can see the beautiful horse murals in the background and they are still there today.

Herbert von Karajan Platz in Salzburg, Austria
Herbert von Karajan Platz | Courtesy of Pierre Doyen

17. Kajetanerplatz

Maria takes the kids to buy fruit and vegetables where she attempts to juggle two tomatoes. The next The Sound of Music shooting location is in Kajetanerplatz. Salzburg still hosts a ‘Biomarkt’ here from 8:00 until 13:00 on Fridays.

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18. Werfen

Unfortunately, I’m not sure of The Sound of Music Austria locations where Maria and the kids run on the path along the river or where they take the train in the foggy mountains.

I do, however, know that the gang eats their picnic, plays catch, and starts singing Do-Re-Mi in the Austrian town of Werfen which is south of Salzburg.

Why? Because there is an official trail called ‘The Sound of Music Trail Werfen‘ that you can follow! I’ve pinned it on the Google Map at the start of this post.

Werfen in Austria
Werfen | Courtesy of Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

19. St Erhard Church

Maria and the von Trapps take a carriage ride passed the St Erhard Church. They continue down the street in the direction of 14 Nonntaler Hauptstraße.

St Erhard Church in Salzburg, Austria
St Erhard Church | Courtesy of barnyz

20. Mirabellgarten

Still singing Do-Re-Me, Maria and the kids leap around Mirabellgarten. Mirabell Palace’s formal gardens are one of the most iconic The Sound of Music shooting locations because they’re a popular tourist attraction in their own right!

Here are all of the places in Mirabellgarten featured in The Sound of Music:

  • Pegasus Fountain – Maria and the kids dance around the fountain when they first arrive
  • Mirabellgarten Vine Tunnel – This tunnel is still there today
  • Dual Male Statues Draped in Cloth – These statues are by the Salzburg Marionette Theatre
  • Vier-Elemente-Brunnen Fountain – Maria and the kids dance around this fountain next
  • Zwergerlgarten – This garden has funny sculptures and they dance in front of the one with round glasses carrying a hat in his left hand

Before they leave Mirabellgarten, they hop on the steps just north of the Pegasus Fountain on Bernhard Paumgartner Weg. I’ve pinned all of these exact locations on the Google Map at the start of this post and the gardens are free to enter.

Visit Mirabellgarten on a small group tour of The Sound of Music locations!

Mirabellgarten one of The Sound of Music Filming Locations in Salzburg, Austria
Mirabellgarten | Courtesy of Pixelteufel

21. Basilika St Michael

lot happens inside the von Trapp home after Maria and the kids dance in Salzburg’s historic centre! So, there aren’t any new The Sound of Music filming locations until Maria and Captain von Trapp get married.

It’s suggested that they get married at the Abbey, but they actually get married in the much more grand Basilika St. Michael in Mondsee, east of Salzburg

Basilika St Michael in Mondsee, Austria
Basilika St Michael | Courtesy of SorinNechita

22. Felsenreitschule Theatre

After the Nazis roll in, the children rehearse for the Salzburg Music Festival in Felsenreitschule Theatre. It’s a former 17th-century riding school-turned theatre built into the side of Salzburg cliff’s rockface. 

And it actually is a live music venue in the Salzburg Music Festival! The theatre also makes for a dramatic location when the von Trapps sneak out after performing and before they accept the first prize.

23. St. Peter Friedhof

The von Trapps need somewhere to hide out before they can cross the border into Switzerland. Seeking refuge with the nuns, the family hides in Nonnberg Graveyard.

This isn’t one of the real The Sound of Music filming locations, but the studio set of the cemetery was inspired by St. Peter Friedhof in Salzburg. Mozart’s sister Nannerl and the real-life Max Detweiler are buried here.

St Peter's Friedhof in Salzburg, Austria
St Peter’s Friedhof | Courtesy of Kent Wang

24. Mount Untersberg

The von Trapps finally escape and hike over the border from Austria into neutral Switzerland where they are safe from the Nazis. Yay! They hike in the Berchtesgaden region with Mount Untersberg in the background.

It’s quite funny because not only is the real location in Germany (i.e. not where you want to go when escaping the Nazis!) but it’s also super close to Eagle’s Nest.

Most people agree that the best place to see this view is from the Rossfeld Panorama Strasse.

Mount Untersberg in Germany
Mount Untersberg | Courtesy of Pixelteufel

Check out The Sound of Music Tours in Salzburg!

Where does The Sound of Music take place? Mostly in the Austrian city of Salzburg, but there are lots of amazing filming locations that are far out of the city centre.

And I think you’ll agree that there are an overwhelming number of filming locations to visit, too!

I’d recommend booking a tour of The Sound of Music filming locations when you’re in Salzburg so you can maximise your time. You’ll also get behind-the-scenes insights from a knowledgeable, local guide and meet fellow movie fans on your tour.

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The Sound of Music Filming Locations: That’s a Wrap!

Those are all of The Sound of Music filming locations. If you’re a fan of musicals and beautiful Austrian cities then you will love visiting these shooting locations for yourself.

Are you currently planning a trip to Austria or do you love watching the film? Let me know in the comments below!

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