The King’s Speech Locations in England: COMPLETE List + Map!

The King's Speech (2010)

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Tom Hooper’s Academy award-winning The King’s Speech (2010) is everything that the Oscars love in a British movie. It’s a period film about the monarchy, has jaunty Dutch camera angles, and The King’s Speech locations feature lots of gorgeous stately homes and places around the capital.

Based on a true story, The King’s Speech follows Prince Albert (played by Colin Firth) as he becomes King George VI after his brother unexpectedly abdicates. There’s just one snag. He’s got a speech impediment and must be able to use his voice to rouse the country’s spirits as they are on the brink of wartime. He meets an unconventional Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue (played by Geoffrey Rush), and the two become pals.

Director Hooper shot some interior scenes at Elstree Studios, but a fair few of The King’s Speech film locations are on-location. Most are in London, but there are plenty of great ones throughout the rest of the country, too. So, let’s take a look at where The King’s Speech locations are in England!

Where Was The King’s Speech Filmed?

The King’s Speech Locations in England

1. Elland Road Football Stadium, Leeds, West Yorkshire

The King’s Speech opens by cutting between three locations. Prince Albert (Colin Firth) is due to give a speech at the “Empire Exhibition” at Wembley Stadium. The Wembley Stadium that existed in 1925 was bulldozed in 2003, so the director couldn’t shoot there. Instead, he chose two stadiums to stand in for this The King’s Speech location. The first is Elland Road Stadium in Leeds.

2. Odsal Stadium, Bradford, West Yorkshire

And the second location that stood in for Wembley Stadium was Odsal Stadium in Bradford, another city in West Yorkshire.

3. Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House, 37-63 Bloomsbury Square, London

In between the shots of Prince Albert preparing to give his speech is the BBC radio announcer in his little recording booth introducing His Majesty. The BBC Radio recording studio is apparently somewhere at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London.

4. 33 Portland Place, London

After that disaster of a speech, the Duke and Duchess of York (Helena Bonham Carter) return home. As the movie’s title card says, they live at 145 Piccadilly in London, which was in Hyde Park Corner. Unfortunately, bombings during WWII destroyed this street so the real house is no longer there.

So, The King’s Speech film location that you see in the movie is the exterior of the stunning Georgian house at 33 Portland Place in London. Some of this house’s interiors stand in as the nursery where Albert tells his two daughters a story about a penguin. When Lionel Logue turns up at Albert’s door to make amends later in the film, the doorway/hallway/entrance is at this location too.

But one interior from this address also stood in for a completely different location. Director Hooper uses a huge room inside the property as Lionel’s Harley Street consulting room with its huge front window and peeling wallpaper.

5. Harley Street, London

Prince Albert asks his wife to promise him “no more” speech therapists after a bad experience with marbles. Fortunately, she has one more trick up her sleeve. She travels in a black cab to Harley Street in London which, in the film, is the real Harley Street with lots of London fog to disguise all the modern touches. Harley Street is famous for being home to many private medical practices, so this location makes a lot of sense.

Here, she meets Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) for the first time while pretending to be “Mrs Johnson.”

Harley Street in London, England
Harley Street | Courtesy of

6. 89-96 Iliffe Street, London

Lionel returns home for dinner and tells his family all about a “special visitor” that came to meet him at work. The exterior of his home address is 89-96 Iliffe Street in London. Though in the film, he’s supposed to live in Kensington.

7. The Greenwood Hotel, 674 Whitton Avenue West, London

Speech therapist Lionel fancies himself as an amateur actor. He auditions for Shakespeare’s Richard the III inside what is now The Greenwood Hotel in London, which in the film was just an unnamed theatre. Because of the time period where The King’s Speech takes place, we’re being treated to lots of gorgeous art deco buildings and this is one of them! Pity that it’s a Wetherspoon’s now, eh?

Some reports say that the unnamed theatre is the Bloomsbury Theatre. But if you look at photos of the hotel and compare them to the film, the resemblance is unmistakable. The same chandeliers and carvings are still in the Wetherspoon’s pub today.

8. Sandringham House, Norfolk

The title card tells us it’s 1934 and the Christmas broadcast is happening from the King’s Christmas residence which is Sandringham House in Norfolk. The exterior establishing shot actually is of Sandringham House.

9. Englefield House, Berkshire

This is where the locations start to get a little confusing. There are lots of stately homes that stand in as different The King’s Speech filming locations. Some of the interiors are pretending to be rooms in one palace whilst other rooms are pretending to be rooms in another palace. You’ll just have to bear with me because we’re going to be hopping around a lot!

We first see Englefield House in Berkshire when King George V (Michael Gambon) gives his Christmas speech over the radio. It’s supposed to be the interior of Sandringham House, but it’s the library at Englefield. Unfortunately, you can’t visit Englefield House because it’s private property but you can get hire it for an event.

Later, David (or King Edward VIII) signs his name to a letter of abdication at Fort Belvedere. In reality, it’s a drawing-room in Englefield House.

Much later in the film after the new King George VI’s coronation, the Archbishop and new royal family watch a newsreel of the coronation via projector. This little screening scene took place in The Long Gallery in this stately home and it’s probably standing in for some random hallway in Buckingham Palace.

Phew! That’s a lot of The King’s Speech locations in one stately home.

10. Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

Albert waits for his brother David (as they call him, played by Guy Pierce) to land in his aeroplane at the Sandringham Estate (that’s the first time we meet David), but it’s actually the grounds of Hatfield House in Hertfordshire.

Hatfield House features as a location in a plethora of movies including Hot Fuzz (2007)Paddington (2014), The Favourite (2018), and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019).

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Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, England
Hatfield House | Courtesy of Can Pac Swire

10. Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, Berkshire

The next The King’s Speech movie locations are the rooms inside Cumberland Lodge in Berkshire. It’s a rather more modest estate than others on this list, but The Chapel stands in for the King’s bedroom at Sandringham which is where he dies. The Dining Room where the Queen and everyone else has dinner is here and David speaks to Wallis on the phone in Cumberland Lodge’s Tapestry Hall.

11. Queen Street Mill Textile Museum, Burnley, Lancashire

We’re heading back up north for the last time for this The King’s Speech movie location. After officially enlisting Lionel’s services, Prince Albert gives a speech in a manufacturing factory. In reality, this is the Queen Street Mill Textile Museum in Burnley.

Queen Street Textile Mill in Lancashire, England one of The King's Speech locations
Queen Street Textile Mill | Courtesy of BBC Radio Lancashire

12. Wendover Woods, Buckinghamshire

On their way to David and Wallis’s party at Balmoral Castle in the Cairngorms National Park, the Duke and Duchess sit in their Rolls Royce and comment about the chopping down of old spruce trees. This road is in Wendover Woods, Buckinghamshire.

13. Knebworth House, Hertfordshire

The location that stands in as the interiors of Balmoral Castle (we don’t see the exterior) is Knebworth House in Hertfordshire. The house’s Jacobean Banquet Hall is the main party room where the Duchess chats to Winston Churchill as they gaze out of the window.

During the pivotal speech scene, Prince Albert’s mother Queen Mary listens by herself in the Picture Gallery at this location. In reality, she would have been in some minor royal residence wherever she was living in 1939.

Knebworth House also features in Paddington 2 (2017) and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020).

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Knebworth House in Stevenage, England one of The King's Speech locations
Knebworth House | Courtesy of Paul Hudson

14. The Broad Walk, Regent’s Park, London

After confronting his brother at Balmoral Castle, Albert returns to London and enjoys a profanity-laden speech therapy session. Lionel suggests they get some air, so they walk through Regent’s Park in London and have a falling out. I think the specific The King’s Speech filming location is a path near the Griffin Tazza (Lion Vase) statue just off The Broad Walk.

15. Horse Guards Parade, London

As David’s intention to marry Wallis turns out to be serious, it’s time Albert got 10 Downing Street got involved. He enters the prime minister’s residence through the “garden entrance” which literally is the garden entrance to 10 and 11 Downing Street in real life. You can see the filming location and the authentic location from Horse Guards Parade in London.

Horse Guard's Parade in London, England one of The King's Speech locations
Horse Guards Parade | Courtesy of Channone Arif

16. 6 Fitzroy Square, London

The interior for the prime minister’s office is inside a townhouse at 6 Fitzroy Square in London.

17. Halton House, Buckinghamshire

King Edward VIII might’ve abdicated on paper in Englefield House standing in as Fort Belvedere, but he tells the British people via radio. The radio set up is in a function room in Halton House, Buckinghamshire. It’s a Grade II listed building run by the RAF.

Much later in The King’s Speech, the newly crowned King George VI rehearses his big wartime speech with Lionel in The Gold Room here. The Buckingham Palace room where Prime Minister Baldwin resigns and the office where he first receives his nine-minute speech might’ve also been shot here, but I’m not certain.

Wallis and David (now he’s a regular Joe again) listen to his brother’s big wartime speech wherever they were living at the time. The filming location for this short clip is the South Drawing Room in Halton House.

18. Draper’s Hall, London

So, King Edward VIII is no more and the age of King George VI is about to begin. Albert awkwardly waits to meet his Accession Council in St James’s Palace. The filming location used for the waiting area was the Court Room in Draper’s Hall, a lavish events venue. The Livery Hall in the same building stood in for the huge room with all the portraits where Albert meets with the government and other important figures on the council.

19. Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire

If there’s going to be a coronation, then naturally Westminster Abbey needs to get involved! Sadly, Tom Hooper didn’t shoot at the real abbey but instead filmed the rehearsal/preparation scenes with Albert, Lionel, and the Archbishop at Ely Cathedral in Cambridgeshire.

Ely Cathedral in Ely, Cambridgeshire one of The King's Speech locations
Ely Cathedral | Courtesy of Michael D Beckwith

20. Old Royal Naval College, London

With his big pre-war speech looming, the new King George VI demands his staff to fetch Lionel immediately. Lionel’s son drives him through the Old Royal Naval College lined with sandbags on his way to Buckingham Palace.

The college has featured in so, so many films including Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) and The Duchess (2008).

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21. Lancaster House, London

This isn’t Lancaster House‘s first rodeo portraying Buckingham Palace. It’s run by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and is just down the road from Buckingham Palace herself. Its back entrance and grand hallway stand in as Buckingham Palace’s entrance when Logue rushes upstairs to assist the king with his big speech.

King George VI’s long, long walk (with his wife and Lionel behind him) to the room where he will broadcast his wartime speech is also in this location. He glides through the State Drawing Room and also the Green Room. The staff, government, and royal family listen to the speech in the State Drawing Room.

I’m not 100% certain of the exact room where King George VI gives his big speech, but it’s somewhere in this house.

Lancaster House in London, England one of The King's Speech locations
Lancaster House | Courtesy of seanfoneill

22. Battersea Power Station, London

The BBC radio control centre where King George VI’s broadcast, erm, broadcasts from is actually an old control centre in Battersea Power Station in London. For 50 years, this 1930s building produced one-fifth of London’s power, but the Grade II listed building is now undergoing development.

23. Canada Gate, Buckingham Palace

We listen to the speech from the perspective of many people listening in various locations including Lionel’s family at home. One notable location is outside Canada Gate in front of Buckingham Palace in London where lots of crowds are waiting for a glimpse of His Majesty. This filming location was totally authentic!

Canada Gates at Buckingham Palace in London, England one of The King's Speech locations
Canada Gates | Courtesy of Matt Brown

And those are all the top The King’s Speech locations in England! Have you watched the movie or visited any of the filming locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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The King's Speech Locations in England |
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