I’m Working in Italy this Summer for Three Months!

I'm working in Italy this summer for three months! | almostginger.com

This is probably the most exciting news I’ve had in a very long time: I’m going to be working in Italy this summer for three months! Teaching English to Italian children in summer camps, to be exact.

I have been putting off mentioning it on my site or social accounts, just in case. You know, in case the organisation re-assessed my application and got back in touch saying, “erm, yeah, actually it turns out we think you would be an awful TEFL teacher, sorry” and then swiftly crushed my dreams.

Not happened yet though, so I think we’re good.

I'm working in Italy this summer for three months! | almostginger.com
The Trevi Fountain on my first trip to Rome, 2010

My summer working in Italy

If you read my blog post in December about what I’ve been doing with my life lately, you’ll know that I’ve been living with my parents for the past year. In fact, I’ll have been living with them for exactly one year when I leave for Italy.

My plan was always to apply for a TEFL job at a summer camp somewhere in Europe. Summer camps seemed like a great way to teach English for a short period of time so I didn’t have to commit to an academic year in a school. And I wanted to stay in Europe so I could stay close to home and not have to deal with any culture shock.

Also, who doesn’t want to be in Italy for an extended period of time at some point in their lives? Nobody I want to be friends with.

I’ve already worked as a Camp Counsellor in on a Performing Arts Camp in Pennsylvania, so I’d like to work with children again. And I can put my TEFL certificate to good use!

I'm working in Italy this summer for three months! | almostginger.com
Me & some of the other Camp Counsellors in Ithaca, 2012

Teaching English as a Foreign Language with ACLE

The first position I applied for, the one I wanted the most, was luckily the one that accepted me. They seemed the most official organisation, as well as having the most straightforward application process and I loved their educational philosophy.

The organisation is called ACLE, and they are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. ACLE run English Language summer camps at schools and hotels, places like that, all summer across the country.

The children are taught by Native English speakers, like me, through play, games and drama activities. Essentially, in a way that feels a lot more fun.

I'm working in Italy this summer for three months! | almostginger.com
The Colosseum from my first trip to Rome, 2010

Travelling: Rome, Genoa, & More!

I’ll be heading to Rome at the end of May to do some sightseeing for a few days before my week-long orientation just outside of the Eternal city.

Then, after a couple of weeks in Italy, I’m back in the UK at the end of June just for one week so I can finally see Jack White live! I’m super excited, it’s a Bucket-list-crossing moment for me.

In August, there’s a quiet period where there are very few camps running, so I’ll get a few weeks off to travel before heading back to camp at the end of the month. My family are meeting me in Genoa which will be so nice, hopefully, we’ll have time to travel further down the coast to Portofino and Cinque Terre.

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The camps run for every one or two weeks, and I have absolutely no idea where I’m going to be until a couple of days before. Most camps are in Northern Italy, but that’s not a guarantee. At the end of every camp, I’ll move to a different one and stay with a host family.

I’m quite nervous about staying with a host family as you have NO idea what they’re going to be like. However, if they have offered to host me then they are probably happy to have me!

I'm working in Italy this summer for three months! | almostginger.com
Picking figs on my workaway in Spain, 2017

What to expect from Almost Ginger

It feels like I’m in a bit of a rush to get things organised before I go (in 6 weeks!) because I need to finish my Diploma in Professional Photography and I’m in the middle of Laura Jane Williams’ “Don’t be a Writer, Be a Storyteller” course.

I know I’ll get both courses finished and organise everything else, it’s just this poor blog that is probably going to be neglected in the meantime.

If I suddenly wake up tomorrow and discover I’ve morphed into Wonder Woman, then you can probably expect one scheduled blog post a week this summer, that I will have prepared in advance. But, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

So, that’s what’s happening around here until September! I hope you stick around while I go a bit AWOL. I can’t promise I will have an exciting summer but it will definitely be interesting.

BRB, just going to binge on The Trip to Italy on Netflix for the next 6 weeks…

Have you ever worked or thought about working in Italy? Or maybe you’ve even worked for ACLE? Let me know in the comments below! 

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5 thoughts on “I’m Working in Italy this Summer for Three Months!


    Hi I have a question! I found your blog googling reviews of ACLE and I’ve found amazing reviews. I’ve just finished the application for sumer 2019… Can you remember how long the application process took? I need to apply for a visa unfortunately so I’m trying to figure out timing if I get accepted. Thanks!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hello! So I applied in the first week of February, and I had completed the distance learning course and received my ‘Congratulations’ email in the first week of March. However, it may be a longer wait for you because I know they don’t like hiring too many tutors before they know how many camps they have. But once you’ve done all the distance learning courses you should hear back by the end of February at the latest!


        Thanks so much. Their programme and their philosophy just looks amazing. And summer in Italy, why yes please! I’m sure it’s a tonne of work, I’m an ESL teacher at the moment. But reading how many other people applied and loved it is so encouraging. Thank you! ❤️

  2. Brittani says:

    This is so exciting! I’m happy for you.

    I stayed with a host family when I studied in Germany and I really liked them, even though I’m awkward as hell. I’m sure yours will love you.

    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you! 🙂

      Oh, I’m so awkward too! Staying with a host family must be the thing I’m most nervous about, for sure, like asking if I can do my laundry or when I can shower or if they have WiFi, silly things like that 😅 because I move every 1/2 weeks to a different one so I’ll be asking these questions a lot…

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