Sing Street Film Locations in Dublin

I fucking love Sing Street (2016). Sorry for the profanities, but I do. It’s without a doubt one of the best films I’ve seen in 2016. I love the music, the characters, everything. You know what I think gave Sing Street a slight bias in my 2016 film rankings? The fact I was in Dublin when I watched the filmIt gave the film a relevance to me that not a lot of other films could. It was inevitable I would have to write about the Sing Street film locations in Dublin at some point.

For those who haven’t seen the film, Sing Street is set in Dublin during the 1980s. It is directed by John Carney, the fella that did Once (2007), and follows a teenage boy called Conor. Due to problems at home and his parents getting divorced, he is moved from his expensive fee-paying school to Synge Street, a Catholic School. He quickly makes a ragtag group of new friends and, with a mutual love of popular music and wanting to impress cool-girl Raphina, starts a band. Their style of music changes many times over, encapsulating the fickle-ness of teenagers. When Conor starts to really fall for Raphina, he begins wondering what the hec he’s going to do with his life.

If you haven’t seen Sing Street already, it’s so much fun. Very Irish, and a very well made film. Let’s have a look at a few of Sing Street‘s film locations in Dublin.

Sing Street Film Locations

Sing Street Film Locations in Dublin |
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St. Catherine’s Park on Hanbury Lane

Setting a film around 30 years in the past obviously comes with challenges. A huge number of the exterior shots were set around St. Catherine’s Church and Park. These include were Conor meets Raphina for the first time, where they chat at the end when Raphina is about to move to London and where the ‘Rhythm of the model’ music video was shot. Yes, this was the Duran Duran phase. It’s substantial area of land so I’m sure by using the right areas of the park it wouldn’t have been too difficult to reuse the same location as different places.

St. Catherine’s Park is literally a 7 minute walk from the Guinness Storehouse, by the way.

Sing Street Film Locations in Dublin |
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Synge Street, Christian Brothers School

Yes, Synge Street actually exists and is where director John Carney went to school! Being a traditional Irish Catholic School and having first hand knowledge that schools don’t really get renovated a lot, I imagine the school hadn’t changed much in the past 20 years.

Sing Street Film Locations in Dublin |
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Coliemore Harbour on Dalkey Island, County Dublin

Slightly out of the city centre by the coast, but still in County Dublin, is Colimore Harbour. I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it’s quite an important location for the finale! It’s also used as a location for one of the band’s music videos. Specifically, during their ‘New Romantic’ phase as you can see from the photo above. Also, a place for reflective moments for the characters. Dalkey Island looks like a beautiful place to visit, and I imagine hasn’t changed in the last 50 years let alone since the 1980s.

So that’s it! The major Sing Street film locations in Dublin. Have you ever been to Dublin or seen Sing Street yet?

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Sing Street Film Locations in Dublin |
© 2015 – The Weinstein Company


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2 thoughts on “Sing Street Film Locations in Dublin

  • 21/11/2016 at 10:29 am

    I love Sing Street! But then I loved Once, and Begin Again, too 🙂
    I’ve been to Dublin once, more as a pit-stop for a final destination than anything else, but I would love to go back.

    • 21/11/2016 at 1:20 pm

      It’s amaaaazing isn’t it! I’ve not seen either but I loved the stage musical Once so I’m sure I’d like the original film. It’s a really nice place, there’s so much more too it than just pubs and the Guinness museum


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