P.S. I Love You Filming Locations in Ireland

Gerry kissing Holly in Lackan, Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations

There is plenty NOT to love about P.S. I Love You. Firstly, it’s categorically not a good film. Don’t fight me. Secondly, it’s extremely depressing and you need to be prepared to ugly cry throughout the entire two-hour run time. And thirdly, Gerard Butler’s utterly horrific Irish accent (he’s a Scotsman, he should have done better). But one thing that is absolutely wonderful and wanderlust-inspiring about this film is the P.S. I Love You filming locations in Ireland. Specifically, County Wicklow and Dublin.

P.S. I Love You (2007) is a tragic romance based on a novel that follows New Yorker Holly’s life after losing her Irish partner, Gerry, to a brain tumour. Unexpectedly, Holly starts to receive letters from Gerry beyond the grave with instructions to help her move on. Oh, and all of these letters end with ‘P.S. I love you’ written at the end. Obviously.

Most of the action takes place in New York, but the ones I’m concentrating on today are the Ireland locations both after Gerry dies and before (in flashbacks). Essentially, every single P.S. I Love You location in Ireland!

I’ve only visited Ireland’s capital city on two occasions, but County Wicklow is a mere hour’s drive south of Dublin. And I absolutely aim to visit all of the P.S. I Love You filming locations in the future, 100%. So, if you’re currently watching the film and are curious about the Ireland locations or you’re planning a trip to Ireland, I hope this post (and map) will help!

P.S. I Love You Filming Locations in Ireland

1. Ballysmuttan Bridge, River Liffey, County Wicklow

We’re not treated to our first P.S. I Love You filming location until halfway through the film, one whole hour in. This is where Gerry sends Holly and her pals, Sharon and Denise, to visit Ireland where they first met.

The ladies ride a red car to their destination and this is shown via beautiful bird’s eye view shots of their drive. They travel over the Ballysmuttan Bridge in County Wicklow over the River Liffey. This river stretches all the way up through Dublin where it meets the Irish Sea! Fun fact for you, there.

Holly and Gerry also cross over this bridge when they first meet, which we see in a flashback later on in the film.

2. Kilruddery House, Southern Cross, Kilruddery Demesne East, Bray, County Wicklow

I almost didn’t want to mention this filming location because I’m not 100% certain it’s correct, like 85%. After driving through the lush Irish countryside, the women find the cottage they will be staying in for the trip. It’s everything you’d want in an Irish holiday home: old, cosy and it has a beautiful stone facade with green and red window panes.

My research tells me it’s a cottage on the estate of Kilruddery House in Bray. The filming location is obviously not the house itself because it’s a stunning 17th-century estate, not a shabby cottage. But there is an area called ‘Kilruddery Cottages’ on this estate, possibly next to the Deerpark, so maybe it’s there.

Holly at the Cottage in Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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3. Whelan’s Pub, 25 Wexford St, Portobello, D02 H527, Dublin 2

Gerry leaves Denise and Sharon letters which include activities to do with Holly. One of them is to visit Whelan’s Pub, which is a bar Gerry took Holly to when they first met.

Even though the name is the same, I believe the pub is supposed to be located in the ‘small village’ in County Wicklow where Gerry grew up. It’s actually in Dublin, though who can tell the difference? The women listen to a musician play ‘Galway Girl’ (the original ‘Galway Girl’, not the Ed Sheeran song) which is what Gerry sang for Holly all those years prior. Awww.

Whelan’s is a laid-back live music venue and is still open 13 years after the release of P.S. I Love YouSo, you can visit it today!

William playing guitar in Whelan's Pub in Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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Denise, Holly and Sharon watching William play guitar in Whelan's Pub in Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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4. Blessington Lakes, Lake Drive, Knockieran Lower, County Wicklow

The next day, the girls head out on their next adventure: fishing on Blessington Lakes and it doesn’t go exactly to plan. Actually, the lakes are named Poulaphouca Reservoir and they are just one oddly shaped body of water, like a wishbone. But I guess Blessington Lakes, named after town the reservoir sits next to, makes it sound prettier. And it is a really pretty part of County Wicklow to be fair!

Blessington Lakes in County Wicklow, Ireland
Courtesy of Irland Live
Denise, Holly and Sharon fishing in Blessington Lakes in County Wicklow, Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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5. Farm near Coolakay House B&B, Powerscourt Waterfall Road, Enniskerry, County Wicklow

The day after that, Holly makes a visit to her in-laws’ farm just outside of the town of Enniskerry. 

I’m not sure if it’s the same estate, but the farm they own is very, very near Coolakay House B&B, which is apparently on a working farm. So it might be the same place. However, on looking at Google Maps the farm looks like a separate estate next door. I’ve pinned them both on the P.S. I Love You filming locations map at the top of this post, anyway.

At least it’s definitely the correct farm, literally nothing about it has changed! I believe they shot the interior in the same house, too.

Holly brings her mum to this farm at the very end of the film to meet Gerry’s parents.

Holly reading Gerry's letter in at his parents' farm in Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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Holly and her Mum visiting Gerry's Parents in Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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6. P.S. I Love You Bridge, Sally Gap, Powerscourt Mountain, County Wicklow

Holly reads another letter from Gerry, and we flashback to the very first time Gerry saw Holly. Some kind fellow has already marked the spot they meet the ‘P.S. I Love You Bridge’ on Google Maps so it should be super easy for you to find! Thank you to that person!

They meet and walk back towards the Sally Gap, which is a crossroads right in the centre of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. What an absolutely beautiful place this is – it would definitely be worth visiting even if it wasn’t a P.S. I Love You location. During the time of year P.S. I Love You shot in Ireland, the purple heather is out in the fields and it looks just lovely.

Also, hate to be pedantic but there’s literally no way a sane person would walk into the Wicklow Mountains like this. And you definitely wouldn’t get out of the National Park easily by walking in the direction Gerry and Holly decide to walk in, which is towards Ballysmuttan over the Sally Gap! 

Holly and Gerry cross over Ballysmuttan Bridge later in this scene too. Which is technically good continuity because they’re walking towards it in the scene previous, but they don’t look that tired for people who have just walked for 2 and a half hours. I am a grump, aren’t I? But this is definitely my favourite P.S. I Love You location in Ireland.

P.S. I Love You Bridge in Wicklow Mountains National Park in Ireland
The ‘P.S. I Love You Bridge’ | Courtesy of Sean MacEntee
Wicklow Mountains National Park in Ireland
The Wicklow Mountains | Courtesy of Sean MacEntee
Gerry and Holly in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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7. Lackan, An Leacain, County Wicklow

I’ll be honest, I have no idea where, but Gerry and Holly share a first kiss somewhere in/near the village of Lacken with Blessington Lakes as the backdrop. Wherever it is, it’s a quintessentially muddy country land with old stone walls and a rather lovely view.

And just like that, the trip to Ireland is over and Holly flies back to New York and to reality.

Gerry kissing Holly in Lackan, Ireland | P.S. I Love You Filming Locations
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And those are all the P.S. I Love You filming locations in Ireland! Have you watched P.S. I Love You or visited Ireland? Let me know in the comments below!

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Courtesy of Sean MacEntee

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  1. Jenna says:

    Hello Rebecca, i am heading to Ireland in a couple of weeks. I’m working on my itinerary and would love to work in a few of these sites. I visited the movie location for The Holiday a couple of years ago in the village of Shere in the county of Surrey in Sout East England so, I guess i also like visiting filming locations. 🙂 Thank you for this informative article. Cheers!

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Jenna, thanks so much for your comment! That’s amazing that you’re going to Ireland and that you also went to Shere! It’s a great way to travel imo. I hope you enjoy Ireland! 😀

  2. Edward says:

    Thanks for this – my lady and I are heading to Ireland next month and plan to retrace some of the steps in the movie.

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