Ocean’s Twelve Filming Locations in Europe

Ocean's Twelve (2004)

I love a good heist film. They’re fun, clever and usually feature snazzy casinos or palm tree-laden streets in some exotic locale. The Ocean’s Twelve filming locations in Europe offer all of that and more.

Ocean’s Twelve is the second film in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean‘s franchise after Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and before, would you believe it, Ocean’s Thirteen (2007). After successfully lifting a buttload of money from casino mogul Tony Benedict (Andy Garcia), he catches up with the men and demands his money back. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and the boys’ plot to earn back Tony’s money, but this time they decide to plan a heist overseas to avoid trouble with US law enforcement…

As well as several locations in the USA, the Ocean’s 12 filming locations include Amsterdam in the Netherlands, a few places in Italy and a couple in France and Monaco. Let’s see exactly where those Ocean’s Twelve filming locations are, and I have a map so you can check them out in person, too!

Ocean’s 12 Filming Locations in Europe

Ocean’s Twelve Filming Locations in the Netherlands

1. Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam

Rusty (Brad Pitt) decides that the boys should do a job in Amsterdam. So, they fly to Amsterdam! The boys check into Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam in the Nine Streets/Jordaan area of the city. It is one of the nicer hotels in the city, if not in the top 10 then definitely the top 20.

Hotel Pulitzer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Hotel Pulitzer | Courtesy of Lyn Gateley

2. Memorial Park West Gaarde, Amsterdam

The lads are set up in Amsterdam and Linus (Matt Damon) cannot find Rusty anywhere. Turns out, he is spying on his ex-girlfriend, Europol detective Isabel Lahiri (Catherine Zeta-Jones) while she attends a funeral. The funeral is being held in Memorial Park West Gaarde.

3. Heiligeweg, Amsterdam

Danny, Rusty and Linas walk down a street called Heiligeweg, starting from the corner of Handboogstraat towards De Wallen.

4. Original Dampkring Coffeeshop, Amsterdam

Suddenly, the cinematography cuts to the men entering Dampkring which is not the direction they were heading. Dampkring is the self-titled “Original coffeeshop” in Amsterdam. This is one of the Ocean’s Twelve locations that fans want to visit the most. Danny, Rusty and Linas are there to meet Matsui (Robbie Coltrane with a beautiful Jersey accent) who gives them a mark.

Dampkring in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Dampkring | Courtesy of Dominic Milton Trott

5. Aluminiumbrug, Amsterdam

While planning their next heist, Danny and Rusty take a stroll to figure out how to earn the amount of money they need to pay back Tony. They walk over Aluminiumbrug, which literally means aluminium bridge.

Aluminiumburg in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Aluminiumburg | Courtesy of Warren LeMay

6. Cat Cabinet, Amsterdam

The team’s mini-heist is to rob a stock certificate from the house of an upmarket collector. His name is Van der Woude and he is agoraphobic so he never leaves. Makes things a bit harder when you want to perform a spot of burglary, eh? His house is actually a charming and kitsch museum called Cat Cabinet (or Katten Kabinet in Dutch). It is an art museum specialising in all kinds of cat art! How adorable.

It is during the heist they learn about the mysterious Night Fox, another master long-con artist.

Cat Cabinet in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Cat Cabinet | Courtesy of Mitch Altman

7. Atrium City Hall, The Hague

One of the least sexy Ocean’s 12 locations, The Hague’s Atrium City Hall stands in as a Europol building where Isabel is giving a speech on con artists.

Atrium City Hall in The Hague, the Netherlands
Atrium City Hall | Courtesy of Fred Romero

8. Haarlem Train Station, Haarlem

The men are on the way to Italy from Amsterdam on the trail of the Night Fox AKA François Toulour, a student of the Grandmaster conman named LeMarc. The station isn’t Amsterdam Centraal Station, though. It is Haarlem Train Station nearby.

Haarlem Station in the Netherlands
Haarlem Station | Courtesy of Rob Dammers

Ocean’s Twelve Filming Locations in Monaco

9. Casino de Monte Carlo

Danny tells the rest of the team about Baron François Toulour, the wealthy and clever Frenchman, via voiceover. The visuals show François skillfully playing some card game with his arm around a beautiful leggy lady. And where is the Night Fox gambling? None other than Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco, the iconic and extraordinarily extravagant casino.

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Casino de Monte Carlo | Courtesy of Dennis Jarvis

Ocean’s Twelve Filming Locations in Italy

10. Piazza Della Rotonda, Rome

During their time in Amsterdam, there is a flashback to Rusty and Isabel’s first meeting. They are both sitting at a cafe in Piazza Della Rotonda in Rome, just in front of the world-famous Pantheon.

Pantheon in Piazza Della Rotunda in Rome, Italy

11. Villa Erba, Lake Como

The Ocean’s 12 Lake Como house is one of the most iconic filming locations in the movie. It is François Toulour’s house and where much of the film is set. Villa Erba on Lake Como dates back to 1882 and it isn’t a residential home, but an art museum and exhibition centre. So you could actually visit this Ocean’s 12 Lake Como location if you wanted to because Villa Erba is open to the public!

Villa Erba in Lake Como, Italy Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Villa Erba | Courtesy of Guilhem Vellut

12. The British School at Rome, Rome

Toulour gives Danny a proposition: if his team manages to steal the fabergé egg on display in Rome before Tony’s deadline, he will give Danny the $97 million he needs to pay off his debts. The egg is being exhibited in the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art. But the building used as this filming location is largely The British School at Rome just down the road from the art museum. The buildings look very, very similar!

National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy
National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art | Courtesy of Quite Adept

13. Grand Hotel Plaza, Rome

Not knowing he is the Night Fox, Isabel meets up with François because he might have some information she would be interested in. They meet up in the lobby of the Grand Hotel Plaza in Rome, which would set you back around £2,000 per night if you fancy booking a room.

14. Fiumicino Airport, Rome

The gang have lost most of their crew and the ones that are left are clutching at straws. They pull a new plan out of their arse and call Danny’s partner Tess (Julia Roberts) to fly to Rome immediately. Turk (Scott Caan) picks her up at Fiumicino Airport in Rome.

Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Italy
Fiumicino Airport | Courtesy of emdurso

15. Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome Hotel, Rome

In one of the most hilariously meta scenes in Hollywood history, Linus and Basher (Don Cheadle) convince Tess to pretend to be Hollywood actress Julia Roberts as part of their plan. Yup, Julia Roberts playing a character named Tess who is playing Julia Roberts. Of course, they need to book her into a swanky hotel so this Ocean’s Twelve filming location is Anantara Palazzo Naiadi Rome Hotel. 

At the time, I believe it was called the Boscolo Exedra Hotel. This is a much more affordable £250 per night. Still hella pricey, but not obscene.

16. Termini Station, Rome

After hopping on the train at Gare du Nord in Paris with the fabergé egg in his backpack, Linus gets off at Termini Station in Rome.

Termini Station in Rome, Italy
Termini Station | Courtesy of Kevin Gessner

17. Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily

And the final Ocean’s Twelve filming location is in Tonnara di Scopello on the north coast of Sicily. It’s an old, walled medieval fishing village that is now utilized as a museum and events venue. This is where Rusty brings Isabel to reunite with her long lost father, none other than master conman himself, Gasper LeMarc (an uncredited Albert Finney).

Tonnara di Scopello in Sicily, Italy Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Tonnara di Scopello | Courtesy of Spencer Means

Ocean’s Twelve Filming Locations in France

18. Gare du Nord, Paris

During the flashbacks where Danny is explaining to François how he beat him, there is a shot of Linus heading into the Gare du Nord train station in Paris with the fabergé egg in a backpack.

Gare du Nord in Paris, France Ocean's Twelve Filming Location
Gare du Nord | Courtesy of Simon Morris

And those are the Ocean’s Twelve filming locations in Europe! Have you watched the movie or visited any of the Ocean’s 12 filming locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ocean's Twelve Filming Locations in Europe
© 2004 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. | Courtesy of Guilhem Vellut

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