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Miss Potter (2006)

Beatrix Potter has had an appreciable effect on my existence. Her most famous character, Peter Rabbit, covered my wallpaper and bedspread as a child. I know all of her stories and illustrations. And her conservation work preserved many areas of natural beauty in the English Lake District near my home. So, did I have high expectations for the Miss Potter film locations? You betcha!

Miss Potter is a biopic starring Renée Zellweger in the titular role. Beatrix Potter grew up in an upper-class family in London at the turn of the 20th century where they expected her to marry well and settle down. Instead, she fled north to the Lake District and continued writing stories and drawing funny little farm animals in waistcoats and bonnets.

Miss Potter shot many scenes in the Lake District (thank goodness! I would never forgive them otherwise) as well as London. So, where are the Miss Potter filming locations exactly? Let’s find out!

Where Was Miss Potter Filmed?

Miss Potter Film Locations in England

1. Loweswater, Lake District

After brief sweeping shots of Loughrigg Tarn and Derwentwater, we join Miss Potter writing on a hill overlooking Loweswater in the Lake District as she begins narrating her story.

Loweswater in the Lake District, England Miss Potter Film Location
Loweswater | Courtesy of Colin Gregory

2. 19 The Butts, Brentford, London

Beatrix Potter visits Warne & Co. Publishers who agree to publish her book to give their younger brother Norman something to do. Miss Potter shot many of the interior scenes in Douglas, the Isle of Man but the exterior to the publishing house is 19 The Butts in Brentford, London. It is a Victorian conservation area, which is perfect for the time period of Miss Potter.

Beatrix’s home exterior is in Hammersmith (and the Warne family house is in Kingston-upon-Thames) but I’m not certain exactly where.

The Butts in Brentford in London, England Miss Potter Film Location
The Butts | Courtesy of Maxwell Hamilton

3. Arten Gill Viaduct, Sedburgh, Yorkshire Dales

In one of the many flashbacks to Beatrix’s youth, the family spend a summer in the Lake District. At this time, wealthy London families would travel via steam train up north. The Miss Potter film location used to depict these journeys is the Arten Gill Viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

It’s on the Settle to Carlisle Railway route. There are many impressive viaducts along this track including the Ribblehead Viaduct featured in Sightseers (2012).

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Arten Gill Viaduct in Sedburgh, Yorkshire Dales National Park in England Miss Potter Film Location
Arten Gill Viaduct | Courtesy of Andrew

4. 25 Cecil Court, Strand, London

‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ sells exceptionally well. Her publisher Norman Warne (Ewan McGregor) takes her to a bookshop window to see the popularity for herself. This bookshop is situated at 25 Cecil Court in the Strand, London.

5. Osterley Park & House, Isleworth, Middlesex

Beatrix and Millie walk through an art gallery in Hyde Park discussing how dull and terrifying they both find marriage and childbirth (women after my own heart). This gallery is, in fact, at Osterley Park & House in Middlesex.

Osterley Park and House in Isleworth, Middlesex in England
Osterley Park & House | Courtesy of Charlie Dave

6. The Reform Club, 104 Pall Mall, St James’s, London

After Beatrix says yes to his proposal, Norman must ask her father for his consent. Since her father is a London Barrister, he hangs out at The Reform Club which is an old gentleman’s club in the city. I’m not 100% sure if they used the authentic building as a Miss Potter filming location, but they may have so I’m including it anyway.

The Reform Club also featured in Paddington (2014).

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The Reform Club, Pall Mall in London, England
The Reform Club | Courtesy of Jeff Hitchcock

7. Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn, London

After her father denies Norman permission to marry his daughter, Beatrix trots off to her accountants to see if she can support herself with her book royalties. Turns out she can! Hurray for women being self-sufficient! Her accountant’s office is in Lincoln’s Inn Fields in Holborn, London which has a long-standing tradition of law and barrister offices.

Lincoln's Inn Fields in St James's. London in England
Lincoln’s Inn Fields | Courtesy of Can Pac Swire

8. Horsted Keynes Station, Bluebell Railway, West Sussex

Beatrix makes a pact with her parents that she will spend the summer with them in Windermere in the Lake District before deciding whether or not she wants to marry Norman. Their steam train departs from Horsted Keynes Station in West Sussex which is a station on the Bluebell Railway route.

Horsted Keynes Station on the Bluebell Railway in West Sussex, England Beatrix Potter Film Location
Horsted Keynes Station | Courtesy of nigelmenzies

9. Derwentwater, Lake District

Though the Potters say they are spending three months in Windermere, Beatrix is sitting on the banks of Derwentwater in Keswick as she writes letters to Norman.

Derwentwater in Keswick, the Lake District in England Miss Potter Film Location
Derwentwater | Courtesy of Judith

10. Yew Tree Farm, Coniston, Lake District

Beatrix spies a “for sale” sign next to Hill Top Farm in Near Sawrey, Ambleside which is where real life Beatrix lived in her later years. She runs into her old childhood pal William Heelis who shows her the property and is instantly smitten.

In reality, the farm location is Yew Tree Farm in Coniston which is now a Bed and Breakfast. This has to be one of my favourite Miss Potter film locations because the farm is as pretty as a picture with the little white wooden gate and vines growing around the windows. They dressed it up a little for the film.

Yew Tree Farm | Courtesy of Andrew

11. The Rum Story, Whitehaven, Cumbria

After Norman’s death, Beatrix finds writing and drawing almost unbearable. To help her move forward from grief, she returns to the Lake District and buys Hill Top Farm. She signs the papers in William Heelis’s office, which is one of the exhibits in The Rum Story in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

12. Loughrigg Tarn, Lake District

When Millie arrives from London to visit Beatrix Potter, they take a stroll next to some trees. Then, we are treated to some gorgeous stills of Loughrigg Tarn in the Lake District just like the opening of the film. Tarn Hows appears briefly in a couple of shots, too.

Loughrigg Tarn in the Lake District, England Miss Potter Film Location
Loughrigg Tarn | Courtesy of Michael Brace

13. Low Millgillhead Cottage, Workington, Cumbria

I don’t know where Low Millgillhead Cottage featured in Miss Potter, but their website states it was a filming location so I’m going to assume it was. Perhaps as the interior for Hill Top Farm? Or maybe the land stood in for some of the Lake District shots? If you know, let me know!

And those are all the top Miss Potter film locations in England! Have you watched the movie or visited any of the filming locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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