Glasgow Outlander Locations: Ultimate Self-Guided Walking Tour

St Andrew's in the Square in Glasgow, Scotland

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Scotland’s second city is a chameleon. Its varied cityscape somehow manages to stand in for Boston in the 1950s and 1960s, Paris in the 1740s, London in the 1940s, Wilmington in the 1760s and the Scottish Highlands in the 1740s. And not for one second would anyone think that these Glasgow Outlander locations look inauthentic.

You might think that Edinburgh would be the better city for Outlander fans to visit because it is the Scottish capital with tons of older buildings, but surprisingly not. There are actually more Outlander filming locations to visit here than Edinburgh, and you can see them all if you follow this simple Outlander tour from Glasgow’s University area to the South Side. I’ve listed the locations in a way that I think makes sense for a self-guided walking tour, complete with public transport information where necessary and you can use the map I created for guidance, too.

Most of the Outlander Glasgow locations stand in as Boston throughout Season Three, but Seasons One through Five get a look in, too. So, exactly where is Outlander filmed in Glasgow? Let’s find out!

Where Was Outlander Filmed in Glasgow?

Glasgow Outlander Locations: Outlander Tour of Glasgow

124 Dowanhill Street

  • “The Battle Joined” – Episode One, Season Three
  • “All Debts Paid” – Episode Three, Season Three
  • “Freedom & Whisky” – Episode Five, Season Three

Let’s start in a rather nice neighbourhood in Glasgow near the universities. This is 124 Dowanhill Street, and it stands in as the exterior to Claire and Frank’s 1950/1960s Boston home. You can see it several times in Season Three whenever a character drives up to this house and I think the production team did a great job of finding a street in Scotland that really does look American.

This Outlander location is a little far out of the city centre. So, if you want to take public transport you can hop on the subway at Buchanan Street and ride it west to Hillhead. Then, it’s just a five-minute walk. Use Google Maps to find the exact location. Please be mindful that this is someone’s private home so don’t do anything creepy, like dig up the plants in their front garden or something.

124 Dowanhill Street in Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow Outlander Location
124 Dowanhill Street

Joseph Black Building

  • “Freedom & Whisky” – Episode Five, Season Three

Just a 10-minute walk from Dowanhill street is the University of Glasgow’s Joseph Black Building. This Outlander filming location has a classroom that stood in as Brianna’s history lecture classroom on Paul Revere at Harvard University. It’s a very short scene from Outlander and I didn’t make any effort to see the classroom itself – just took photographs from outside like a lurker! Definitely not one of the University’s prettiest buildings, either.

Joseph Black Building in Glasgow, Scotland
Joseph Black Building

University of Glasgow Main Building

  • “The Battle Joined” – Episode One, Season Three
  • “Freedom & Whisky” – Episode Five, Season Three

Another university building, another classroom standing in as another classroom at Harvard University. Walk roughly 3-minutes through campus and you’ll find the University of Glasgow’s Main Building. Their Melville Room stood in as a staff room of sorts for Frank and his Professor chums. You see it in the scene from Outlander in Season One’s “The Battle Joined” where the cocky smart guys put Claire down because she’s a woman. And you see this location again during Frank’s wake at the University during “Freedom & Whisky”.

Again, I didn’t visit the actual location – just the outside of the building.

University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland
University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow Cloisters

  • “The Battle Joined” – Episode One, Season Three
  • “Freedom & Whisky” – Episode Five, Season Three

This is the last of all the University of Glasgow locations for Outlander but no doubt the prettiest. A short 2/3-minute walk from the University’s main building will lead you to the University of Glasgow Cloisters. These stand-in as the Robinson Cloisters at Harvard University and feature during two scenes from Outlander. The first is in “The Battle Joined” when Claire and Frank walk through them after the unfortunate gathering with Frank’s arrogant work colleagues. The second is in the episode “Freedom & Whisky” where Bree takes Roger on a tour of the university.

University of Glasgow Cloisters in Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow Outlander Location
University of Glasgow Cloisters

Princes of Wales Bridge in Kelvingrove Park

  • “Surrender” – Episode Two, Season Three

Now it’s time to leave the University of Glasgow and head to Kelvingrove Park. Use the map at the top of this post to walk the six minutes to the Prince of Wales Bridge. Though this is one of the briefest filming locations of Outlander, I love this park. The bridge stood in for another bridge in an unnamed park in Boston. During two Outlander scenes in the episode “Surrender”, Claire walks baby Bree through the park. In the second scene, she spots a bagpipe player which clearly makes her misty-eyed for her ginger Highlander husband.

Prince of Wales Bridge in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow in Scotland Glasgow Outlander Location
Prince of Wales Bridge in Kelvingrove Park

Glasgow City Chambers, John Street

  • “The Wedding” – Episode Seven, Season One

You can now either walk 35 minutes to the next three filming locations of Outlander or take a 17-minute subway ride. Follow Google maps for the former or hop on the Kelvinbridge Station and alight at Buchanan Street for the latter. Check out the Strathclyde Subway website for up-to-date ticket prices and timetable information.

The exterior of Glasgow City Chambers (on John Street) stood in as the exterior of Westminster Registry Office in London. We see this location during a flashback scene in “The Wedding” episode. In the scene, Frank spontaneously asks Claire to marry him and they immediately do so. How romantic! If only she wasn’t getting railed by a burly Scotsman literally five minutes later.

Glasgow City Chambers in Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow Outlander Location
Glasgow City Chambers

Glasgow Cathedral Crypt

  • “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” – Episode Three, Season Two
  • “La Dame Blanche” – Episode Four, Season Two
  • “Best Laid Schemes…” – Episode Six, Season Two
  • “Faith” – Episode Seven, Season Two

This next location is essential on any half-decent Scotland Outlander tour and it’s just a 13-minute walk from the City Chambers down George Street and then up the High Street. In Season Two, Claire finds purpose in helping out at a missionary hospital in Paris while Jamie is off wooing Princes at Brothels. But of course, the hospital is not really a hospital and it’s not really in Paris. The exterior is a church in Prague, but the interior is Glasgow Cathedral.

Specifically, the Glasgow Cathedral Outlander location is the crypt, which is also a notable location in Netflix’s Outlaw King (2018). Glasgow Necropolis, just behind the cathedral, is worth a visit too. Visiting Glasgow Cathedral is free but check the Historic Environment Scotland’s website for up-to-date opening times and visiting information.

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Glasgow Cathedral Crypt in Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow Outlander Location
Glasgow Cathedral Crypt

St Andrew’s in the Square

  • “Down the Rabbit Hole” – Episode Seven, Season Four
  • “Wilmington” – Episode Eight, Season Four

Bizarrely, this next location is a church-turned-performance venue that stands in for two different Glasgow Outlander locations in two different time periods. And it’s just a 15-minute walk from Glasgow Cathedral. In the Season Four episode “Down the Rabbit Hole”, the road next to St Andrew’s in the Square stands in for a road in Boston where Frank pulls up to Bree in his car and asks her to move to England with him. And in the next episode “Wilmington”, the location’s interior stands in for Wilmington Theatre where Claire has to perform surgery on another audience member. Honestly, Glasgow is so versatile!

St Andrew's in the Square in Glasgow, Scotland Glasgow Outlander Location
St Andrew’s in the Square

Queen’s Park

  • “Perpetual Adoration” – Episode Five, Season Five

This final chunk of Outlander filming locations are a little outside of the city centre, so you may want to hop on a bus to make the journey easier. This location is either a 25-minute bus ride or a 50-minute walk from St Andrew’s in the Square. If you want to walk, use the map at the top of this post to direct you. But if you want to take the bus, walk five minutes to Osbourne Street and take the N.5 bus to Castlemilk but alight at the Grange Road bus stop. This takes you directly to Queen’s Park, our next Glasgow Outlander location.

This location stands in for a park in Boston during a flashback scene where Claire is sat on a bench and Bree walks down some steps towards her.

Queen's Park in Glasgow, Scotland
Queen’s Park | Courtesy of Daniel

Old Victoria Infirmary Main Building

  • “All Debts Paid” – Episode Three, Season Three
  • “Freedom & Whisky” – Episode Five, Season Three
  • “Perpetual Adoration” – Episode Five, Season Five

Just across the road from Queen’s Park is the next filming location, the Old Victoria Infirmary Main Building. I’ll be honest, I haven’t visited this last chunk of four filming locations because I didn’t have time during my last trip to Glasgow. However, I have an inkling that the council may have demolished this building! It was due for demolition so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happened already. But when it was around, this building stood in as Joe and Claire’s medical practice in Boston. It was an abandoned hospital, so you can see why it would make the perfect filming location.

Old Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow, Scotland
Old Victoria Infirmary | Courtesy of Raymond McCrae

Pollok House Gardens

  • “Castle Leoch” – Episode Two, Season One

The last two Outlander filming locations are next door to each other, but they are around a 50-minute walk from the Old Victoria Infirmary. And the bus routes only cover half of the journey, so you would still need to spend 40 minutes getting there! Personally, I’d walk but if you’re sensible and have a car, that would be better.

The first is Pollok House Gardens. The manicured lawns stood in as the gardens of Castle Leoch in Season One where Claire meets Gellis Duncan and they pick herbs together. The house itself didn’t feature, just the garden. The National Trust for Scotland runs Pollok House so check out the National Trust for Scotland website for up-to-date information on the opening times and ticket prices.

Pollok House Gardens in Glasgow, Scotland
Pollok House Gardens | Courtesy of <p&p>photo

Pollok Country Park

  • “The Gathering” – Episode Four, Season One
  • “Both Sides Now” – Episode Eight, Season One
  • “By The Pricking of My Thumbs” – Episode 10, Season One
  • “The Search” – Episode 14, Season One
  • “Best Laid Schemes…” – Episode Six, Season Two
  • “The False Bride” – Episode Three, Season Four

And the final Outlander location in Glasgow is one of the most prolific. The 360-acre sprawling estate that surrounds Pollok Country House & Gardens is Pollok Country Park and it appears in a whopping six episodes of Outlander.

In Season One, it was woodland outside Castle Leoch for three episodes and also a Gypsy camp in “The Search” when Claire and Murtagh travel together in order to find Jamie. In Season Two, it became the woodlands outside Paris where Jamie plots his illegal duel. And in Season Four, it stood in as the location for the Carolina Scottish Festival in North Carolina which Bree and Roger attend. The actual car park at Pollok Country Park stood in for the festival’s car park.

Pollok Country Park in Glasgow, Scotland
Pollok Country Park | Courtesy of Alexey Komarov

Book Your Place on an Outlander Tour in Scotland

Of course, you could visit Falkland by booking a place on one of the Outlander tours in Scotland as I did! I went on the Haggis Adventures One Day Outlander Trail from Edinburgh and it was amazing. Less than £50 and we visited Linlithgow Palace, Doune Castle, Culross, Falkland and Midhope Castle. Our guide and driver was also fun, energetic and knowledgeable about Scotland we listened to some Scottish folk music on the ride, too.

Some other great Scotland Outlander tours I’ve heard of include Rabbie’s Outlander Adventure One Day Tours from Glasgow or Edinburgh. Plus, Rabbie’s do three-day tours if you want to visit Outlander locations from the books as well as filming locations for Outlander the TV show.

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Doune Castle in Doune, Scotland
Doune Castle

And those are all the Glasgow Outlander locations for your self-guided walking tour! Have you watched Outlander or visited any of the filming locations? Let me know in the comments below!

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