Why I decided to be a film AND travel blogger

Why did I decided to be a film and travel blogger? | almostginger.com

“You’ve got a really good niche. There aren’t many people who are a film and travel blogger.”

This is something I hear at least once every conference, blogging event or meet-up.

“I know, I’ve been really lucky there!” is my usual reply, trying not to sound like I have been 100% aware and thankful of this fact for at least a year.

But, in all honesty, it was luck. It was total and complete chance that film and travel would become my two biggest passions in life. And therefore, when I finally decided what I wanted my corner of the internet to represent, there really was no contest. I could not choose between the two. Film and travel are my absolute, can’t live without, spend all my time and money on, ultimate pleasures in life.

Henceforth, the film and travel blogger within me was born.

I’m extremely grateful for the fact that by refusing to lean one way or the other, this has meant that, in the blogging world, I’m different! Because actually… Can you name another film and travel blogger?

I’ll wait.

Unless you’ve stumbled across the envious Fangirl Quest (I thought twice about sharing this blog with you because it’s the bee’s knees and runs rings around my blog) then you probably could only think of the proverbial tumbleweed.

This is such a lucky break for me because I didn’t choose to blog about film and travel because it was a unique niche, but because it chose me.

The wand chooses the wizard, after all.

And what’s more is, I love blogging. Of course, I could just as happily go about my days watching films and taking my little self off on trips and not speak a word about it. But clearly, that’s not what I’ve done. I’ve chosen to document parts of my life all and let you come along for the ride.

And I love it so much. I love writing, I love photography, I love going to events and I love the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made even more. It fills me with joy that I’ve spent hours and hours on something and can see the progress (unlike my experiences with the gym…).

Even more than that, it amazes me that other people might like what I do here. That I provide them with inspiration for their next movie or holiday, or that I might even inspire them to keep coming back to this blog! Jeez, that’s what really gives me all the warm and fuzzies.

This film and travel blogger needs YOU!

If you like this blog and you want to support it, then I would truly love your help!

I am incredibly proud and honoured to have been nominated for a Northern Blog Award in the ‘Something Different’ category. I would never have thought my blog was big enough to be nominated for any award. Nor did I think there would ever be a category that would take my weird blog niche.

Voting is now open until the end of the month, July 31st!

If you would like to vote for me in the ‘Something Different’ (and any of the other categories, of course) then click here.

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