Where to Drink the Best Craft Beer in Wrocław, Poland

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I booked a trip to Wrocław purely on the fact that it was dirt cheap, so to discover that the craft beer in Wrocław is some of the best in Europe was quite a nice surprise, to put it mildly. I primarily write about film and travel on this blog but I love trying new craft beer so much that I write about it now and again. And this has to be one of those times. Because you need to know how awesome the craft beer in Wrocław is and where to drink the best.

Nestled in Southwest Poland, Wrocław is really close to the Germany and Czechia/Czech Republic border. You probably already know Germany is pretty famous for beer, specifically no-nonsense wheat beer thanks to its pure brewing laws. And Czechia is known for it’s Pilsner which is probably my favourite kind of lager. So Wrocław is situated, geographically, in a beer sweet spot with all these great influences. And with the craft beer boom spreading across the continent over the last ten or so years, there was no way Wrocław wasn’t gonna get in on the action.

But aside from location, Wrocław is the beer capital of Poland thanks to talented breweries in the city like Browar Stu Mostów, Profesja, AleBrowar and a few other microbreweries/BrewPubs. Let’s dive into where you can drink all this great craft beer in Wrocław. And don’t forget that Poland is an incredibly cheap country for most of us to visit, so drink away my friend!

Where to Drink Craft Beer in Wrocław

Where to Drink the Best Craft Beer in Wrocław, Poland | almostginger.com

Craft Beers of Wrocław Tour

Before I get into specific bars, I need to tell you about the Craft Beers of Wrocław Walking Tour ’cause it’s amazing.  They run most Saturdays from 16:30-18:30 and you’re able to sample lots of craft beer from at least three different bars. The guide was super informative and obviously really passionate about craft beer. If you’re as lucky as I am, you’ll be able to meet really nice people on the tour, too (numbers are kept to a minimum) and go out for dinner with them afterwards!

The cost of the tour is 60zł (£12.14) per person which is incredibly cheap for a beer tour. You taste loads of different beers (around 3/4 sample size beers in every bar) and learn a lot about the beer revolution in Wrocław. You need to be over 18 and if you’re concerned there might not be spaces for you during peak season you can book your place on the beer tour online.

Flight of craft beer

Ontap.Pl App

I think Untappd is the best app that craft beer lovers like to use to document breweries and beers, but if you’re visiting Poland then the best App to use is Ontap.Pl. And it’s also a website if you don’t fancy downloading it for just one trip.

You can search for pubs, bottle shops or specific beers in your current area. For example, I could search 4Hops on Ontap.Pl (which is a bar in Wrocław, more on that later!) and it tells me exactly what beer is on draft in this pub, which brewery it’s from and how long it has left on draft. It’s so great! Most craft beer bars situated in places covered by the App (mainly Poland, some in Czechia) keep their profile regularly updated so it’s super handy.

Wrocław city centre in Poland

9 Top Bars to Drink Craft Beer in Wrocław

1. Kontynuacja Microbrewery & Pub

I’m not sure if I should start a list of best bars for craft beer in Wrocław with the best, but I don’t care. Kontynuacja is the best. It’s crazy how close it is to Wrocław’s historic old centre, only a few streets away but the bar is filled with locals. This is the first place we visited on the Craft Beer of Wrocław Tour. And I think visiting this bar first was a necessity because at 16:30 it was fairly quiet but later on the bar fills up fast.

We tried four beers at Kontynuacja:

  • Hadra (American west-coast style IPA) brewed by Pracownia Piwa in Modlniczka, Poland
  • Kwaśne Przygody Brzoskwinia (sour ale) brewed by Pracownia Piwa in Modlniczka, Poland
  • Blackcyl (black IPA) brewed by Browar Zapanbrat in Tarnów, Poland
  • …And I think there was a Saison beer which I didn’t pay much attention to because I hate Saison beers.

And they were all great! The black IPA was a new experience for me. And even though I’m not a massive fan of sour beers, I really enjoyed this one. We didn’t taste any super-local craft beers in this bar but their beer list is constantly changing every day so it totally depends what Kontynuacja are serving. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, a must-visit for any beer lover in Wrocław. Open from 14:00-midnight, and sometimes until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.

Inside Kontynuacja beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

Inside Kontynuacja craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

Inside Kontynuacja craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

2. Alebrowar Wrocław

Alebrowar is a bar we visited after our tour when I’d already drunk far too much beer! So I actually didn’t try any of AleBrowar’s craft beer but it’s definitely one of the best bars for craft beer in Wrocław for sure.

It reminds me of Vocation & Co. in Hebden Bridge or the Beatnik Republic bar in Manchester because it has a very stripped back, trendy taproom decor. They sell their own AleBrowar beer which is brewed in Wrocław as well as some guest beers. And the bar is in a great location in the Jewish Quarter so you have no excuse not to visit. Open from 14:00-midnight every day, staying open until 2:00 on weekends.

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3. 4Hops Cycling Pub

The last bar on our beer tour was 4Hops which has the most random theme which the hipster in me is so here for. Very random cycling-related artwork and jerseys adorn a very bright, clean interior.

They have a whopping 16 taps of mainly local beer but one or two obscure imported beers, too. I thought 4Hops was possibly the most inviting craft beer bar in Wrocław and even as a tourist I didn’t feel out of place. Oh, and they also serve food! Generally pub grub like burgers, tacos and deli-style sandwiches. They’re open 15:00-around midnight every day.

Inside 4Hops craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

Beer from 4Hops craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

Beer from 4Hops craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

4. Graciarnia Pizza & Crafts

How amazing is it that there is a bloody good pizzeria that also happens to have a fantastic selection of craft beer on tap?! It’s like a dream come true! My new craft beer tour pals and I visited Graciarnia Pizza & Crafts after the tour finished for dinner and it was so good. I don’t know if it was just because I was incredibly tipsy and famished at the time, but the Napoli style pizza was beaut. And there’s a burgeoning Italian community in Wrocław, too, so it counts as a ‘local’ restaurant.

They have about eight taps and serve beer from all over Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Graciarnia is open 12:00-midnight every day and until 2:00 on weekends.

Bizarrely, another pizzeria that serves a lot of craft beer in Wrocław is La Famiglia Craft Beer & Pizza. 

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5. Browar Stu Mostów Pub

Browar Stu Mostów is, unfortunately, another craft beer pub I didn’t visit. But it would definitely be the FIRST bar on my list on a return visit to Wrocław. Otherwise known as the 100 Bridges Brewery, Browar Stu Mostów is Wrocław’s most prominent brewery since forming in 2012.

This pub is like a taproom but is so much more than a makeshift set-up in a warehouse on a business park (which is what you’ll get from a lot of small UK breweries). It’s a little restaurant in a cool building where you can see into the brewery itself. Open 12:00-midnight or 1:00 on weekdays and 14:00-midnight or 1:00 on weekends.

Almost Ginger blog owner drinking craft beer in Wrocław, Poland

6. Craftova Steaks & Beer

Another top restaurant with a great reputation for serving excellent craft beer is Craftova. Which, again, I didn’t visit because I’m not a big steak eater.

This is an American-style steakhouse that’s also a BrewPub. They have lots of craft beers on rotation and I hear the steaks are pretty good too! Open 13:00-midnight on weekdays and 12:00-midnight on weekends.

7. Marynka Piwo I Aperitivo

A true hidden gem, Marynka Piwo I Aperitivo is fairly close to Graciarnia Pizza & Crafts in the Jewish Quarter but down some side alley that’s fairly easy to miss. So don’t give up if you can’t find this place! Marynka Piwo I Apertivo has a bit of an underground wine tasting bar feel about it. Super indie and hipster, only eight taps (but are you really gonna drink all eight?!) but there are walls and walls of imported beer bottles to make up for that. And they do brew their own beer, too. Perfect for a Polish Aperitivo before heading out to dinner.

Marynka Piwo I Aperitivo is open 16:00-around midnight most days.

Beer from Kontynuacja craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

8. Szynkarnia Brew Pub

There’s quite a lot of BrewPubs in Wrocław, isn’t there? Szynkarnia is more of a good lunchtime/deli restaurant but they also brew their own beer and have a decent craft beer selection including their own. Plus, they serve flights of beer if you can’t decide which craft beer you want to try! Open from 10:00-midnight on weekdays and 12:00-around midnight on weekends.

9. Targowa Craft Beer and Food

The final entry on my list of the best places to find craft beer in Wrocław, Targowa Craft Beer and Food! This small restaurant can be found inside the Hala Targowa market hall in Wrocław which I’m kinda gutted about because I didn’t know the bar was there before I visited Hala Targowa! Don’t make the same mistake I did.

A classic Gastropub, Targowa serves flavourful and seasonal Polish food as well as an incredible choice of pastries, doughnuts and cake for dessert. And they also serve flights of craft beer alongside little nibbles if you don’t want a whole meal. Urgh. Seriously regretting not paying Targowa a visit.

Beer from 4Hops craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

Craft Beer Bottle Shops in Wrocław

If you’re travelling with checked luggage or you don’t have to catch a flight out of Poland straight after your trip, then maybe you want to take home some of the best beer in Wrocław to drink whenever you fancy.

Check out the best bottle shops in the city: Drink Hala has an amazing selection of local craft beer across Poland, but it is a little out of Wrocław city centre in the north. PIWNICA is a bottle shop in the exact opposite direction in the far south of the city. But again, a massive selection of craft beer bottles on sale for you to take home and keep reliving the memories of your awesome trip to Wrocław! Worth the walk, I think.

Beer from 4Hops craft beer bar in Wrocław, Poland

And those are my top tips for the best places to drink craft beer in Wrocław, Poland! Have you visited Wrocław or planning a trip there? Let me know in the comments below!

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Where to Drink the Best Craft Beer in Wrocław, Poland | almostginger.com

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