Avengers: Infinity War Filming Locations in Edinburgh

Scarlet Witch and Vision in Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU) has shot over 20 movies all over the world… But the Avengers Edinburgh locations are some of the most favoured by cinema fans who love travelling. Perhaps because it’s such a popular city for American tourists to visit. But for whatever reason, Marvel fans want to know exactly where the Avengers: Infinity War filming locations are in Edinburgh.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) is the 19th film in the MCU and the prequel to Avengers: Endgame (2019). Thanos is hellbent on collecting all six infinity stones and commands his lackeys to help him find them. Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Vision have been hiding out together in Scotland, but since Vision is in possession of the Mind stone it’s not long before these lackeys catch up to the loved up super-couple.

Though the scene that Avengers filmed in Edinburgh is short, it’s a fantastic fight! I visit Edinburgh very frequently, so here is a full breakdown of all the Avengers Edinburgh filming locations so you can visit them for yourself.

Avengers Edinburgh Filming Locations

Where are the Avengers: Infinity War Filming Locations in Edinburgh?

1. 52 Cockburn Street

This is the first Avengers: Infinity War Edinburgh location. After Wanda and Vision hang out in their hotel room, they get a craving for a late-night kebab (I assume). The kebab shop they stop outside to watch the news report is 52 Cockburn Street was, at the time, a jewellery shop called Miss Katie Cupcake. It was set-dressed for the shoot to look like a kebab shop. Sadly, Miss Katie Cupcake went out of business in 2020 and it’s now a coffee shop.

52 Cockburn Street Avengers Edinburgh Filming Location

2. Laila’s, 63 Cockburn Street

Thanos’ henchmen attack Wanda and Vision while minding their own business. Wanda is thrown into an opposing window, which just happens to be a Mediterranean restaurant on Cockburn Street called Laila’sThe violence and window breaking would have been CGI, but not wanting to miss out on the limelight, Laila’s installed a sticker which proclaims that an Avenger was thrown through their window.

Laila's Mediterranean Restaurant on Cockburn Street, Edinburgh

3. City Chambers, 253 High Street

Wanda springs back into action and picks up Vision with her superpowers. She (not very gently) carries him into the nearby City Chambers courtyard from over the top of the City Chambers building. You can see the Mercat Cross in the background.

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4. St Giles Cathedral

Just opposite the Royal Mile from the City Chambers is the St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh’s main church AKA High Kirk of Edinburgh. Midnight and Glaive (the two bad guys) split up Wanda and Vision and fight them one on one. Glaive smashes Vision through the tower on top of the Cathedral, they also fight on the roof for a while and shatter some priceless stain glass while they’re at it.

These are some pretty touristy Avengers: Infinity War locations! You’ll be able to tick off filming locations while seeing all of Edinburgh’s top sites. Win-win!

St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile Avengers Edinburgh Filming Location

5. Edinburgh Waverley Station

Wanda manages to escape Midnight so she grabs Vision and attempts to fly away over Edinburgh New Town. Unfortunately, Midnight blasts them mid-flight and they crash into Edinburgh Waverley train station’s glass roof. Definitely the least sexy Avengers Edinburgh location.

But this is where the fight continues! Perhaps it was the closest place that offered enough space for a multi-person fight while making sense geographically once Cap, Falcon and Black Widow decided to show up and help.

Edinburgh Waverley Train Station Avengers Edinburgh Filming Location

6. Edinburgh Castle

This is a cheeky little addition at the end because it’s not really one of the Avengers filming locations. However, just as Black Widow closes the door on their spacecraft, Avengers: Infinity War treats us to a fleeting shot of Edinburgh Castle all lit up in the distance. Just in case you were still uncertain what city they were supposed to be in! It’s the best city in the world (my objective opinion).

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

And those are the Avengers Edinburgh locations! Have you watched Avengers: Infinity War? Or have you visited any of the locations in Edinburgh? Let me know in the comments below!

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