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Sati over at Cinematic Corner is currently running the Blogathon White Swan, Black Swan. You can read the rules on the link, but ultimately the aim is to pick 3 different characters that have two sides or two different personalities. This makes sense considering Sati’s favourite film is Black Swan (2010).

But choosing characters was seriously more complicated than I thought it would be. What about superheroes? I guess technically they ultimately know and understand both sides of themselves… But then a lot of characters with two personalities (including the examples Sati gives) know who they are under their pretence? And not all superheroes are the same. I would put those who genuinely turn into a different manifestations of themselves like The Hulk to be different than, say, Batman. There are grey areas to this white and black swan malarkey.

Hopefully the ones I’ve chosen fit the bill more or less…

Norman Bates – Psycho (1960)

  • White Swan Manifestation: Man, Hotel Owner, Taxidermy enthusiast.
  • Traits: Quiet, preppy, loner, slightly creepy but not obviously so, and not a great conversationalist.
  • Black Swan Manifestation: Norman’s mother, like his White Swan but wearing a grey wig and an old, ratty dressing gown to assume the appearance of his late mother.
  • Traits: Murderous, chaste, dislikes sexually provocative women and wields a strong right arm.

Keyser Söze – The Usual Suspects (1995)

  • White Swan Manifestation: Con artist, limp, paralysis of the left arm, odd hair cut.
  • Traits – Cerebral Palsy sufferer, quiet, snitch, nervous, child like.
  • Black Swan Manifestation – Crime Lord, no limp, no paralysis and still sporting an odd hair cut.
  • Traits – Excellent at telling lies, Turkish for a while, big smoking habit, exceptionally intelligent and essentially the devil.

Phyllis Dietrichson – Double Indemnity (1944)

  • White Swan (if you could call it that) Manifestation: Housewife, often seen scantily clad in towels and sexually provocative ankle bracelets.
  • Traits: Murderous intent, adulterous, throws caution to the wind, sexy AF.
  • Black Swan Manifestation: Manipulative Housewife, still wearing the ankle bracelet but now sporting indifferent sunnies every now and again.
  • Traits: Even more of a murderous intent and utimately a psychopathic, selfish liar to the end but still sexy.

Do you agree with my picks? Can you think of any more characters which have a White side and a Black side? If you want to take part, head on over to Cinematic Corner!

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3 thoughts on “White Swan, Black Swan Blogathon

  • 24/04/2015 at 3:45 am

    Love to see any mention of Double Indemnity. What a fantastic movie. Love the inclusion of Norman Bates and Keyser Soze, as well. Great work!

    • 24/04/2015 at 9:04 am

      I genuinely couldn’t think of any obscure ones for this post. I think Norman Bates and Keyser Soze are fairly well known ones but I’m glad I managed to remember Double Indemnity, though I guess it wasn’t that lucky considering it’s my favourite Noir…

  • 24/04/2015 at 5:40 pm

    Thanks so much for participating and the choices definitely fit! I’ve never seen Double Identity but now I have to!


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