The Fault in Our Stars Film Locations in Amsterdam

The Fault in Our Stars was a huge movie when it came out in 2014, and was an even bigger book by John Green. The yearning romance of two young desperately sick lovers is in the same vein of the Nicholas Sparks novels-turned-Hollywood success stories such as The Notebook (2004). But there are surprisingly few Hollywood films that use Amsterdam’s gorgeous streets full of quirky Canal houses to frame the burgeoning relationship. A romantic film in a romantic setting, here are all the top The Fault in Our Stars film locations in Amsterdam that fans simply have to visit.

The Fault in Our Stars Film Locations

‘The Bench’ on Leidegracht 6HS, 1016 CK

The Fault in Our Stars bench’s notoriety is folklore in certain circles and is the creme de la creme of The Fault in Our Stars film locations. ‘The bench’ was actually stolen shortly after the film came out and has since been replaced. Now, the bench is covered in mild graffiti and love locks that couples usually put on benches. The locks are covered with names and quotes from the films. My heart is warmed slightly knowing that young people with aggressive diseases such as cancer could find some comfort in visiting a bench, a landmark that stands for something such as this.

The Fault in Our Stars Film Locations in Amsterdam |

Sitting on the bench in Amsterdam made me stop and watch the Canal boats go by in the cold November wind, to just stop running around for a second. And I don’t think I would have done so otherwise.

Koningsplein area between Singel and Herengracht

‘The bench’ is right near the Koningsplein area of Amsterdam. It’s a super small area of the Jordaan neighbourhood. It is essentially a road the main characters, Hazel and Augustus, walk up and down during street scenes. I think the important thing to take from knowing exactly where the film shot the street scenes is to also be sure to walk as much of these gorgeous ‘Nine Streets’ area of Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighbourhood. Every one is beautiful. I’m sure would still make you feel you were walking in the path of the young lovers.

Hotel de Filosoof on Anna van den Vondelstraat

The exterior of Hotel de Filosoof (or Hotel Pillows) was actually not shot at the real Hotel Pillows. This is weird. Because the ‘stand in’ Hotel was the American Hotel very near ‘the bench.’ It seems to me like they just may as well use the original hotel, but whatever. The real hotel Pillows is on Vondelstraat, just doors down from our final The Fault in our Stars film location…

Peter van Houten’s (fictional) House on Anna van den Vondelstraat

The author Peter van Houten is Hazel’s favourite author and the reason the couple visit Amsterdam in the first place. The couple visit the author’s very fictional home address on Vondelstraat. The best thing about both of these locations is the close proximity to Vondelpark. Vondelpark is a beautiful park in Amsterdam. In fact, all of these locations are in beautiful, popular locations in Amsterdam. None would require a detour, so if you’re a fan you really have no excuse.

And that’s it! Have you ever been to Amsterdam and sought out the The Fault in Our Stars film locations? 

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