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The weather is noticeably starting to get warmer this June, but that has never ever stopped me from shying away in a dark, freezing cinema screen. This month I finally finished my Microsoft Excel qualifications… which yes, I am mentioning. It was some of the most dull hours of my entire life but aside from that it’s been pretty chill. And I’ve managed to see my friends and family more often than normal which was really nice.

© 2015 - Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
© 2015 – Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures


My first Film Friday started with the Filmed Up North short film showcase at HOME which featured around 2 hours worth of quality short films around the area. I’m really pleased with the stop motion music video that won. It was really excellent and eclectic. The showcase happens a couple of times a year and celebrates filmmakers in the North West which  is a really nice idea.

Another event at HOME this month was the Viva Spanish Film Festival weekender (I’m seeing a lot of stuff at HOME recently which I’m quite proud of!) which screened only Latin American films. I believe there were six to see in total but I caught three: En el último trago (2014)Paraíso (2013) and Güeros (2014). All of them were really good, some better than others, but just instilled my already burgeoning love of Latin American and Spanish cinema.

My fifth and final cinema trip of the month was to watch Tomorrowland: A World Beyond (2015). I did like it and I loved it’s messages but the turning point in the movie was a bit too Disney for me. I still really, REALLY need to see Spy (2015) and Jurassic World (2015).

Some Like it Hot is my choice for the Billy Wilder blogathon |
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I’ve been doing so well in keeping up with my Blind Spot challenges recently. I’ve been getting them in there right at the start of the month. This month I watched the severely complex and memorising The Seventh Seal (1957). This ticks off Ingmar Bergman on my ‘Directors whose work I haven’t seen yet’ list. Let’s see how well I do this month with watching three whole movies, the Trois Couleurs Trilogy (1993-4).

Since it’s Terry Jilliune over at French Toast Sunday this month, I watched Tideland (2005) which was a film I have been curious about for a while. I studied Terry Gilliam a bit when I did Fantasy film at University but I didn’t focus on him for any of my essays. This was the perfect opportunity to go back to him and watch his insane fantasy films.

I’m such a big fan of Billy Wilder, so I wrote a little post on Some Like it Hot (1959) and those AWESOME, perfect final two words at the very end of the film for a blogathon that get me giddy every time I hear them.

© 2001 Eureka Pictures
© 2001 Eureka Pictures


It’s been quite a mix bag of new films this month. When I heard Netflix were doing a series based on the film Wet Hot American Summer (2001), my first question was “I have never heard of the film, what is it about?” When I found out it was a modern day cult classic that takes place on the very last day of summer camp, my next question was “Why didn’t I know about this when I was a Camp Counsellor?!” It looks very much like Camp, but oh boy. The events that take place certainly are not realistic, though hilariously funny. And I love the pairing of Amy Poehler and Bradley Cooper, those crazy kids totally embody the drama kid tropes.

I often get into a Wanderlust sort of mood, but in a sad wistful kind of way. Watching To Rome With Love (2012) sorted that right out. Do you ever find that there’s something you love about bad movies so much that you forgive them for all their horrendous flaws? Because the film fulfils you so much in a different way? That’s how I feel with Sex and The City, nd a lot of tourist films. Especially To Rome With Love. 

The struggle is real

I also watched Tracks (2013) in this mood, which was good. Not really awe-inspiring, but give me more and more female solo travel films please! THAT’S inspiring! I also finally watched the entire Before trilogy with Before Sunrise (1993) and subsequently (2004) and Before Midnight (2013). I found it a little wordy at first, but by the end I found it hopeful, yet honest, and oh-my-goodness-I-want-to-meet-an-American-on-the-way-to-Vienna-and-fall-in-love-oh-so-wonderfully-in-a-single-day. Yeah, that’s the dream folks. And I’ll be damned if I’m not holding out for it. Now to buy that Eurail pass…

I also watched 24 Hour Party People (2002) as I was finishing up my research for a blog post I’m doing for Time Out Manchester on film locations in Manchester. 24 Hour Party People can’t really be beaten for Manchester film locations, it’s like a documentary.

© 2015 Fox Broadcasting Co.
© 2015 Fox Broadcasting Co.

TV Shows

I fiiinally finished 30 Rock (as predicted) which means I’m now catching up on the heaps of shows I’ve been neglecting whilst on said 30 Rock bender. This includes Game of Thrones (ahhh maa gaaaad, that eeeending), the whole of the last season of Glee and now I’m working on Silicon Valley. I didn’t totally finish the first season of True Detective and I totally need to because the second is already back! The never ending dilemma: so much TV, so little time…

Did you have a good June? Did you watch as much stuff on the small screen as me?

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