My First Holiday to Disney World

I’m about to indulge in a little nostalgia trip as we head back to February 2001. I can’t remember if Disney World Florida was my first time abroad. There might have been a trip across the Channel tunnel prior, and though I know it wasn’t my first holiday, it was the very first time I feel like I remember every little detail. But I think a lot of people love going back and thinking about little triggers that might have made them into their present self.

I wrote a little post about films that I think made me fall in love with cinema and not just the favourite films of my childhood. So, I thought it might be fun to go back and talk about my first big trip abroad considering I’m now someone who loves going on trips, near or far, and I hope I have many big adventures in my life.

I apologise to my sister, as she is in the majority of these photos with me. But at least my readership is modest at this point so it could be worse! It’s a good job she loves me.

My First Holiday to Disney World

Nat & me on our first holiday to Disney World |

This is a cracking shot of me (shorty on the right) and my sister (sorry Nat) in front of Disney’s garden. And, perhaps, early signs of leaning towards ‘tourist’ in that pathetic ‘are you a tourist or a traveller’ debate you see with some travel bloggers. The trademark cap, camera, matching Tweetie Pie bum bags (fanny packs to our American friends). And we’re proudly clasping the signature Disney autograph book and matching pen for when I met my good pals Mickey, Cinderella, etc. All the essentials for a great trip to Disney World. Even though now I’ve swapped my Fisher price camera for my Olympus Pen camera and the caps have fallen by the wayside, the traits are all there.

Me on a motorbike on our first holiday to Disney World |

The main thing that we learn from this picture is that I still gots ma cool.

Nat & me in hats on our first holiday to Disney World |

All the cool and all of the sass.

MGM Studios on our first holiday to Disney World |

Anyway, back to what we’re doing here. What’s really fascinating to me is how some events and actions affect people different and to different extents. MGM Studios (which I don’t think is one of the parks anymore…? I could be wrong!) with all the film sets and camera stuff could have gone over a 7 year old’s head, but I don’t believe it did go over mine. It was more Universal Studios that showed more of the technical and backstage side of film but it was all absolutely fantastic. 

Suess Landing on our first holiday to Disney World |

One Fish, Two Fish…

I did also come to REALLY like The Cat in The Hat and Dr Suess books after this trip. My parents bought me the soundtrack to Suessical the Musical which, in my humble opinion, is lyrical genius. I am still the proud owner of a white and red striped top hat that I acquired in 2005, our second family trip to Florida. This photo was taken at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, superior to Disney in many ways.

Nat & me on our first holiday to Disney World |

Disney World itself, as a place, is eye-opening and pretty bonkers when I look back now. You could go on Safari in Animal Kingdom and see real animals in almost open land right there in sunny Orlando. Or you could go to China, or Russia, or France in Epcot. It’s like Disney was legitimately trying to eliminate the need for you to take your holidays/vacations anywhere else. But it was awesome. It was a plethora of all different kinds of thrill-seeking, heartstrings-pulling experiences and I completely understand why people go back again and again (with the money to do so of course, it’s hella expensive).

Animal Kingdom on our first holiday to Disney World |

Hulk ride on our first holiday to Disney World |

Magic Kingdom on our first holiday to Disney World |

Back to the present

Apart from remembering every detail of that holiday (including my first Pizza Hut which was the most humongous slice of pizza, playing on the arcade games in our hotel and hitting the jackpot when we put a quarter in the token machine and it would spit out TWO quarters) I also remember having crazy amazing fun. It was just perfect, like I guess a lot of moments are when you’re a kid and before you learn to overthink things, and I was incredibly lucky. I guess it matters not exactly what experiences you have, but what you make of them. Learning to appreciate all of the amazing opportunities you have and could still have, as a 7 or a 70 year old.

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My First Holiday to Disney World |


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3 thoughts on “My First Holiday to Disney World

  • 19/01/2016 at 9:48 pm

    This is adorable! You’re making me want to dig out the family photos of my trip to Disney. I also had an autograph book which I thought was so cool. I have such vivid memories, similar to the ones you mention at the end. Just small moments that are stuck in my brain after all these years – like eating a bunch of warheads on the tram at MGM studios. Apparently MGM is now Hollywood Studios, but that was one of my favorite places. In high school I went to Universal and Islands of Adventure, but I want to go back and do it all again sometime as an adult. Especially now with Harry Potter world and all.

    • 25/01/2016 at 6:23 pm

      What are warheads?! Have I been missing out? Ahhh, I’m not surprised the name hasn’t stuck, glad it’s still there in one way or another though. I definitely want to go to the Harry Potter world, after going on the studio tour I can only imagine it’s even better.

      • 02/02/2016 at 8:23 pm

        Warheads are a very sour hard candy. The kind that makes you pucker and make a funny face.


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