Mettel Ray’s Movie Roulette Blogathon

I’ve not taken part in many blogathons yet, one or two. Usually they involve choosing a sub-topic or topics as part of a wider topic or picking an edge on a topic. I took part in A Fistful of Cinematic moments, The Fives Senses Of Cinema blogathon and more recently the White Swan Black Swan blogathon. This one is different and it’s awesome because it’s pure fun and requires no thinking. And don’t the best things in life require no thinking?

Basically, by clicking here to get to Mettel Ray’s announcement post for the blogathon, you can see at the bottom of the post she has 5 gifs that move very fast between stills from different films… 555 to be exact. Woah. By clicking and dragging on one of these gifs, you pick a film. I did this 25 times with random gifs as a way of answering the ‘facts’ she’s come up with to create potentially hilarious outcomes. No do-overs, no take-backsies. This is a roulette, after all.

Some of them make no sense but some of them are pretty funny… So here are my top five!

2. I usually watch this movie in my underwear.

Mettel Ray's Movie Routlette Blogathon |


If there was ever a genre of movie to watch unashamedly in only your underwear, it would be tragic, based-on-a-true-story horrific disaster films.

5. What nobody knows is that this movie is secretly my favourite movie in the world.

Mettel Ray's Movie Routlette Blogathon |
©2002 Columbia Pictures/Revolution Studios.


Well I was routing for 27 Dresses (2008) but I guess this other timeless romcom will HAVE to do, and now you know. And I am in no way ashamed. Other such Manhattan-set romcoms such as When Harry Met Sally (1989) or Annie Hall (1977) are merely grass stains on that beautiful white pants suit get up Jennifer Lopez looks so darn good in.

12. The lead actor of this movie is my future husband/wife.

Mettel Ray's Movie Routlette Blogathon |
© 2015 Paramount Pictures.

WORLD WAR Z (2013)

Let’s face it, women like Angelina Jolie just get boring and same-y after a while.

Note from 2016: Woah, did I predict the future?!

20. If somebody made a documentary out of my life, this movie would be it.

Mettel Ray's Movie Routlette Blogathon |
© 2015 by the Film Society of Lincoln Center.


This is scary how accurate this selection was. I too was taken from my home in the Pacific Northwest and captured by a Whaler to be taken to a local Amusement Park but later freed by my human bestie who against all odds took me back into the Ocean… All 12,000 Ibs of me.

21. I accidentally watched a porn version of this movie and I liked it.

Mettel Ray's Movie Routlette Blogathon |
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Umm… Each to their own?

So tell me, what film do you like watching in your underwear…?

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  • 25/05/2015 at 5:13 pm

    God damn.. Brad is your future husband. You lucky girl you!

    • 02/06/2015 at 10:11 am

      I know, it was clearly just meant to be…

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