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I’m writing this sat at my desk on a sticky warm Sunday evening. I’m sipping on a can (yes, a pre-mixed can) of Blackberry & Elderflower Pimm’s that I bought yesterday evening for a house party. I am currently on the wrong side of ‘comfortably warm’, I can smell myself a bit too much due to lack of personal hygiene today and my ear piercing I got months ago still hasn’t healed and it’s hurting a lot today. But I am half-watching Daredevil. And I’m going to have a lovely relaxing bath after I write this, and who could ask for more?

© 2012 - Gravier Productions
© 2012 – Gravier Productions

What I’ve been watching

I’ve done exceptionally better than last month at getting through my ultimate list, which has lead me to setting up a new goal for myself. So far this year, I have watched 72 new films. I’ve worked out that if I were watching the equivalent of a new film every other day, both at home and cinema, I should have watched 76 films by the end of this month. That seems like a totally realistic goal and easy enough to catch up on, so I’m gonna go for it!

Re-watches: Midnight in Paris (2010) several times, Angels and Demons (2009), To Rome With Love (2012), True Romance (1994)

Screenings: Everybody wants some!! (2016), Warcraft (2016), Captain America: Civil War (2016)

New watches: American Psycho (2000), Up In The Air (2009), Carrie (1976), Apocalypse Now (1979), The Way (2010), Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009), Heavenly Creatures (1994), Bicycle Thieves (1948), Big (1988), Speed (1994), Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Bowling for Columbine (2002), Stand By Me (1986), Iron Man 3 (2013), Iron Man 2 (2010), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

TV Shows: It’s summer which means all my usual shows have finished for now, but I have of course been keeping up with Game of Thrones and binging on Daredevil.

Lisbon Castle

Where I’ve been

The month started with a wonderful long weekend in Lisbon with my boyfriend. It was the first time either of us had been to Portugal and it was so much fun and we managed to fit in so much, despite the dismal weather. I’ve so far written a photo diary for our weekend in Lisbon and the perfect 3 day itinerary in the pretty city.

The rest of the month was filled with little get togethers: my sister came up to Manchester for a meal and a few drinks in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, my parents came up to Manchester and I’ve spent a few lazy evenings watching films with Cole and writing. Quiet? Yes, but definitely not boring.


© 2007 Twentieth Century Fox
© 2007 Twentieth Century Fox

What I’ve been writing

I’ve not done amazing at keeping up with my blogging schedule this month but at least I’ve kept up with my three regulars and wrote a couple on Lisbon.
Here’s everything I published in May…
Leeds Film Festival Nov

What’s coming up in June…

Not much if I’m very honest, and I am pretty pleased about that! I am going to Sheffield Doc Fest which begins next week and I have some films already booked so I’m quite excited about that, but mostly I’m just going to try and enjoy the summer while it lasts and be a tourist in my own backyard.

I’m gonna be catching up on writing more posts about the trips I’ve taken in the first half of the year, writing for other publications (which I will definitely be tweeting, etc. when they are published) and getting through some bits and pieces hanging around on my to-do list.

5 Goals for June:

  1. Have watched 92 new films by the end of the month to keep up with my goal of a new film for every other day of the year, I’ve got 20 to watch this month.
  2. Enter the World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship competition, because what have I got to lose?
  3. Book in a time to give blood. At the end of June it will have been enough time after my last piercing for me to be eligible, and if I’m healthy enough to give blood then I bloody well should.
  4. Use the potentially amazing sunsets to get some good shots of Manchester.
  5. Have an amazing time at Sheffield Doc Fest!
David Bowie in Manchester's Northern Quarter
David Bowie in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Have you got up to much this May?

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I’m the human and hair behind Almost Ginger. I’m a cinephile travel obsessive vegetarian currently residing in Manchester.

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