June’s top TV shows

So, unfortunately this month has been pretty hectic and I know I have no excuse considering I’ve actually finished University! However, between finding/starting a new job, sorting out my student house, finding another place to live and living in Uni halls in between… I haven’t known whether I’ve been coming or going!

Thankfully, July & August will be a bit slower as I’m settling into my new job/flat. Unsurprisingly, this month has been pretty slow TV wise, which was probably for the best considering the amount that’s been happening. This month’s TV is largely ongoing Comedies/Dramas that I have been watching for a while now, but still consistently good.

Mr. Sloane

Mr Sloane was one of my top TV shows in June
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Season: 1

No. of episodes: 6

UK air date: Fri 23rd May on Sky Atlantic

Mr. Sloane came out of left field. It stars Nick Frost and features this year’s TV BAFTA golden girl Olivia Colman, and really strong minor roles. It’s cute and glossy and a charming watch, but it’s gone completely under the radar. It is strangely hidden away on Sky Atlantic of all channels beneath the weight of show stoppers such as Game of Thrones.

It’s about a man living in the late 1960s/early 1970s who is completely down on his luck. His wife has left to “find herself”, he can’t keep a job down, he’s got awful friends and is generally just unlucky. He doesn’t exactly help himself, though. Sure, it’s not got a patch on any of the other 1960s based dramas/dark comedies, but it’s something really different. Lets face it, Nick Frost is always a delight and it’s nice to see him go for projects by himself!


Nashville was one of my top TV shows in June
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Season: 2

No. of episodes: 22

UK air date: Thurs 6th February on More4

For those people that know me at all, you will know I have a soft spot for country music. This soft spot is what fuels my desire to travel around the deep south someday. So when Nashville came to the UK, of course I watched it. It follows the lives of several different country singers, song writers and families whose lives interconnect in Music City, with trouble and broken hearts and dreams all over the darn place!

The best part of the series is the soundtrack… the show writes its own songs which are amazing. I own every soundtrack released. If it weren’t hidden away on a 10pm weekday slot on More4, more UK viewers would watch it. I’m not sure how well it does in the US, but in terms of music shows, it’s miles better than Smash. Though that isn’t really saying anything, but I think it’s a hard concept to pull off. I mean, look at what happened to *cough* Glee…

Modern Family

Modern family was one of my top TV shows in June
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Season: 5

No. of episodes: 24

UK air date: Mon 17th February on Sky1

This should be a show that everyone watches! My mam got me into watching Modern Family (as she does most of the TV shows I watch… bad influence!) when it first started. It’s been hilarious from day one. It’s a quirky mockumentary style comedy about a family of five, and the wife’s gay brother and his partner and the wife’s father and his new wife and extended family. The show is exactly what it says on the tin: the tribulations of a new age, modern family, but not in a cliché way. Everyone has their own distinct personality that helps make this show so great. I am 100% behind recommending this show to anyone because if you love to laugh, you’ll love this show.

Bates Motel

Bates Motel was one of my top TV shows in June
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Season: 2

No. of episodes: 10

UK air date: Wed 2nd April on Universal

Who the hec watches Universal? This show airs on one of the most obscure channels going. So obscure, that I can’t even find it on Sky on Demand. I have to make my parents record it for me on the Sky Planner so I can watch it whenever I get back to their house. So, I feel like I’ve been watching it ages when in reality it probably finished ages ago but I just haven’t caught up! For those of you unfamiliar with the Hitchcock classic film Psycho (1960), this show acts as a prequel to the events of Psycho. But, it’s set in present day 2000s whereas the film was set in present day 1960.

It’s confusing, but just go with it. Maybe the budget wouldn’t stretch to period set/costume or something. It’s about a mother and her son and their swift move to Arizona to run a Motel following the untimely and suspicious death of Norman’s father. That’s just the beginning of their worries as everyone in the series is extremely odd and has the most unfortunate secrets. This series is a little weird , despite a lot of strange happenings and a lot of incidents to keep you entertained, it can fall a little flat. But now that I’ve started watching it, I just can’t stop. I’m FAR too interested in how they’re going to end the series so that it matches up with the events of Psycho. I have my own theory, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Unless it gets cancelled before then!

What have you guys been watching this month? Or tell me about what exciting alternatives to TV you get up to in your life! 

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