That’s a Wrap! July and August on Almost Ginger

Hello friend… It’s been a while. And yes, for those of you who might have guessed I have been watching Mr. Robot this month and yes I am addicted. But seriously, it’s been a while.

There is no particular reason for the lack of July post, I just had a lot going on at the end of the month (keep reading to find out more!). By the time I’d got my shit together, we were all knee deep in August and I thought to myself ‘Meh, July’s gone, let’s move on.’ I’m also a poet and I didn’t know it.

Let’s dive right in as there’s a lot to get through… I’m a very busy gal, you know.

Rocky Horror Picture Show at Muncaster Castle was shockingly my first outdoor cinema experience!

What I’ve been watching

Tbh, mainly TV shows. Cole has recently acquired Netflix so I’ve been watching a hella lot of stuff that’s lurking around on there. Some films have snuck their way in but not many, especially not cinema-wise. However, in August I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1973) outside a real castle and I went to London to catch Film4’s screening of Galaxy Quest (1999) outside in Somerset House’s courtyard.

Re-watches: There might have been re-watches but since I was concentrating on new films, I don’t recall! Oh, but I watched Silence of the Lambs (1991) which I’ve seen before.

Screenings: Ghostbusters (2016), The Secret Lives of Pets (2016), Star Trek Beyond (2016), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1973), Galaxy Quest (1999), Captain Fantastic (2016)

New watches: Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Frozen (2013), The Aviator (2004), Say Anything (1989), How to Train Your Dragon (2010), How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014), Everyone Says I Love You (1996), Closely Watched Trains (1966), The Thing (1982), Last Vegas (2013), Match Point (2005), Waltz with Bashir (2008), Hollywood Ending (2002)

TV Shows: Making a Murderer, Narcos, Mr. Robot, The Great British Bake Off

My July and August were super crazy busy, catch up on what I've been doing!

Where I’ve been


I’ve not left the country at all in the past two months but I don’t really care. The first part of the year was busy and the last part is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

At the beginning of July, I spent the weekend in Birmingham visiting one of my Uni friends which was so, so nice. Who knew Birmingham was so pretty?

My July and August were super crazy busy, catch up on what I've been doing!

Then, I took a trip back home to Cumbria for a sad occasion but it was so nice to see my friends. Me and Cole also took a long walk along the beach with my parents to visit my Nana where I received a lovely tan (*cough* burn) line right across ONE of my calves from my leggings. It’s great being pale, honest! The comedian Rob Beckett was also in town so we went to that, too. A very busy weekend!

We had a blast at Film4's summer screening of Galaxy Quest and I have some top tips to share with you


At the beginning of August, I moved house! After slumming it in Student Halls for the whole of July, I bagged a fantastic flat and I have been living there for the past month. After moving 3 times this year, I think that’s enough now.

Rocky Horror Picture Show at Muncaster Castle was shockingly my first outdoor cinema experience!

Then, it was then back home to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show with my mum & sister which was so much fun. Honestly, if you ever get the opportunity to go to an outdoor cinema experience I really recommend them.

My July and August were super crazy busy, catch up on what I've been doing!

My last weekend away was to London! I feel like I’ve been banging on about mine & Cole’s weekend away to our Nation’s capital on Instagram and twitter loads, but meh. Coming from the North, going to London was always a huge deal because it takes so damn long to get there. Cole had also never been to London before so it just felt special. We got so much touristy stuff done as well as watching American Idiot on the West End and heading to Somerset House to watch Galaxy Quest.

My July and August were super crazy busy, catch up on what I've been doing!

My July and August were super crazy busy, catch up on what I've been doing!

Finally, our last adventure of the month was to Chester Zoo! I had never been before and it was on my UK Travel Bucket List. It was honestly hands down the best Zoo I’ve ever been to and the weather (mostly) held up.

What I’ve been writing

I caught up on all of my monthly series including my Blind Spot series, The Woody Allen Tourist movies and my In-Flight Movies to… series! Yay me!


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What’s coming up in September…

In a couple of weeks I’m spending a weekend in Prague which I’m SO excited about. I really need to just get on a plane and go somewhere else.

I’m attending the Bloggers Festival in London where I can catch up with some blogging friends and I’m also going to Blog On Manchester. Cole’s also taking me to my VERY FIRST football match to watch Man City V AFC Bournemouth. Yes, he’s the Manchester City fan, I couldn’t care less who we see.

Cole’s also expecting a new nephew in a few weeks so we’ll no doubt be going to visit the little one when he’s here! My friend’s also managed to get guest list tickets to watch McFly at Manchester Academy so I have A LOT to look forward to this month.

I’m quite blessed really, aren’t I?

5 Goals for September:

  1. Finish a YouTube series on the History of Film that I’ve been silently working on in the background. I have A LOT of work left to do on it (*cough* all of the work) but I’m ready to get my arse into gear to finish it.
  2. Write 3 articles for The Culture Trip to join the 7 I’ve already completed to make it an even 10!
  3. Get back into yoga – me and my best friend from home are going to a live yoga session with the FABULOUS Yoga with Adriene at Manchester Academy in October and I need to limber up as to not make a huge fool of myself.
  4. You may have noticed a blog redesign recently! I just have a couple of bits left to do and I will consider myself finished!
  5. Finish Season 2 of Mr. Robot, then catch up with all the films I have yet to see. Come on Rebecca, you’re better than this.

Did you get up to much this summer? 

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