Introducing the Hometown Tourists Link Up with Also Coffee!

Better late than never, huh? Let’s hope so! Because I have a very late (but very exciting) announcement about a new project I’ve been working on called Hometown Tourists!

I’ve been in Spain on a workaway since the end of August (and I’m itching to write about that) which has unfortunately delayed my sharing this with the world.

Introducing Hometown Tourists…

Lindsay from Also Coffee and I are hosting a link up party which allows bloggers’ to celebrate their hometowns. Everyone has a hometown in one form or another. And usually, locals have the best advice for travellers about where to go and what to do there. Lindsay covers her own hometown of Baltimore incredibly well, and when she asked me if I wanted to co-host this link up with her, I was excited but I also felt some shame about how little Manchester features on my blog. But now, that’s all going to change.

We’re going to have a theme each month, and September’s theme is the Number One MUST do in your hometown.

I know, there are about six days left in September. I told you I was late.

I’ve only lived in Manchester six years, but I still consider it my hometown. I’m from a small town in the Lake District, but if I were to write about there, I’d be done in a month.

Who can participate?

Literally EVERYONE. Well, if you have an Instagram account or a blog you can.

If you’re a travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle blogger or ANY kind of blogger, you can participate. You don’t have to write a new blog post for every month (but hec, that would be super great if you did) as you can use any existing blog posts that match the month’s theme. And you don’t have to participate every month!

We also have an Instagram account called Hometown Tourists which you can follow here.

We’ll be sharing photos on the account that use the hashtag #HometownTourists so get tagging!

How can you join in?

After you’ve written or decided on your blog post, make sure you link to the link-up party host’s blog post. For this month, it’s Lindsay’s blog post. You’re encouraged to use the fantastic banners she’s created to not only link back to Lindsay’s site but help spread the word!

At the bottom of Lindsay’s post, you’ll notice there’s a Blog Hop function and you just need to select ‘click here to enter.’

This is where you submit the link to your blog post. Don’t forget, September’s theme is your Number One MUST do in your hometown.

And to be super nice and supportive, make sure you comment at least twice on other blog posts in the link up as well as mine and Lindsay’s posts.

All of the posts in the link-up party will appear at the bottom of Also Coffee’s post so check back throughout the month!


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