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Katy Rochelle over at the enviable Oh So Geeky has come up with my kind of blogathon. Combining 3 ideal movie character travel partners and a trip to anywhere in the film universe, this is is the ultimate test to my wanderlust…

I sip on a margarita at a beach side bar in Zihuatanejo, the idyllic Mexican beach made infamous in The Shawshank Redemption (1994). It’s significantly warmer than it ever is thousands of miles away in Manchester. But, there’s a cool sea breeze that makes sitting out watching the late evening sun go down all the more breathtaking. It’s the stunning blue waters that make this place great. Exactly the setting to go sailing and chase the horizon. Knowing my buddy Forrest Gump has made a keen business out of sailing the high seas with his shrimpin’ company, Bubba Gump Shrimp, I ask him to join me on my seafaring adventure. He walks across the sand to join me at the bar and we share box after box of chocolates.

Dream Vacation Blog Challenge allows me to metaphysically go to Hogsmeade and hang with George Bailey and Forrest Gump | almostginger.com
© 1994 – Paramount Pictures

Adventures with Forrest Gump

Bright and early the next day we set sail. Forrest, knowing that I’ve never visited the deep South of his homeland and long to more than anything else, starts sailing for his homeland. We sail slowly and peacefully. Stopping to swim with Free Willy (1993) and our pals from Finding Nemo (2003) and hec, even The Little Mermaid (1989) stops by to say hello. We scuba dive in the Caribbean for as long as our human bodies will allow us before retiring to another beach. We sip rum cocktails with Jack Sparrow and watching the sun go down. The best holidays have both adventure and ample time to chill out.

The next day, we dock in Florida where the chaps from Easy Rider (1969) are there waiting to take us on a short. but classic American road trip. We jump on the backs of their motorcycles, which is something I could only do on a dream vacation as my mother would kill me if  I rode on a motorbike. They take us through Florida, Georgia and onto Alabama. Forrest introduces me to his Mama, and we explore the Plantations and the slice of Southern life I dream about. Forrest has to get back to his lawn mowing duties, so I take another mini road trip up the East Coast with the Easy Rider boys with the intentions of going back to Niagara Falls. The American landscape itself is immortalised in so many films. And I hope to see much more of the 99.999% of it I haven’t already witnessed.

Dream Vacation Blog Challenge allows me to metaphysically go to Hogsmeade and hang with George Bailey and Forrest Gump | almostginger.com

It’s a Wonderful trip with George Bailey

Once in New York State, the boys and I stop at an idyllic small town and eat funnel cake and watch the July 4th parade. This is the town of Bedford Falls, made famous by the movie It’s a Wonderful Life (1946) and I meet the wonderful and encapsulating George Bailey. We walk around town and he takes me into the Pharmacy to reminisce and eat a bowl of coconut covered chocolate. He talks about how he loves his life, but sure wishes he could see more of the world. Knowing how much George longed to visit Egypt before his father’s Building & Loan company went to shit and how enthusiastic he is about travel, I invite him on an Egyptian adventure. But not just any Egyptian adventure. The one frequented by Poirot in the roaring ’20s where owning an artefact was the hot new thing.

Together, with George’s undying need to learn and explore, dressed up in classic 1920s fashioned and feeling like we might pass out from the heat, we delve into the pyramids. We visit ruins, expansive deserts, creepy tombs and bustling market places. We take selfies with the Sphinx, and hop over to Marrakech and purchase exotic spices and colourful linens.

The little grey cells have to leave

Heading back to our luxury tent where we’re staying that night, I notice a small moustached gentleman hovering over a a person on the ground covered in blood. It’s none other that Poirot himself and the latest victim. Me and George, much to our delight, find ourselves suspects in the latest Poirot jaunt and love every minute of it. Unfortunately, Poirot keeps us in Morocco for longer than anticipated. After a while, the desert heat starts to get to me. George is in heaven, but I need to head to a colder climate.

Dream Vacation Blog Challenge allows me to metaphysically go to Hogsmeade and hang with George Bailey and Forrest Gump | almostginger.com
© 2004 Warner Bros

And the Goblet of Butter Beer

Where can I go to walk in the snow, get a lovely cup of hot butter beer and chat with cool people? I take the train to Hogsmeade and head straight to the Three Broomsticks. This is where I find my old pal Albus Dumbledore sat waiting for me. We chat for hours walking through the snow in the vast, beautiful Scottish landscapes when we head back to The Hogs Head for a big dinner joined by Harry, Ron and Hermione after a hard day finding Horcruxes. The familiarity of home (I mean the Britishness, not the Wizarding-Worldness) is often comforting on holiday, and staycations are becoming more and more popular as people are finally realising the beauty of the British landscapes.

So there you have it! A bit modest and humble in places (okay, it was a bit extravagant but I could have gone MORE Neverland/Tattooine/Narnia) but to me that would be one hell of a trip! Where would you visit on a fantasy trip?

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Dream Vacation Blog Challenge allows me to metaphysically go to Hogsmeade and hang with George Bailey and Forrest Gump | almostginger.com
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    Such a great entry! Thank you for participating in my blogathon. I love your combination of travels with Forrest, visiting George Bailey in Bedford Falls and topping it off with Butterbeer. What a vacation! 🙂

    • July 10, 2015 at 10:00 am

      Thank you! It was very fun to write. I actually had an original version that just wasn’t exciting enough for the sheer amount of possibilities!

    • July 10, 2015 at 10:05 am

      Haha, you’re right about that! Albus would be be pretty cool to chat to for an hour or two, though he may talk in super-smart metaphors the whole time…

      Ahhh my goodness, thank you! 😀 😀

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