Berlin Film Locations

Berlin is so jam packed with history, diversity, good falafel joints… it’s hard to know how you’d fit everything in one trip. As film fans, we have the added desire to check out our favourite Berlin film locations and bask in their overwhelming (and often underwhelming) significance. When I visited Berlin in February, I attempted to hit as many as possible with the little time I had in-between watching films at Berlin’s film festival.

Luckily, when films are shot in a city as prolific as Berlin, often it is being utilised for the very landmarks which made Berlin famous. You can kill two birds with one stone by visiting all of Berlin’s famous sights whilst imaging James Bond running past shooting bad guys. Let’s begin!

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Berlin Film Locations

Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate as seen in Octopussy (1983)

Speaking of our pal James Bond. He doesn’t half get about a bit in Octopussy, doesn’t he? I mentioned this film not too long ago when I was talking about films to watch if you’re planning a trip to India. The sneaky bugger was spotted checking out the most important historical sites in Germany too!

©2004 Universal Studios.
©2004 Universal Studios.

Alexanderplatz as seen in The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t remember Jason Bourne being in Germany?! There was India, Russia…” and you’d be totally right. Berlin’s famous platz isn’t used for it’s actual location. But actually as a stand in for Moscow. I know this is common for big Hollywood films. And I imagine Moscow would be a bitch to get permission to film in. But if I was Alexanderplatz I would be seriously peeved. Hmpf.

© Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios Inc.
© Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios Inc.

Bendlerblock as seen in Valkyrie (2008)

Not 100% sure why Valkyrie was made but whatevs… The film is a depiction of Nazi Germany in World War II. Particularly, the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler by German soldiers and take control of the country. The production company almost didn’t get permission to film in the historic Bendlerblock complex because Tom Cruise was playing the role of von Stauffenberg. Since Scientology is considered a ‘dangerous cult’ in Germany they weren’t happy with the film’s choice of actor. Eventually, they conceded and allowed them to film in many different locations. But honestly, this just makes me love Germany even more.

© Dreamworks
© Dreamworks

Glienicke Bridge as seen in Bridge of Spies (2015)

Last but not least, the most recent film on this list to use an iconic Berlin location and my favourite. Spielberg’s cold war epic were able to film the scene on the ACTUAL Bridge of Spies used to make the trade between Russian and American captives in 1962. Traffic was stopped. The road shut for hours, and even German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to watch the filming. LEG-END.

Have you ever visited any of these historic Berlin landmarks/film locations? Do you know of anymore that I’ve missed?

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