That’s a Wrap! April on Almost Ginger

I need to lie down for a moment. What just happened? Is it over? Have I slept through April or did I fly through it at warped speed? Looking at my calendar and my camera memory card it appears to be the latter. I don’t even know if I slept in April, I just had so many goddamn plans. My boyfriend asked me a couple of days ago ‘so what trips have you got coming up after we go to Lisbon?’ because I’ve had a million recently and I’ve ditched him almost every weekend and my answer was none. A big fat none until the middle of June. THANK THE LORD. Have a read of everything I got up to in April whilst I nap for the next 16 hours. Unfortunately not a lot of films. But We Need to Talk About Kevin was a particular highlight…

We Need to Talk About Kevin
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What I’ve been watching

It won’t be surprising after my over dramatic intro that I watched shockingly few films in April after doing so well in March. I didn’t realise until around the middle of April that I hadn’t watched a single new film, both at home or at the cinema. But whatevs, you know? Swings and roundabouts. You win some you lose some, all that jazz.

Re-watches: Zilch!

Screenings: Eddie The Eagle (2016)

New watches: Schindler’s List (1993), Bullets Over Broadway (1994), Aguirre, Wrath of God (1972), We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

TV Shows: Bates Motel, I finally finished the heap of crap that was Under The Dome and of course I’m fan-girling over Game of Thrones like the rest of the English and Non-English speaking world.

That's a Wrap! April on Almost Ginger including my birthday, Cardiff Castle and the mastery of We Need to Talk about Kevin

Where I’ve been

April technically started off with moving house which is probably the main reason I felt all over the place this month, but those feelings are now a nice settled feeling and it’s so nice to have a big desk to write blogs on in front of a window that I now have plants and flowers on, rather than just lying on my bed which usually ends in me falling asleep.

That's a Wrap! April on Almost Ginger including Daffodils, my birthday,  and the mastery of We Need to Talk about Kevin

Next up was Traverse’s Annual Conference which is an event just for Travel bloggers held in a different city each year, this time it was Cardiff. This worked out peeerfectly for me because Cardiff was on my UK Travel Bucket List for this year, two birds and one stone and all that. It was so lovely catching up with bloggers I hadn’t seen since Blogstock in September last year, and of course meeting new faces and learning new things.

That's a Wrap! April on Almost Ginger including my birthday, Cardiff Castle and the mastery of We Need to Talk about Kevin

The Sunday of Traverse was actually my 23rd birthday! I was treated to a fantastic film location tour of Cardiff Castle which I’ve wrote about before heading back to Manchester and going out to dinner with Cole. We went to Infamous Diner in Manchester and, whilst the decor was spot on, the food was a bit meh and it had no atmosphere, but this might have been because it was early Sunday evening.


I also went to Blog At The Beach hosted by in Leeds and that was so lovely, the guys had done a fantastic job at organising the event.

Finally, for the bank holiday weekend I headed back to Cumbria for my friend’s engagement party and my parents took me and Cole even further in the sticks to a place called Eskdale where we had a walk to a waterfall and then a meal in a country pub so that was rather lovely.

What I’ve been writing

 The trouble with being busy is that I have sooo much to write about (I know, such a great problem to have, isn’t it?) but I’m glad I managed to write guides on Dublin and Cardiff Castle because I’m quite proud of some of the photos I got from those locations. Hopefully I should be able to write more about my little London break I had in March very soon.
Here’s everything I published in April…

What’s coming up in May…

Even though I said I was hoping to slow down in May, that’s not before having a lovely long weekend in Lisbon! I’ve never been to Portugal before and I have everything planned so I’m very excited and pleased with the amount of prep I’ve done. Aside from Lisbon, my sister coming to visit me in Manchester and maybe a bank holiday weekend day trip to Chester Zoo or Liverpool, I plan to spend most of my evenings/weekends at the gym (that’s a thing I’m doing now) and finally ticking off some items on the long term to-do list. Everyone has one of those, right?

5 Goals for April:

  1. Have a totally awesome time in Lisbon and take faaaabulous photographs
  2. Write some articles for other online publications in all the downtime I WILL be having this month
  3. Maybe finally finish revamping my Pinterest account and my social media course that I’ve been neglecting for months
  4. Go to Chester Zoo or maybe finally do the Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool
  5. Watch a butt load of more films

Have you got up to much this April?

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