Where I’ve Been

I’m a huge nosey parker, and I love seeing exactly where other travel bloggers have visited. Usually this ends in pangs of extreme jealousy and “what the hec have I been doing with my time, where I’ve been is completely sub par!” pangs until they slowly subside over another pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.


This is a list where I’ve been in the world and I shall add to it when more places get added to the list.

Where I've Been as of October 2016

Where I’ve been…


BelgiumBruges, Brussels

Czech RepublicPrague

France – Paris

GermanyBerlin, Hamburg

Hungary – Budapest


Italy – Rome



Spain – Barcelona

UK (duh) – Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Cornwall, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lake District, LeedsLondon, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Snowdonia

North America

USAFlorida, New York, Pennsylvania

Canada – Montreal