The Five Senses Of Cinema Blogathon

In an effort to interact more with the blogs that I read in secret on my phone when I’m heading to work every morning and let them know I exist, I’m going to be taking a more active approach to letting them know I’m here! One of these is going to be taking part in blogathons.

The Five Senses Blogathon

So let me introduce you to The Five Senses Blogathon, hosted by My Filmviews in partnership with Karamel Kinema and MovieInsiders. It’s pretty self explanatory. Explain one example from each of the five senses that you have about the movie going experience. This is different to picking a scene from a film and describing what it looks like, what the sounds are and how you imagine that apple tastes that a certain character is eating, etc. This is about YOUR movie going experience. And these are mine…

The Five Senses Blogathon


Movies are a really audiovisual medium so sight and sound were always going to be the easiest (until you get that one guy that licks DVDs…) so I’m not going to describe a scene from a film or anything like that. But there is something else that happens in a cinema that is really visual, and it’s something that every movie goer cannot ignore because they’re staring right at it. You know when you’re being shown all of the adverts and movie trailers and (UK audiences only) then the BBFC certificate comes up, and this is the point in which most cinemas decide to change the ratio of the screen so that it fits what movies are screened in nowadays? You’re staring right at it and, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a more subtle way of doing this.

It’s not that this is annoying or anything, but I know that it’s something I take note of because of the traditional set up of a cinema in that my eye line is looking directly at the screen. Because nothing else is distracting me, therefore there’s no getting around it subtly.


If it’s not the sound of rude people talking (a recent blog post of mine detailing Cinema Etiquette is springing to mind whilst writing this post) rustling popcorn or slurping slushies, it’s that other key sound staple of basically every single film I’ve ever watched. UK film audiences will know what I mean: It’s the Pearl and Dean soundtrack. You know the one, it goes du-duh, du-duh, du-duh, du-duh, du-du-duh, du-duh, du-duh, du-duh, du-duuuuuuuuh-DUH!

Question: Does anybody actually know what in hell’s name Pearl and Dean actually IS?


I’m a big eater during screens, it’s really bad I know, even the quite films. But sometimes I go straight after work and I’m starving by this point! Lately I’ve gotten into a bad habit of nipping across the road to Sainsbury’s and getting a smoothie and a packet of biscuits, for literally EVERY cinema visit (cinemas of Manchester, if you’re watching… please don’t ban me…)


Dusky old cinema screens + fresh, warm popcorn = cinematic delight for the nostrils.


This is a weird one. But, recently I went to the cinema to watch X+Y (2014) and I could not stop thinking about my legs and feet. Let me explain… I rocked up to the cinema after work in my insanely thick pair of skinny jeans and Doc Martens and I could not get comfortable, I couldn’t breath sat down in that get up for so long, it was so distracting. I genuinely ended up taking off my Docs. And what did we learn from this? DON’T wear stupid and tight clothes when you’re going to be sat down for 2 hours with no leg room!

What senses create your movie going experience? 

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  • March 31, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    Very funny story for touch. I have to ask, though. Thick pair of skinny jeans? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Anyhoo, glad you’ve decided to come out and play!

    • March 31, 2015 at 1:51 pm

      Haha yes it doesn’t really make any sense does it! Just imagine skinny jeans, made with unusually thick denim… Suffice to say not the optimum clothing for long periods of sitting!


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