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It’s always going to be a good month for films if you manage to attend one of the UK’s biggest Film Festivals outside of London (I mean, Alan Rickman attended… Enough said). I had an absolutely amazing time at the festival, even better than I thought I would. You can read about my time at the festival in Part 1 here and Part 2 here. I managed to see Marshland (2014), Catch Me Daddy (2014), Wild Tales (2014), The Tales of Hoffmann (1951), Tales of the Grim Sleeper (2014) and Still Alice (2014) and it was such a fantastic mix of all different kind of films, though all of the foreign language films were in Spanish. Not sure if that says something about me but I seem to love Spanish and Latin American films the most. I also fell head over heels for Sunshine on Leith (2013), one of the most uplifting films I’ve seen all year.

Still Alice was one of the films I saw at Glasgow Film Festival in 2015
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I’ve just faced the horrible truth that the only films I saw on the big screen this month were Inherent Vice (2014) and Selma (2014). I’ve also realised another horrible truth in the fact that February is nearly over and I’ve not yet watched one film actually “released” in 2015. That’s the terrible UK release dates for yah… I loved both films but, I dunno, Inherent Vice wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Though I always hold my expectations extremely high for Joaquin Phoenix, I believe he deserves nothing less.

Selma was an absolute treat, if there’s one thing I love more than films who just get into your bones and really, really inspire you it’s Post War American landscapes and settings. They’re just so quaint and beautiful and nostalgic for a time I have only been able visit in films.

La Regle Du Jeu is one of the best French films of all time directed by Jean Renoir and is February's pick of classic films I hadn't yet seen
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The start of February saw the tail end of my obsession with road and travel movies and therefore sparked a post in which I questioned the fact that Into the Wild (2007) is seen as a travel movie. The fantastic film blog French Toast Sunday continued their Director of the Month feature with Febgar Wright which led me to give The World’s End (2013) another chance. Verdict? In a nutshell, still don’t really like it that much. This month’s Blind Spot, a blogging event hosted by The Matinee saw me watch french classic La Regle Du Jeu (1939) to interesting reactions (a thank you to the kind people that commented on this post!)

Sunshine on Leith was one of the best films I saw this February
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Homeviewing certainly was varied this month. I got into a bit of a British Independent Cinema mood in the middle of the month (and why the hec not, right?!) with Sightseers (2012), Cuban Fury (2014) and a bit of Sunshine on Leith (2013) which had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was crazily excited about going to Scotland, one of the best countries on earth.

Valentine’s day meant I was getting into the RomCom spirit that weekend, with New York moonlighting as a secondary character in both When Harry Met Sally (1989) which is one of my all time favourite films and a new entry from Annie Hall (1977).

Random viewing also included The Blind Side (2009). I know, I don’t know why either.

Last Tango in Halifax was one of the best TV shows I watched in February
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Parks & Rec was also a major player at the beginning of this month until I realised that every TV show I watch in the real world only has a couple of days left on iPlayer so I’m now frantically catching up with everything: Coronation Street, Top Gear, Call The Midwife, Death in Paradise, Last Tango in Halifax, Broadchurch, Fortitude, Stella, etc. etc. etc. I know. I still watch way too much TV, despite telling myself I’d cut back.

I also watched about 4 episodes of Sex and the City season 1 over Valentine’s weekend. Hey, New York was excellent in it and I had to keep the theme…

You can also read about My January In Films. Did you watch anything good this month?

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