Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) dir. James Gunn

 Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty much known as the Marvel outcast. It doesn’t quite fit in with Iron Man (2008), Captain America (2011)… All the other superheroes with their own films that have been shooting out of Marvel like a crazed psychopath with a rifle. Guardians of the Galaxy was always going to be different. And you know what? It makes absolutely no excuses for that and it shouldn’t. Because, despite the fact that I’m not a massive fan of any of the CGI heavy super movies that have been coming out recently, so therefore I don’t know if my opinion is totally valid, but this is the best marvel film by far. Better than Avengers Assemble (2012). Much better.

Guardians of the Galaxy

And I can’t even really explain most of the story. However, to this day I’m still not totally sure what goes on in any Bond film or any of the Mission Impossibles. So this one guy called Peter Quill (Chris Pratt, yum) lives on earth and watches his mother die from cancer. Next thing, he’s out on the grass outside the hospital and he’s abducted by this massive spaceship. Cue years later and he’s still living in the 80s (an ingenious character trait), listening to cool music and going around the galaxy collecting all of these relics for money. And, he’s now “Starlord” the outlaw, though the name isn’t really sticking.

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best superhero movies I've EVER seen
© 2014 – Marvel Studio

All of a sudden everyone is after one particular relic he has just captured for a buyer. Bad guys, dodgy guys, and other kind of good guys with a past. They’re all after it. Everyone. Utter mayhem. Along the way, he teams up with a green badass woman, a raccoon, a tree, and an absolutely massive bloke called Drax the Destroyer with killer tattoos (who might just be my favourite character after Peter Quill). It’s so freakin’ out there, it’s in there. I finally feel like this is the studios taking risks on more, erm, riskier property, and riskier stories. Granted, it still came from a comic book but this film could have so easily been very, very bad.

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best superhero movies I've EVER seen
© 2014 – Marvel Studio

As well as the absolutely stunning visuals where I can FINALLY feel like I’m in a real place. (I’m looking at you here, Man of Steel, your visuals were completely sub-par) but also a totally unrealistic place filled with imagination (Are you listening, Thor?). I think that’s partly down to the fact that they did build a hec of a lot of the actual set. But it works, it totally works and more films should follow this lead from hence forth. 

Even without all of the action, you would quite easily slot this film into the comedy genre and no more would be said about it. It’s just so FUNNY. Like, hilarious. Like, I went to watch this film by myself on a Friday night, and I had no qualms about just laughing my head off at everything. I couldn’t stop myself.

So, to sum up: I’m not a massive action lover and I’m not a massive superhero movie fan. I hate bad CGI (then again, if it’s bad, who doesn’t?) but I adored this film. I don’t see how you could want anything more.


Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best superhero movies I've EVER seen
© 2014 – Marvel Studio

Other films you may enjoy: I know I just slagged it off but Avengers Assemble (2012) is pretty okay and if you’re after an alternate comic book film, I totally recommend Sin City (2005) before the sequel comes out sometime at the end of August, I think.

Do you agree with my opinion that this film is awesome, or don’t you? Let your voice be heard! 

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