July’s top TV shows: Soaps Special

This will sound totally nerdy but completely unsurprising. Because I don’t own an actual TV at the moment or have Sky+ which has a helpful planner to remember all of the TV shows I watch by having them ready waiting for me… I keep a list. A little sticky note on my laptop that tells me exactly what TV shows I am watching at any current moment, what day they are on, the time and the channel.

And when I came to look at this list to write this blog post, it occurred to me that I’m not actually watching much of anything at the moment. There are the odd TV shows that I’m trying out simply because there isn’t really anything else, many a few decent ones, so this means the TV shows that I watch as soon as I get home of an evening are the Soaps.

Ahh, the Soaps. You either love them or you hate them. And if you do love them, you probably either love some and hate others, or love them all equally. I’m the former. I’m a Coronation Street fan from birth and, despite a brief stint during sixth form where I boycotted the soap, I am back on track. I am also a Neighbours fanatic. Yes, I know. Don’t ask me why. I think maybe it’s something to do with getting a “slice of real life” from people who call Australia their home, which let’s face it, that’s appealing, whether or not it’s actually accurate.

So this month I’m just going to focus on my two longest TV relationships.

Coronation Street

Corrie is one of my favourite TV shows of all time #sorrynotsorry

Season: Haven’t a clue. I take it they do it by year, so 50-something?

No. of episodes: Hah.

UK air date: 1960-something

Imagine it. Manchester, England. The fictional part of Manchester named Weatherfield. You live on a street where everyone is your friend, but they aren’t. There are murderers, adulterers, scheming fire-starters. And just that little bit of humour. See, I stand by the fact that the nearer you live to where a Soap is produced, the more you’re going to love it. I currently live roughly 4 metro stops away from where Coronation Street is made so you can understand my point.

In a general view not taking into account geographic position, I think it will always win out on Eastenders (being the top soap’s primary opposition) because it’s just not so dark and depressing ALL the time. It almost takes light of the fact that Deirdre can’t remember how many lovers she’s had or that Steve MacDonald is so obviously way out of Michelle’s league. It’s TV gold. And let’s face it, what else can you do but make light of the situation when everything always seems to go wrong?


Neighbours is one of my favourite TV shows of all time #sorrynotsorry
© Channel 5 / FremantleMedia Australia

Season: …Why don’t we just skip all of this nonsense just this once?

Neighbours in itself is a “love or hate” situation. I basically don’t tell people I like Neighbours until I know them a bit better. I remember when I was living in a flat in Edinburgh during the fringe sharing a room with two other girls… and one of those girls was Australian. But I really wanted to catch up on the soap and I just sat their thinking “Is she going to really judge me by the fact I watch Neighbours…’ Then I just thought screw it and watched it anyway. With headphones on.

When it really comes down to it, Neighbours is just so idealistic to me that I can’t stop watching it. Going for a nice jog in the morning and stopping at Harold’s for a nice smoothie. Because, let’s face it, no one really seems like they work any hours at these jobs they have. Then you can stop by the Community centre and take a yoga class by the lake and then maybe to The Waterhole for a nice filling salad. Everyone’s healthy. Everyone’s happy. They surf, they have great weather… Would someone please just take me to Oz already?! That’s basically just how I feel whenever I watch Neighbours and I don’t even think going to visit Australia will change that.

What TV shows have you been watching this month? Have you all been watching great telly that I’ve just been missing out on? 

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