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I like to think I’m a driven person. I’m not ballsy or fierce and I don’t have the single-lane determination that a lot of successful people have. I’m quite fickle and always changing my mind with the ‘What should I do next?’ question. But there are always dreams, goals and, more often than not, actual plans that are put in motion to reach them.

This year I graduated from University, officially moved to Manchester, got a full time job and a new boyfriend. On paper, that looks like I’m pretty settled, and I’m ashamed to say that that’s probably what I am. But in my head, I’m always thinking, always planning on the amazing things I can do next. And I will do them, that’s for sure. Maybe not this year, but the planning. Ah, the planning will certainly be taking place.

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Getting “settled” has really made me say to myself, “Okay, Rebecca, what’s next? What’s the plan? Where are we going next?” Sometimes I’d say to myself “Pipe down you, I’ve been pretty busy these past few years, surely I deserve to have, like, 10 years of watching TV and eating pizza every night?”

And I’d finally end with, “You’d get fat and die. So let me ask you again, what’s the plan?”

I’ve got main goals and passions that will extend beyond this year. My plans to travel the world, to finally get fit, achieve spiritual enlightenment, never stop learning, really launch my blog and continue writing properly. I want to learn another language, ACTUALLY learn an instrument, buy a house in the countryside… But all in good time.

Now for the fun part. I’ve wrote a list of 15 things I want to specifically accomplish in 2015. Some of these will be fairly small and silly little things I want to do for myself, most will be a bit bigger. So here goes!

2015 Diary

1. Get two more piercings on my left ear. I’ve been wanting these for well over a year, and the next time I am about to buy a pair of shoes or a meal out somewhere, I’m going to get pierced instead!

2. Downsize all of my crap. No matter how much I get rid of things I don’t need/use, there’s still far too much of it and it all needs to go. This should go hand in hand with “don’t buy crap” too.

3. Try and go out on Halloween, or at least the weekend after. For the three years I was an undergrad, due to reading weeks and generally having other plans, I never actually got dressed up for Halloween or went out. I should really try and do that this year! Failing this, I have to AT THE VERY LEAST buy a pumpkin to carve, also something I have never done.

4. Travel somewhere by myself. I am very much someone who is comfortable with their own company, I go to the cinema alone all the time, I can spend hours and hours alone being productive and quiet all by myself, so I think it’s time that I went somewhere by myself. I’m not saying it has to be abroad, but a weekend trip somewhere with me, myself and I sounds great.

5. Attend a blogger event. I’ll have had this blog for a year in March and I absolutely love writing in it, but there are definitely more things I can do to get it noticed and connect with other bloggers.

6. Run the Bupa Great Manchester 10k run (and hopefully achieve a running time of under an hour! Oooh there’s a bold statement…).

7. See Jose Gonzalez live. I’ve already got tickets for this and it’s not going to be too hard to accomplish. But I can. Not. WAIT. I should try and see more bands this year as last year was pretty slow, but I’ve got off to a pretty good start.

8. Go to three festivals. I’ve left this open for music, film, any kind of festival and I think three is a good number to do as a minimum. And I don’t just mean the ones in Albert Square in Manchester that have basically been invented as a very good excuse to drink. Actually, going to a UK film festival will probably be one of the places I travel alone to…

9. Have a reunion with my besties. My three amazing house mates in the third year of University are all dotted around the country and are all kicking ass in their new jobs and new lives, which is why it’s such hard going meeting up with all of them at once! I will easily meet up with all of them individually, but probably harder to meet up with all of us, so I’m gonna make an effort to do it at least once.

10. Go to a new country. In a perfect world it would be two new countries, but one new one is a great place to start.

11. Watch loads of films at the cinema, read loads of books, see more plays, that sort of thing.

12. Buy a DSLR camera and take waaaay better pictures for my blog. Maybe need some editing software to go with. Ooooh I need more money…

13. Start singing again. I took singing lessons for yeeeears until I went to University and, while I never got amazing at it, I loved it and it was certainly a skill. I stopped singing for my first year of University, and when I took part in the Choir at Camp Ballibay the summer after, I realised how much I had lost the ability to sing properly. But after two weeks of choir, I felt my voice was so much stronger, so hopefully I’ll be able to get it back after a bit of practice. I would like to say I’ll take back up the guitar, maybe start learning bass, but living away from home means that huge instruments take up space and they are a hassle to move so I’m just going to see how it goes.

14. Become more spiritual. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just finished re-reading Eat Pray Love or it’s a New Year, but I’ve learned that being truly happy actually takes work. It takes true dedication from ourselves, and everything we need we can find within our selves. I hope through meditation, yoga and religious teachings I will be able to find wisdom and happiness through the challenging  and will be able to tolerate more things because I do believe this is possible. Yes, I realise how hippy-dippy it sounds but finding true happiness within ourselves isn’t a bad thing, right? All too often we succumb to the harsh environments that sometimes surrounds us, we allow ourselves to give in to our circumstances and use them as reasons not to achieve or advance but I will not be that kind of person.

15. Try more foods. I’m still a very bad veggie (in the idea that my diet mainly consists of biscuits and carbs), and I need to be more open minded with food. And beer. Drink more beer. Good beer, only good beer. And cocktails. Yeah, cocktails.

Cheers to the year ahead guys! Make the most of it and be the best version of you you can be!

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